Saturday, January 31, 2015

Idaho: Bonner County Clerk facing subordination of perjury charges over Lake Pend Orielle recall attempt

An attempt to toss out subordination of perjury charges against former Bonner County Clerk Ann Duston-Sater was rejected by a judge. The charges come from the recall attempt against Steve Youngdahl, from the Lake-Pend Orielle School District over his advocacy of allowing staff members to arm themselves on school grounds. The recall appeared to have enough signatures, but due to a procedural error, it was tossed out.

. Duston-Sater is accused of allowing a recall organizer to swear oath that he had seen all of the signatures being gathered when he hadn't. Dutson-Sater claimed that she thought he can swear because he saw a majority collected.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Nevada: Conservatives making a big push against moderate Republican Speaker; Recall PAC takes complaint from Republican Party

I have an upcoming op-ed on this very topic in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, so I've let this fascinating recall lie. But there has been a lot of talk about recalling Nevada Assembly Speaker John Hambrick, who was elected after the previous Speaker-presumptive (and thank you, Bob Livingston for that term) Ira Hansen, a conservative favorite resigned under pressure.The push against Hambrick, Assemblymen Chris Edwards and Stephen Silberkraus took a hit, with the Republican Party filing a complaint that  

Arizona: Call to recall US Senators for being Republicans in Name Only

Arizona does have a law allowing recalls of federal officials, but, as I've mentioned before, it is unlikely to get by the US Supreme Court.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

California: New Assemblywoman already facing recall threats

Here's an article (from a progressive) calling for the recall of Assemblywoman Patty Lopez (D), calling Lopez "functionally illiterate in both English and Spanish," and complaining about her joining with Republicans on issues, and hiring anti-gay staffers connected with very conservative Republicans. The author apparently feels that Lopez is obligated by a rule (perhaps from the Democratic caucus?) to hire Democrats as a staff. Here's more on it as well.

Massachusetts: Hinsdale Select Chair recall moves forward

134 signatures have been submitted against Hinsdale Select Chair Bonnie Connor. Connot is accused of firing the Police Chief, transferring a station attendant and custodian, violating the Open Meeting law and having one of the petition signers escorted out of a board meeting for speaking out.

Petitioners would need about 280 final signatures to get the recall on the ballot. The law was just adopted last year.

Nebraska: State school board member not subject to recall

According to this article, the leaders of the Nebraska's political groups are not too well versed in the law. Some would like to recall Nebraska State Board of Education member Pat McPherson, for his incidenary blog posts calling President Obama a "half-breed" but they found out that Nebraska law doesn't have a state level recall. Should've just asked. The Governor, both US Senators, two Congressmen and six of the eight members of the board have called for a resignation.

Colorado: Colorado Springs STAR Academy will close after recall

Last year, one of the founders and former Board President of STAR Academy, a Colorado Charter School, resigned in the face of a recall. Now, the school is closing down.

New York: Speaker removal leads to calls for recall from GOP

Here's a commentary

Alaska: Kenai Peninsula Borough assembly member facing petition possibility

Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly member Kelly Wolf (Kasilof)  is facing petitions on claims of incompetence. Duncan had previously opposed Wolf's proposal to ban marijuana cultivation.

Petitioners would need 116 signatures in 60 days. Wolf's term expires in October

Previously, two Borough members faced recall attempts in 2006 (Mayor John Williams and assembly member Gary Superman). Both were denied.

Colorado: Former Councilman, and 2013 race loser, replaces resigning councilwoman

Former Councilman Bob Schilling won the replacement race to succeed Councilwoman Ami Nawrocki, who resigned. Schilling lost to Nawrocki in the 2013 election

Colorado: Colorado Springs residents protest scheduling of recall

These residents oppose the recall of Councilwoman Helen Collins. The recall was scheduled for April 7.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Michigan: Grand Haven recall language approved

Petition language was approved for the recall of Grand Haven Councilman Robert Monteza over his vote to change a cross on Dewey Hill to an anchor. The other two members who voted for the change are up for reelection.  Petitioners need 953 signatures.

The leader of the recall is Brandon Hall, who previously served as a Grand Haven School Board member, but had to resign in 2010 after being convicted of stealing from a school charity.
He was also charged with forging petition signatures in 2012 and tried to run for the school board in 2014, but lost.

Michigan: New Buffalo Councilman, winner of 2014 recall race, resigns

He took a job out of state.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Arizona: Cave Creek recalls set for March 10

The long saga of the Cave Creek appears to be coming to an end, with the recall scheduled for March 10. There are four recalls on the ballot, which will be all mail-in.  Susan Clancy is opposing Councilmember Adam Trenk. Dick Esser is opposing Councilmember Reg Monachino. Steve LaMar is opposing Councilmember Charlie Spitzer. Mark Lipsky is opposing Councilmember Mike Durkin.

