Tuesday, January 31, 2023

South Dakota: Bill proposed to allow school board recalls

South Dakota has proposed a bill to require school board members throughout the state to face potential recalls. This version is a modified malfeasance standard, as it includes "oppression" and "gross partiality." Petitioners would need 15% of registered voters. Senate Bill 96 has been introduced by conservative members who are focused on school board issues.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Canada: Petitions taken out against British Columbia MLA

MLA Dan Davies (Peace River North) is facing petitions over claims of being absent and failing to notify constituents. Petitioners would need 10,487 signatures by April 4. 

Update: The petition effort failed.

North Carolina: Oak Island Town Council members facing petitions

Oak Island Town Council members John Bach, Mark Martin, Sheila Bell and Charlie Blalock are facing recall threats over a plan to improve paid beach parking. Petitioners need 2050 signatures by February 27 (25% of registered voters)

Friday, January 27, 2023

Wisconsin: Petitions taken out against Sparta School Board members

Petitions have been taken out against Sparta School District Board Members Nancy Sikorski and Eric Soldberg over their vote to reinstate a mask mandate to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Massachusetts: Winthrop Town Council considers adopting recall provision

Winthrop Town Council is debating potential charter/ordinance changes including adding in a recall provision.

Florida: State Representative sponsors bill for expansion of recall to all county commissioners

Florida State Representative Dr. Joel Rudman (R) is proposing a recall of county commissioner law for the State. This is the third year that he has sponsored the bill (House Bill 209). The bill would expand the recall to 47 of 67 counties. 

There is some discussion that the law could target supervisors of elections, though supporters denied that.

Some good background on the state's recall law (which does not allow for state legislative recalls). In 1968, a law passed that allowed 20 chartered counties and the Jacksonville/Duvall County (a municipal county) to allow recalls of county officials. These recalls require a malfeasance standard/judicial recall showing of cause. Florida does have political recalls in some local jurisdictions. 

There have been similar bills introduced in 2021 and 2022. A Senate bill in 2022 sponsored by State Senator Joe Gruetens would have allowed recalls of all county constitutional officers. 

Update: The bill has been dropped.

Update 2: Seems that the bill has been reported out of committee. Seems to still have some committees to pass before it gets through.

Texas: Denton City Council member recall makes the May ballot, potentially setting up reelection/recall on same ballot

It seems signatures have been validated in the recall effort against Denton City Council member Jesse Davis. The article said that the council will vote on holding the election in May.

The recall seems to be a reaction to the removal of Councilmember Alison Maguire in November (Maguire's attorney is a volunteer representing the petitioners).

Petitioners needed 254 valid signatures to get on the May ballot. However, Davis' two-year term ends in May and he is already seeking reelection on that same election, so he would just lose office for a brief time (though presumably, this would help in an attempt to defeat the reelection run). 

Ohio: Cleveland Councilwoman Recall effort fails after signatures rejected

A recall effort against Cleveland Councilmember Stephanie Howse failed, seemingly with no signatures handed in. Former Councilmember, Basheer Jones, who faced a recall effort in 2018, was tied to the recall. The recall seemed to be over a cut in funding for specific nonprofits.

Petitioners handed in 641 signatures and needed 535. They got only 165. 

UK: Labour Party member suggests full recall law for parliament

A Labour Party MP Richard Burgon (and former Shadow Minister has proposed a new bill allowing for voters to recall the entire parliament with a new general election. Under the proposal, at least half the total voters in the last election need to sign, and the recall can only take place after a long grace period (at least halfway through the 5 year term).

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Iowa: Proposed Constitutional Amendment adopting recall passes subcommittee

Iowa is now looking at a proposed Constitutional Amendment adopting the recall for all officials (it has passed a subcommittee). The proposed law would require 25% of turnout for the governor's race in that district to get on the ballot and would include a one-year grace period. They would use a special election model (ala Wisconsin), with a new race for the office. The targeted official would be included in the race. It looks like Senator Cherielynn Westrich (R) is the prime backer. The amendment needs to pass a second legislative session in 2025 or 2026 before being voted on by the voters. 

