Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ohio: Pataskala councilwoman facing recall vote

Pataskala Councilwoman Pat Sagar (council’s vice president) is facing an upcoming recall. Petitioners handed in 139 signatures, 113 were valid. They needed 107.

The election needs to take place by August 14.

Petitioners claim Sagar is unresponsive, and oppose her vote "to remove a property in northern Pataskala from the city’s gun-discharge zone..." They claim is that she is not rural friendly.  Sagar has been on the council since 1999.

There also seems to be a gun-rights possible angle, as she voted to remove a property from a firearms-discharge zone.

Ohio has not had many recalls, but apparently the city had one in 2005.

 Pataskala last witnessed a recall in 2005, when a 3rd Ward resident sought to recall then-Councilman Bernard Brush. The attempt was unsuccessful.

Massachusetts: Hanson Selectmen ousted

Hanson Selectmen Stephen Amico was ousted in a recall vote yesterday 1174-449. James McGahan will replace him (McGahan won the replacement race, 1182-417).

Friday, June 27, 2014

California: "Poopgate" San Marino councilman facing petitions

Put this one under the least surprising recall -- Councilman Dennis Kneier, who was caught on camera throwing dog poop on on a resident’s lawn, is now facing petitions. Kneier was mayor when he was caught, though he resigned that job.

Petitioners need 2,143 signautres (25% of registereds).

Arizona: New petitions taken out against Cave Creek Councilmembers


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wisconsin: Bridgeport Town Council recalls set for July 1, 15

Bridgeport Town Council will  be holding recalls on July 1 and July 15. The issue is the approval of a frac sand mine. Town Board Chairperson John Karnopp is running in the July 1 recall, Arnold Steele. Town Supervisor Rodney Fishler will be up in the July 15 recall against Alan Flansburg.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wisconsin: City Council refuses to set recall date

Despite getting enough signatures for the recall of Crandon Mayor Rob Jaeger (over 200, they needed 152), the city council deadlocked on setting a recall. The vote was 4-4.

Fortunately for the petitioners, they are in a state where the Government Accountability Board will step in and set a date. Not everyone has that option.

Kansas: Cowley College Board Trustees facing petitions

Cowley College Board of Trustees chair Ron Godsey and trustee Dennis Shurtz  are facing recalls over open meeting violations. The two have been associated with the former college president, who eliminated soccer as a sport. Petitioners need 1105 signatures for Shurtz and 938 for Godsey. They will have 90 days.

West Virgina: Bridgeport mayor facing petitions over drug distribution allegations

Bridgeport resident Mayor Mario Blount is facing a recall attempt after being indicted over allegations of illegally distributing oxycodone and oxymorphone as a pharmacist.  Petitioners need 10% of registered voters (700 signatures), plus they need to have a bond that covers the recall costs if the recall fails. We've been over this part of West Virginia law before.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday, June 22, 2014

California: Tulelake rules tie goes to the Mayor

Tulelake Mayor Randy Darrow survived a recall vote with a tie 65-65.  Darrow has been serving as mayor for 8 years (and on the council for 16). The claim was a failure to perform fiscal responsibility.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Michigan: New petitions filed against Benton Harbor mayor

New petitions have been filed against Benton Harbor Mayor James Hightower, Hightower was scheduled to face a recall on May 5th, but it was called off due to questions about the petitions. There are election fraud charges against the two leaders of the previous petition effort.

Arizona: Cave Creek recall thrown out by Judge

A Superior Court judge tossed out signatures from the recall petitions filed against Cave Creek Councilmen Mike Durkin and Charles Spitzer. No word on exactly the problem that caused the signatures to be tossed out, but the recalls, as well as recalls against the Vice Mayor and another councilman, are now off.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Arizona: Cave Creek recall battle in front of a judge

The Cave Creek recall of two council members is now in front of a judge. Cave Creek Town Councilmen Mike Durkin and Charles Spitzer are claiming that the petitions should be found invalid. The new filing comes after a Superior Court judge tossed out signatures against Vice Mayor Adam Trenk and Councilman Reg Monachino.Petitioners have restarted the efforts against Trenk and Monachino.

North Carolina: Union County School Board recall law bill not getting a vote in the legislature

An attempt to allow recalls for Union County school board members over the school redistricting plan failed. State Rep. Craig Horn, R-Union drafted a local bill to allow the recall, but with technical changes needed for it to be approved in the short session of the legislature, the bill will not be voted on. The other three legislators in the area did not favor the law. Horn said he may revisit the law next year -- the law would require signatures of 15% of registereds.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Colorado: El Paso Sheriff recall petitions approved

Petitions have been approved against El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, who is facing complaints that he had affairs with subordinates who he then promoted (as well as mismanaged funds). The first attempt at petitions failed to meet the requirements.
Petitioners need 44,387 signatures by July 12 (25% of turnout). That number is a giant undertaking, plus Maketa is a term-limited and will be out of office in January. Despite the charges, this one looks like a long-shot.