Massachusetts: Two officials from Winchendon facing petitions

Selectmen Fedor Berndt and Vice Chairman Beth Hunt are both facing potential recalls in May. The issue was the discovery of a $3.8 million deficit over claims of lack of communication, double accounting entries, inaccurate reports and a crash of the financial software. The four selectman renewed the Town Manager's contract.

Petitioners need 954 signatures, they claim to have over 1,100. There is a turnout veto here -- at least 20% of voters have to show up (1273) for the recall to count.

Other officials had faced recall efforts before.

Colorado: Center School Board recall moved to March 17 in cost saving measure


Non-recall op-ed in the Washington Post

I wrote this piece on Mitt Romney and the chances of a comeback. The key fact is that in the primary and caucus era, no candidate has actually won the nomination, lost and then comeback to win the nomination a second time. This was fairly common in the past, but I believe the new system has made this much less likely to occur. 

BTW, the Bloomberg article that mentions also-rans leaves out LBJ (1956, 1960), Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover (1920). You can also argue that Adams is a little questionable to include, as the electoral was so much different in those first two elections.

Washington: Spokane changes unusual recall rules

Spokane has updated its fairly unusual recall rules. The city has a rule that six council members can vote to put an elected official on the ballot for violations of the ethical codes. Now, five officials can do it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Florida: Bradenton Beach mayor recall pushes forward to next step

The recall attempt against Bradenton Beach Mayor William Shearon appears to be moving forward, as petitioners handed in 119 signatures -- they need 100. In the next stage, petitioners will need 115 more signatures (15% of 763 eligibles). Due to possible delays, the recall could take place in June. Shearon's two-year term ends in November.

Michigan: Jerome Township Clerk up for a vote on May 5th

Jerome Township Clerk Connie Methner will be facing the voters on May 5th. Petitioners handed in 564 signatures, and needed 428 valids.

Michigan: Howell recall faces clarity hearing for the third time


Michigan: Belding City Manager fired as two more face recall threats

Belding City Manager Meg Mullendore was fired while leave by a 3-2 city council vote, with the decisive vote cast by a councilmember who was just elected in a recall. Mullendore was on medical leave and will sue. She was just renewed two months ago. Mayor Ron Gunderson and Councilman Jerry Lallo, who both opposed the firing, are facing recalls.

Wisconsin: Former Kenosha mayor threatens recall over streetcar plan

A former Kenosha mayor, John Bilotti, and former county supervisor Joe Clark are threatening recalls if the city doesn't schedule an advisory referendum on expanding the city's streetcar system. The two have collected more than 6,000 signatures for the referendum. The city council already approved the street car plan (actually, they seem to be accepting a federal grant on the subject).

Colorado: Two directors of San Miguel Education Fund Board (KOTO Radio) survive recall; one resigns

Two directors of the San Miguel Education Fund board (which runs KOTO Radio), president Ray Farnsworth and Joe McClure, easily survived recall votes. 89-180 and 89-177 respectively. Another board member, Robert Allen, resigned before the vote.

Montana: Toole County Commissioner recall nixed

The attempt to recall Toole County commissioner Allan Underdal was tossed out by a Montana judge, who held that there was no issues being presented (Montana is a Malfeasance standard/judicial recall state).

Underdal authorized payments of $57,000 to a former Marias Medical Center CEO to retain an attorney. However, this was done with the approval of county commissioners, so he did not exceed his authority. The hospital was being sued by a former member of the staff. Underdal also sought attorney's fees (denied) and court costs (approved).

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Arizona: South Tucson Councilman recalls rejected on missing dates

The recall of South Tucson Councilman Ildefonso Green was rejected due to missing dates of the signatures. Petitioners will rework, with petitioners also going after Councilwoman Vanessa Mendoza. Green was tossed out of a council meeting and Mendoza left. This delayed a sales-tax vote.

Florida: Tamarac's Homeowner's Association recall rejected by courts

Tamarac's Homeowner's Association recall was rejected, but will go back the courts.

Colorado: Center School Board recall delayed till March 17


Michigan: Howell Recall rejected on factual grounds by judge/first ruling on factual standard

The recall of two Howell Public Schools Board, Mike Yenshaw and Michael Moloney, was rejected for lack of factualness questions. Petitioners will try again. The board fired the Superintendent over a $309 mileage expense.