Georgia: Lula Mayor and Councilmember facing recall threats

Lula Mayor Joe Thomas and Councilmember Gene Bramlett are facing recall threats over claims of intimidation and retaliation. City officials have been hit with two investigations in the last six months.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Colorado: Signatures validated against four Walsenburg Councilmembers

The recall effort against Walsenburg Councilmembers Greg Daniels, Veronica Maes, Nick Vigil and Carmen Lara has gotten on the ballot. 

The efforts against Mayor Charles Bryant and two other council members, Ricky Jennings and Don Martinez, failed to make the ballot.

Daniels got 102 signatures, 95 valid (needed 75). Maes got 91-84-75, Ward, 97-89-75, and Vigil 92-84-75. 

Only 52 signatures were turned in for Bryant (they needed 231) and 15 against Jennings (needed 78) and 29 against Martinez (78 needed). 

There is still a recall efforts against Bryant, which Daniels Lara and Vigil are both a part of. We'll see what happens. 

The issue seems to be an internal battle in the government and the mayor has encouraged the recall effort against what he calls a "culture of corruption" saying they need a "hard reset." Apparently, the mayor and  Jennings (who is mayor pro tem) are on one side of the aisle. 

Kansas: Goddard Mayor facing petitions

Goddard Mayor Hunter Larkin is facing petitions after managing to pull off a "coup" and get himself put back in as mayor, and then fire the City Administrator. 

Larkin was previously mayor, but left the job after a DUI and to run for the legislature. However, he retained his city council seat. This week, he and all of the other councilmembers voted to remove the current Mayor and (after further machinations), Larkin replaced him. 

A candidate who was nominated to fill a City Council vacancy has started the recall campaign.

Louisiana: Petitioners need at least 15K signatures for New Orleans Mayor recall

Petitioners now claim they are 15,000 signatures short of the 53,353 valid signatures needed to get the recall of New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell on the ballot. Cantrell has faced complaints about a failure to put New Orleans first as well as recent revelations over her travel expenses, including a $17,000 flight to Paris. Petitioners need 53,353 signatures (20% of registered voters). Petitioners have 180 days (late February) to get the signatures.

California: Was the Davis recall the start of a new California leadership model?

A look back and forward from Joe Mathews on the impact of the 2003 recall and the growth of the idea of the Governor as a global trendsetter.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

North Dakota: Petition language approved against Bismarck School Board member

Petition language has been approved against Bismarck School Board Member Emily Eckroth over a confrontation with police during a DUI traffic stop (she cursed out the police and urinated in the back seat of the patrol vehicle). Her husband, who lost a legislative primary, was stopped (but not charged). She pled guilty to a misdemeanor. The school board has already voted to censure her. Petitioners need 2709 signatures in 90 days to get to the ballot.

Ohio: Three petitions out in East Cleveland following last year's recall effort

East Cleveland Council President Korean Stevenson and Councilmembers Juanita Gowdy and Patricia Blochowiak are facing recall efforts over the complaints about council appointments and the city budget. This fight seems to arise out of last year's recall and replacement battle

Former Councilmember Che Gadison is one of the petitioners.

California: Paso Robles School Board member facing petitions

Paso Robles School Board member Joel Peterson is facing a recall effort over complaints about how he was appointed. The previous board member, Kenney Enney, was removed over similar appointment complaints. 

Virginia: Portsmouth Council members recall claims 5000 signatures

Petitioners claim they have 5000 signatures for the recall effort against Portsmouth Vice Mayor De'Andre Barnes and Councilmember Mark Whitaker over a vote to fire the city manager and replace her with the former police chief.

This article notes that petitioners need 30% of turnout (which would be 9032), though a previous piece noted that needed 10%.

Virginia: City Council kills effort in Portsmouth to create Malfeasance Standard to limit recalls

The attempt to change Portsmouth's recall law has been stopped by a new supermajority of the city council.

There was a push last year to change the Portsmouth's recall law, which would have created a malfeasance standard/judicial recall law, requiring specific statutorily delineated grounds (approved by a judge) for the recall to move forward. 

The previous effort was killed in the House of Delegates, with Delegate Tim Anderson (R), who supported a recall effort against Senate President Pro Temp Louise Lucas (D) last year, credited with stopping the proposed law.

At the time of the effort, there was a new recall effort against Portsmouth Vice Mayor De'Andre Barnes and Councilmember Mark Whitaker over a vote to fire the city manager and replace her with the former police chief.

