Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Michigan: Governor Snyder recall ramping up efforts

Michigan Rising, the super PAC organizing the Recall Snyder campaign, has distributed more than 50,000 petitions in 57 of Michigan's 83 counties. The group is hoping that the Walker recall will provide a boost to their efforts. Petitioners need 807,000 signatures in 90 days (by comparison, Wisconsin needed 540K in 60 days, though the Wisconsin signatures are from eligible voters, not just registered voters)

This is following up an attempt to recall Snyder in 2011, where the group Michigan Citizens United collected 500,000.

Probably the biggest issue here is that removing Snyder might not help the Democrats (which probably limits the amount of money the recall proponents can raise). If Snyder is ousted, the Lieutenant Governor (a Republican) takes over, until a replacement vote is held months later. The Republicans would then give it their all in that replacement vote.

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