The decision held that the wording was misleading, according to the judge, because the signers could believe that each vote was individual rather than a board vote. This is believed to be the first ruling on the factualness law.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nebraska: Minatare mayor kicked out

Minatare Mayor Alfred Pieper was kicked out 81-11 (he originally won office with 134 votes). The argument was that he provided inaccurate info to residents and favored supporters. The council will appoint a replacement.

Colorado: Colorado Springs councilwoman facing recall

Petitioners handed in 3007 signatures in the recall effort against City Council member Helen Collins. The clerk found that 1715 were valid -- Petitioners need 1485 signatures. The leader of the recall effort faced Collins in the 2013 election. The issue seems to her opposition to using city money for a project that includes a downtown stadium.

Arizona: Sedona-Oak Creek School Board member facing petitions

Sedona-Oak Creek School District Governing Board President Zachary Richardson is facing petitions over claims that he was intimidating teachers. Petitioners need 1190 signatures.

Colorado: Signatures approved against Center School Board member

The recall petitions against Center School Board Member Yuridia Cendejas have been cured, with 80 additional signatures were added. Cendejas, Richard Barela, Phillip Varoz and James Sanchez will now face a recall on February 24,

Oklahoma: Choctaw Electric Co-op board last member resigns

Choctaw Electric Co-op board Buddy Anderson, who serve for 30 years on the board, resigned rather than a face a recall. The entire 10 member board resigned rather than face a recall. Petitioners handed in 2,500 signatures.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Philippines: Signatures validated in Baliwag, Bulacan mayoral recall

Baliwag, Bulacan Mayor Carolina Dellosa's recall is moving forward, with 23,925 signatures (more than 15%) validated, with issues of "conduct unbecoming a public official" and antagonistic attitude toward development concerns."

Colorado: Pueblo Councilwoman resigns over trash haul fight; third to resign in recall fight

Completing a clean resignation sweep, Pueblo City Councilwoman Ami Nawrocki resigned in the face of a January 27 recall. Two other council members resigned previously. Despite the resignation, there will be a vote, as two candidates are running to replace -- a former councilman and a State DOT employee.

Taiwan: KMT legislator recall moves to stage 2

At least 2% of voters signed a recall against Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Tsai Chin-lung, allowing the recall to move forward. This is part of the perfectly named "Appendectomy Project" -- KMT Legislator Alex Tsai is also facing a recall. 

 Issues include his support for nuclear energy, endorsement of importing agricultural products from China, and his opposition to raising the minimum wage. Petioners now need 13% of eligible voters (almost 40K) in 30 days.

Florida: Bradenton Beach recall moves forward

Ed Scott from the Islander notes that Bradenton Beach Mayor Bill Shearon has moved forward with a claim that Shearon violated the Sunshine Law (i.e. the Open Meeting law) in discussing pending litigation with another city commissioner. There seems to be a claim that the petition is vague. Petitioners need 100 signatures to get the recall on the ballot.

Scott also notes that the only recall in Manatee County took place in 2010 (when CommissionerHarry Stoltzfus was kicked out.

Maine: Dixfeld Board looks at recall referendum, scheduled for vote in June

The Dixfeld Board of Selectmen reviewed a draft of an recall law that voted on by referendum in June. They increased the signature amount to 20% (231 signatures), though others say it should be 15%. The board also removed the minimum turnout requirement, and allowed signers to remove their names from petitions.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Michigan: Grand Haven citycouncilwoman facing petitions

Grand Haven City Councilman Bob Monetza is facing petitions for voting to stop displaying a cross and a nativity scene at Dewey Hill, after the city spent $12K in legal fees. The other two members of the council are up for reelection in November, so they aren't eligible for a recall. Petitioners need 953 signatures.

The lead petitioner, Brandon Hall, faced a recall threat in 2010 after his accused (And later convicted of stealing money from a school fundraiser.

Colorado: Signatures handed in against Colorado Springs Councilwoman

About 3,000 signatures were turned in against Colorado Springs Councilwoman Helen Collins by Deborah Hendrix, a former school board president, who lost to Collins in 2013. Petitioner need 1485 valid. Collins is said to have a close relationship The issue seems to be Collins support for the ruling slate on the council.

Wisconsin: Stevens Point Area school board members facing petitions

Stevens Point Area School board members Lisa Totten and Kim Shirek are facing petitions over claims of micro-managing, failure to work cooperatively and creating a hostile work environment. Petitioners need 6549 signatures (25% of gubernatorial turnout) in 60 days.

The cost would be $3500-$3700 if the recall is on the April 7 ballot, or $36,000-$40,000 for a special. Both officials are in their second three-year term.

Colorado: Pueblo Councilwoman may be looking to leave city

Odd story here as Pueblo Councilwoman Ami Nawrocki, facing an upcoming recall, is alleged to be looking to transfer out of the area (she works for the Postal Service).