Portsmouth is the site of the first (that I know of) two-time recall loser, Mayor James Holley (in 1987 and 2010) and a failed effort against Mayor Kenny Wright in 2016. 

California: Beverly Hills School District recall fails

The recall attempt against Beverly Hills Unified School District Board Members Noah Margo, Amanda Stern and Mary Wells has ended, with petitioners not handing in signatures. The recall was over the firing of a wrestling coach after a video showed him pushing a student. 

Kansas: Mayor ouster/City Administrator firing leads to recall threats against city council members

Following the removal of Goddard Mayor Larry Zimmerman and the firing of the City Administrator, there is now talk of recalling the new mayor and other members of the city council. Zimmerman was kicked out as mayor (which is an appointed position of the council) and then resigned from the city council. Former Mayor Hunter Larkin took back the job. 

Former Goddard City Council member Mike Proctor is calling for Larkin's recall. No word on whether petitions will be taken out.

Nebraska: Schuyler School Board member kicked out in last Nov recall vote

Missed this one last year, but Ballotpedia got it --  Schuyler Community School Board member Guadalupe Marino was kicked out in November 8 recall vote 662-584. Still not sure why the recall happened.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Florida: West Palm Beach Mayor facing recall efforts

West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James is facing a recall effort led by a candidate who was just tossed off the ballot after being declared ineligible to run for mayor against him. A judge ruled that Rodney Mayo cannot run for Mayor because he was not a resident of West Palm Beach for six months before the election. Petitioners would need about 3500 signatures to get on the ballot.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Texas: Huntsville Mayor and City Council members facing recall effort over library fight

The Mayor and City Councilmembers in Huntsville are facing recall threats after removing LGBTQ displays from the library, closing off public comments and hiring an outside management company to run the library. Here is an editorial supporting the recall effort. 

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Colorado: Lawsuit thrown out over sign removal in 2020 Elizabeth recall

A lawsuit over the removal of signs in a 2020 recall was tossed out by a judge. Elizabeth Mayor Megan Vasquez and Trustee Tammy Payne both survived a recall vote on April 7, 2020. Former Trustee member Jason Weiss, who ran against Vasquez, sued over the removal of his sign by the police.

Two other trustees in 2019 were kicked out in a recallElizabeth Trustee June Jurczewsky and Trustee Rachel White. 

The recall was launched over the Mayor and Councils' support for development proposals.

Swaziland: Recall legislation proposed


Texas: Four Harker Height Council members facing recall threats over marijuana proposition vote

Harker Heights Councilmembers Sam Halabi, Michael Blomquist, Tony Canterino and Jennifer McCann, are facing recall threats over their opposition to a Proposition that decriminalized marijuana possession (in a specific amount). The Proposition passed the city, but the council voted 4-1 to repeal it over arguments that it violated state law. 

Friday, January 13, 2023

Massachusetts: Barnstable County Commissioners reject recall proposal

Barnstable County Commissioners rejected a move against passing along a proposal for a recall election provision to the state legislature. The Assembly of Delegates had previously passed the bill. The recall would have had a malfeasance standard and required at least 120 signatures, with at least 20 from each of five county municipalities for its first stage and then 3 percent of registered voters (with 50 from each county) to get on the ballot.

Recalls have been discussed since 2017 in the county.

Maine: Paris' Oxford Hills School Board Members kicked out in recall vote

Paris' Oxford Hills School Board members Sarah Otterson and Julia Lester lost recall votes 333-243, though Lester already resigned from the position. 

The recall was over their support for a proposal to promote a "safe learning environment of students of all gender and sexual identities." Recall proponents arguing that the proposal would "allow teachers to withhold important information from parents."

700 signatures were turned in, though the recall seems to have a significant issue in that it is not clear that the town has the ability to initiate the recall because the school district serves multiple communities. No word on how that works out or whether the person who replaced Lester would be removed by recall (presumably not, though I'm not sure why it went forward at that point.

Update: Christie Wessels was appointed as the replacement for Otterson.

Canada: Petitions approved against British Columbia Premier

Petitions have been approved against British Columbia Premier David Eby, an NDP MLA, over the passage of a Health Professions and Occupations Act. Petitioners would have to get 16449 signatures to get on the ballot. If this is met, the position is declared vacant and a by-election is held (UK has a similar provision). The petitioner has called Eby a dictator and claimed that he violated the Nuremberg code. 

