Sunday, May 20, 2012

MJS's Dan Bice note the preponderence of huge bi-partisan impact of out-of-state money

Bice notes that in every gubernatorial elections since 1998, out-of-state donors provided between 9% and 15% of the total campaign cash collected by all candidates. The analysis was done by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

The 2012 recall? 57% (though the group looked only at contributions of $100 or more received during the election year and the year immediately preceding the election). Falk raised 40% from out-of-state. Barrett only 12%. Walker has raised about two-thirds of his money out-of-state. And this doesn't even include the outside spending.

In 2010, Walker raised only 7% of his funds from out-of-state. His primary opponent Mark Neumann raised 25%, as had Democratic Governor Jum Doyle in 2006.

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