Michigan: Signatures handed in for Alamo recall

Petitioners need 380 signatures for the recall of Township Supervisor Lou Conti and Trustee Dawn Potter-Williams. They claimed to have handed in hundreds, so we'll see.

Conti is accused of voting to adjourn a meeting while citizens were online, authorizing payments to a lawyer without a vote on the rate and also "put his hand down the front of his pants and moved it in a lewd an inappropriate manner while speaking to a female citizen"

Friday, June 13, 2014

Michigan: Third times not the charm for Warren mayoral recall

Attempted recall of Warren Mayor James Fouts fails for third time due to clarity/factualness standard.

Massachusetts: Lancaster recall law moves to the Governor's signature

Both houses of the Massachusetts legislature pass a bill allowing the town of Lancaster to hold recall elections. The bill just needs the Governor's signature. The recall is an attempt against Selectmen Jean Syria and Susan Smiley who voted not to renew the Town Administrator. Petitioners would still need 10% of total register voters signature to get on the ballot.

Arizona: Cave Creek recall facing hearing, with two removed from recall

The Cave Creek recall has taken another turn as the recall against Adam Trenk and Reg Monachino were removed from the ballot, resulting in another attempt to get signatures. There is also an upcoming hearing on the recall attempts against Mike Durkin and Charles Spitzer, both scheduled for November.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Idaho: Kuna School board trustee recall to be held on August 26

The recall against Kuna School Board Trustee Michael Law over his opposition to a $6.3 million levy has apparently gotten on the ballot. The recall will take place on August 26.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reuters article on John Conyers, recalls and election laws

I wrote this about the Conyers case and the Vineland mayoral recall.

North Dakota: Valley City Mayor recall survivor wins new term

Valley City Bob Werkhoven, who survived a recall in 2012 over the removal of the police chief, won a reelection race this week, 721-581.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wisconsin: Crandon mayor recall petitions handed in

Petitioners handed in 175, they need 152. Here's earlier coverage of the recall.

New Jersey: Vineland Mayor recall gets 75 more days

A Superior Court Judge has ruled that the recall against Vineland Mayor Reuben Bermudez now has 75 more days (till August 19) to get signatures. The original deadline was struck down due to the rule that only registered voters can circulate petitions. Petitioners had 5,119 signatures, though they need 9,447. Petitioners claim that they have signatures between 2,000 and 3,000 out there.

Wisconsin: New rules for signature petitions causes trouble for petitioners in both parties


Sunday, June 8, 2014

California: Yorba Linda recall gets on the ballot

Mayor Craig Young and Councilman Tom Lindsey will face a recall, after petitioners handed in over 8,100 signatures. The issue is their refusal to consider a moratorium on new housing development. The two joined one other council member in approving 51 townhouses on 5 acres, and 80 three story townhouses. The third candidate was not targeted, apparently because they thought he could raise more money. The approval of the housing developments followed two ballot measures that boosted housing density.

Both Lindsey and Young are up for reelection in November. Here's Lindsey attacking the recall as a waste of money.

Idaho: Filer mayor, city council recall appears to be failing

The recall attempt against Filer Mayor Rick Dunn and the city council appears to be sputtering to a close. The recall was started after a police officer shot a dog and was allowed to stay on the payroll.  Petitioners need 201 signatures.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

California: Moreno Valley Mayor ousted

Moreno Valley Mayor Tom Owings was tossed out in a recall on Tuesday night in overwhelming fashion, 3251-613. The FBI and DA raided his office and three other council members.Owings' position was a councilman. He will be replaced by Councilwoman Victoria Baca who is facing a recall in November. 

Former city parks and recreation director George Price replaces Owings.

Owings' supporters outspent the pro-recall forces by 8-1 ($40K to $5K). 

Wisconsin: Bridgeport Township recall scheduled

Bridgeport Township Chairman John Karnopp and Township Supervisor Mike Steiner are facing recall elections on July 1 (if there is a primary, then the primary will be on July 1, election on July 29). A third supervisor, Rodney Fishler, is expected to also have a recall on July 15. Petitioners needed 97 signatures. They got 141, 132 and 102.

The issue was their votes to allow frac sand mining.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Washington: Bridgeport mayor ousted in recall vote

The recall of Bridgeport Mayor Marilynn Lynn seems to have succeeded, 111-91. The issue (which met court approval, as required by Washington law) was mishandling public records and illegally hiring a city employee.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Oregon: Editoral criticizing Sutherlin recall

The recall effort against Sutherlin Mayor Denny Cameron and City Councilors Frank Egbert and Karen Meier ran into criticism from an editorial board. Both Cameron and Egbert are up for reelection in November anyway. Petitioners need 472 signatures for each by August 15. Issue seems to be a battle between the three and the City Manager.

California: Candidate filing period begins for Alisal school board recall