No recall has gotten to the ballot in BC history.

Previous articles have noted that this would be the 28th recall petition taken out since 1995, though there have been no recall elections held. Only six have been turned in with signatures. Five failed to get enough signatures, and the MLA resigned during the verification process in the sixth. Notably, two petitions were taken out against former BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell (in 1998 and 2003), who represented the same Vancouver-Point Grey district as Eby. Petitions were not handed in for either.

Maryland: Perryville adopts recall provision

Perryville's Town Commissioners adopted a recall election process passed at a town meeting. Mayor Matt Roath was the only vote in opposition. Under the law, petitioners would need signatures from 20% of registered voters. Officials would have a grace period of three months at the start of their term and four months at the end. Oddly, only one official can be recalled at a time. Not sure how that would work in practice.

North Dakota: Bismarck School Board member facing petitions

Bismarck School Board Member Emily Eckroth is facing a recall effort over a confrontation with police during a DUI traffic stop (she cursed out the police and urinated in the back seat of the patrol vehicle). Her husband, who lost a legislative primary, was stopped (but not charged). She pled guilty to a misdemeanor. The school board has already voted to censure her. Petitioners need 2709 signatures in 90 days to get to the ballot.

Maine: Hermon School Board members threatened with recall over votes against book restriction proposal

A recall attempt is being threatened against five Hermon school board members, Jesse Keith, Kristen Shorey, Debbire CoWallace, Shannon Knowles and Stephanie Oiler, who voted against restricting access to library books containing sexual material. Petitioners would need 827 signatures to get to the ballot.

Hermon kicked out three school board members in 1999 over the creation of a new administrative position and the firing of an ROTC instructor.

Illinois: Pekin Council rejects referendum for recall law

Pekin City Council rejected a referendum for the April ballot asking for a municipal recall law. The article notes that Mount Prospect has a recall law that is now subject to a lawsuit. The article notes that Illinois doesn't have a recall law, which would be a surprise to a former city councilmember in Buffalo Grove. Rockford also has a recall law, and Dolton just underwent a recall fight (though the courts ruled against the bizarre version of the law). 

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Wisconsin: Discussion of school restructuring in Wausau reminiscent of 1992 school board recall

 A plan to restructure the Wausau Schools has led to remembrances of the last attempt in 1992, which lead to the recall and removal of five school board members. 

Mississippi: Proposal to add modified recall law for municipal officials

Legislation has been proposed by Representative Shanda Yates (I) to allow recall elections for municipal officials in Mississippi. The idea seems to have come about after fights between Jackson's Democratic Mayor and the Republican Governor over water problems in the city.

The article notes that recalls are allowed for county officials, but not muncipial ones. Generally, I (and others) consider Mississippi to be one of the few (10) states without any recall law at all. What the article is refering to is a provision where voters can petition the Governor to remove County officials Mississippi code 25-5-7. This is someone similar to Virginia's recall trial law, but because it's a Governor, it seems a step removed. 

The plan, which does not seem to be a constitutional amendment, would create a malfeasance standard. Petitioners would need the signatures of 30% of registered voters and, in a real innovation that I haven't seen elsewhere, the the governor would appoint three muncipial judges to decide if "there is a substantial basis for a recall election." Again, this is a code of the Mississippi County law. 

Making matters even harder, there is an absentee veto provision -- half of the voters in the city would have to vote for the recall to count. So, we'll see what happens here. 

Update: Note state Senator John Horhn refers to it as a "tall order" to pass.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Texas: Petitions out against Denton City Council member

Petitions have been taken out against Denton City Council member Jesse Davis, which seems to be a reaction to the removal of Councilmember Alison Maguire in November (Maguire's attorney is a volunteer representing the petitioners).

Petitioners need 254 valid signatures to get on the May ballot. However, Davis' two-year term ends in May and he is already seeking reelection on that same election, so he would just lose office for a brief time (though presumably, this would help in an attempt to defeat the reelection run). 