Michigan: Petitions approved against Belding mayor/city council

Petitioners were approved against Belding Mayor Ron Gunderson and Councilman Jerry Lallo, with the language mimicing that used against councilman Joe Feuerstein, who was kicked out in November. The issue was a vote to install the city council as the Zoning Board of Appeals. Petitioners need 320 signatures by January 30.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Florida: Mobile home owners force recall of Inglis commissioner

Inglis Commissioner Steve Kesterson is facing an upcoming recall over his proposal to require older mobile homes to be fixed if their damages total more than $500, or are vacant for more than four months. A mobile home owner claims that he is trying to rid the town of the mobile homes.

Missouri: Columbia Councilwoman resigns over marijuana flip

Columbia City Councilwoman Ginny Chadwick, who faced a flood of criticism following her flip to oppose a marijuana legalization bill, has resigned rather than face an upcoming recall.

Michigan: Greenleaf Township Supervisor petitions approved

Petitions against Greenleaf Township Supervisor Kirk Winter were approved. Winter is facing petitions over recent township real estate purchases.

Philippines: Puerto Princesa City Recall moves forward

The Comelec Election Commission upheld the sufficiency of the recall petition against Puerto Princesa City Mayor Lucilo Bayron. 

Louisiana: Two removed Gonzales officials finally replaced

David Guitreau was appointed to the Gonzales City Council, replacing Gary Lacombe who resigned in November before a recall vote. The council also chose Barbara Duhe to replace Timothy Vessel, who was kicked out on December 6.

Oregon: Gearhart mayor refuses request to resign


Nevada: Speaker-designate threatened with recall

Following a previous disaster with Nevada’s past Speaker-designate, the new Speaker-designate, Republican John Hambrick, is facing a threatened recall before he is even sworn in. Paperwork was filed on December 29.

The issue is Hambrick's role in removing Michele Fiore from a leadership position, and his place with 13 Republican moderates.

Nevada law is much stricter than other states, and petitioners would 25% of people who actually voted (not just registered, but had to cast a ballot) in the past election (4,116 signatures).

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Maine: Westbrook City Council not moving forward on recall

The Westbrook City Council seems to be taking their time in getting to a recall provision that was introduced in August. Voters likely won't be voting on it until November 2016.

The recall law would need 30 percent (2,053 votes) to be valid. The city is looking at 25% registered voter requirement, and also examining other removal procedures.
In the summer of 2014, the Gorham Town Council adopted a recall ordinance, and in November, Gorham voters approved a charter change to define “moral turpitude,” which previously appeared in the town charter, but was deemed vague. The issue was prompted after councilors Susanne Phillips and Ben Hartwell were charged with operating under the influence, in 2012 and 2014, respectively. 

Colorado: Center School Board Member recall on the ballot, second one needs to be cured

Petitions against Center School Board member Richard Barela have been approved, though the recall against Yuridia Cendejas failed after 30 signatures were withdrawn. Petitioners handed in 257, though only 117 could be verified. 109 were needed. Petitioners have 15 days to remedy.

The Barela recall got on the ballot after a cure period. Petitioners handed in 309 signatures, they needed 281. 132 were rejected. The vote is on February 24 (actually the last day that the all-mail ballot has to handed in.

Massachusetts: Sagus recall set for March 17

Took a judge saying that he will order it scheduled, but the council finally voted to schedule the recall vote.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Colorado: Silverton town trustee will be facing candidate in upcoming recall

Only one candidate, Patty Dailey, will be facing Town Trustee Karla Safranski in the February 10 recall, over the firing of the public works director. 

Michigan: Benton Harbor mayor facing another recall attempt

Another recall has been filed against Benton Harbor Mayor James Hightower, as well as against Mayor Pro Tem Sharon Henderson. The new issue is a claim that the city has no Civil Service Board.
A previous attempt against Hightower resulted in the lead petitioner being convicted of election fraud.

Massachusetts: Ashby recall on track

Petitioners appear to have gotten enough signatures against Selectman Steve Ingerson, with over 500 certified. This recall was launched by another Selectman, Michael McCallum, who said that Ingerson has a "profound disrespect" for the town employees (Ingerson refused to sign off on payroll records). 

Missouri: Columbia Councilwoman over marijuana decriminalization recall looks set for April

Petitioners seem to have handed in enough signatures to get the recall of Columbia City CouncilwomanGinny Chadwick on the ballot on April 7. Petitioners needed 249, than handed in over 300 valid. Chadwick flipped her support for decriminalizing a small amount of marijuana. The council would appoint a replacement.

They also have an interesting provision prohibiting an official who loses a recall from holding any city office until the original term expires.