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Oregon: Turner City Councilmember appears to lose January 3rd recall vote

Votes from January 3rd seem to be overwhelmingly in favor of removing Turner City Councilmember Mark McCracken. We're still waiting for final results, though the numbers seem to be 2-1 against McCracken. There will be a replacement race on May 16.

The recall was over complaints about bullying behavior and his support for the expansion of an urban growth boundary and opposition to a school bond. The big issue seems to be negative comments he apparently made on a Facebook group about a neighborhood child with brain cancer. Petitioners got 157 signatures. 

Washington: Look back at 1911 Seattle Mayoral Recall

A look back at one of the first big recalls in the US, Seattle Mayor Hiram Gill in 1911 over corruption issues. Gill was elected back to the job in 1914. This article looks at the role of newly enfranchised women in his removal.

Michigan: Petitions taken out against two Pere Marquette officials

Petitions have been taken out against Pere Marquette Township Supervisor Jerry Bleau (R) and Treasurer Karie Bleau (R) over complaints about lack of leadership, difficulty with employees and accounting practices. Jerry Bleau said that he believes the issue was clean-up of blight at a Recycling factory.

The petitions will go to the county election commission for a clarity/factualness review. Petitioners would need 343 signatures to get on the ballot.

Oregon: Morrow County Commission still working through ramifications of recall vote

The fallout from the Morrow County Commission recall continues, though the lack of a quorum issue seems to be solved.

The state uses a recall law that involves an appointed rather than elected replacement model. Morrow only had one member on the council and could not have meetings without a quorum to approve bills. 

The two officials, Jim Doherty (1319-1169) and Melissa Lindsay (1248-1237) lost the recall election held on November 2 though they waited for postmarked and challenged ballots). Lindsay's term is over at the end of the year. 

The recall seemed to be about the firing of a county administrator (who is now suing the county for wrongful termination), ambulance service issues and nitrate contamination. 

Michigan: Petitions against Three Cottrellville Township officials rejected on clarity/factualness grounds

Recall petitions against three Cottrellville Township officials, Supervisor Mary Agnes Simons, Clerk Cheri Quinn and Treasurer Beverly Kopec, were all rejected on clarity/factualness grounds. The recall effort seems to be about a utility bill issue, specifically a $650 water application service bill that was never paid. Petitioners said that they would refile.

Update: Petitions were rejected again.

Michigan: Petitions against three Sandusky School Board members rejected on clarity/factualness grounds

Petitions against three Sandusky School Board members, President Jason Trepkowski, Treasurer Daniel Gerstenberger and Trustee Jane Jacobson were rejected on clarity/factualness grounds. The recall is over a decision to rename the school mascot from the Redskins to the Wolves (the rejection was over language that said that 88% of respondents in a poll were in favor of the old mascot).

Update: The petitions have been approved.

Michigan: Emmett Charter Township Trustee and Supervisor facing petitions

Emmett Charter Township Trustee Jim Mead is facing petitioners over claims of being counterproductive and disruptive. After the clarity/factualness hearing, Petitioners would need 1211 signatures in 60 days to get on the ballot.

Supervisor Deb Belles is facing petitions over claims that she hired a felon as a code enforcement officer, hired a zoning administrator without Township Board approval, bullying and misusing Chick-Fil-A "Local Hero" gift cards (she was given 25 of them -- worth $11,154 -- for public safety officials, who received only eight of them. She apparently has not accounted for the other 17).

Maryland: Nine Columbia Association Board members facing petitions

Columbia Association Board members Eric Greenberg, Virginia Thomas, Dick Boulton, Lin Egan, Brian England, Janet Evans, Alan Klein, Bill Santos and Andrew Stack are facing recall threats over the belief that they will try and remove the Association President Lakey Boyd who petitioners are claiming is a more inclusive leader. The board has 10 members (though one seat seems vacant), with a representative from each village. No word on how many signatures are needed or the time frame required. 

Arizona: Losing Arizona Gubernatorial candidate calls for recall of Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

Losing Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (R) is calling for the recall of the entire Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Bill Gates, Clint Hickman, Jack Sellers, Thomas Galvin and Steve Gallardo, because of her complaints about her losing the 2022 election. Lake specifically attacked Chairman Bill Gates (R) and Recorder Stephen Richer (R), two Republicans who both narrowly won election in 2020, though no word on whether she or others will actually try to lead a recall effort. Gates has had to go into an "undisclosed location" due to threats on his life. 

I believe petitioners would need over 91,000 valid signatures to get the Gates recall on the ballot. 

Arizona: Former Arizona Senate President who was kicked out in a recall dies

Former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, who was kicked out in a 2011 recall, died last week.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Colorado: Two Cripple Creek Councilmembers face January 24 recall vote

Cripple Creek Council members Mark Green and Charles Solomone are facing a January 24th recall vote. The recall is over a plan for a gift shop at the heritage center, with accusations that the city department will compete with private businesses as well as complaints that they aren't connected with the community. 

Mayor Milford Ashworth and Councilwoman Melissa Trenary signed the petitions. Bruce Brown and Jared Bowman are running to replace the two.

The article notes that Cripple Creek hasn't had a recall in two decades, but there was one for a school board member in 2019.

Washington: Supreme Court to rule in February on recall effort against three Richland School Board members

Washington State Supreme Court is holding a February 9th meeting to rule on whether to overturn a decision by a lower court judge approving petitions against three Richland School Board Semi Bird, Audra Byrd and Kari Williams over a vote to make mask mandates optional, which allegedly violates state law that mandated masks to fight the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. They are planning to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Because Washington is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state, the judges would have to approve the petitions as showing a violation of state law. Petitioners would need at least 5000 signatures each. 

California: Orange County School Board members targeted in recall effort

Orange Unified School Board Members are facing petitions after firing the school superintendent with no explanation. I did not see the full list of members being targeted, but presumably it will include Madison Klovstad Miner (who helped flip majority control of the board) and Rick Ledesma. The school board members are part of a conservative 4-3 majority and the firing was over complaints about policies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and critical race theory. 

Monday, January 2, 2023

New Hampshire: Proposed Constitutional amendment to add recall law for the state

New Hampshire legislators Representative Michael Moffett (R) and Senator Kevin Avard (R) are proposing a recall amendment to the state's Constitution. This looks like the amendment, which is short on details.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

California: Newsom's turnout much better in recall than in 2022 election

Not a surprise here, but turnout for the 2021 recall of California Governor Gavin Newsom was much greater than the 2022 election. The no vote on recall got 7.944 million votes in 2021, while Newsom got 6.47 million in 2022. As we've mentioned before (and was apparent in the 2003 recall campaigns) turnout can be much higher for a recall. In a very unusual election where Democrats did great in some states, but also did very poorly in some big states (notably NY and Florida), perhaps the Republicans could have missed an opportunity to at least perform better in November had they not tried the recall. 

Nevada: Former Las Vegas Councilwoman who was target of recall appointed judge

Former Las Vegas Councilwoman Michele Fiore (R), who was the target of a prominent failed recall effort, has been appointed as a justice in Nye County. Fiore, who ran for state Treasurer this year, is not an attorney, which has led to a good deal of criticism. 

The recall was launched over racially charged comments Fiore made at a Republican Convention as well as her backing of converting an historic hay barn into an events center at Floyd Lamb State Park.

Petitioners submitted 567 signatures half way through and needed 1911 to get on the ballot. Petitioners did not hand in the remainder of the signatures after Fiore said she will "go look them up on social media."  State law requires that the signatures be submitted, though it is not clear what happened.

Ohio: East Cleveland recall leads to appointment fight

The strange East Cleveland recall isn't ending just yet, as the city council appointed three different people to fill the seat that was opened with the recall of Ernest Smith (never got a clear answer on the legality of the law director's attempt to stop the recall of Mayor Brandon King, though he survived the vote anyway). Three council members appointed Lateek Shabazz to fill the board seat, but that was found to violate the open meeting laws. The City Council President then appointed Jackie Goodrum, who was ineligible as she is a public employee. Finally, Mark McClain was appointed. However, council members insist that Shabazz is supposed to fill the seat, so expect more fights on this one. 

Texas: Alice City Council recalls fails

The recall effort against four Alice City Council members, Robert Molina, Pete Crisp, Ron Burke and Sandra Bowen, failed as petitioners did not hand in signatures. They claim to have the signatures, but are suggesting that the city attorney would hold it up.

Three former mayors signed on to the recall effort. The recall seemed to be about a kitchen sink of complaints.