Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Arkansas: NorthWest Arkansas Democrat Gazette endorses potential statewide recall law

Here's an editorial in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette discussing a push to expand recalls to the state legislatures -- though calling for a malfeasance standard recall. In 2009, the state allowed for recalls in Mayor-Council jurisdictions. In 2012, there were a spate of mayoral recalls, but we haven't seen any since.

Canada: British Columbia MLA facing recall effort

MLA Rich Coleman is facing a recall effort by an unknown group over a casino money laundering scandal. Coleman was responsible for gaming. $100 million were alleged to have "flowed through B.C. casinos." Coleman was previously targeted with a recall in 1998, but it went nowhere.

Ohio: Kent to vote on changes in recall law

Kent voters will be asked to change their recall law with a vote on Issue 16 -- the changes include upping the signature amount for recalls to 25% of turnout in the last presidential election and require a stated cause of action. Kent was the site of a 2009 recall against five councilmembers (all survived). Apparently, there are some debates on an Ohio Supreme Court decision which prevents signature requirements from being tied to registered voters. The City Council voted in favor of the change 8-1.

Texas: Rusk City Council member facing recall talk over inappropriate comments

Councilmember Ken Ferrara is facing recall threats over alleged "highly inappropriate comments to the city secretary" Rosalyn Brown. Ferrara has since apologized and was reprimanded by the council.

California: Group threatens Attorney General with recall if gas tax repeal fails

Conservative radio host Carl DeMaio is threatening to launch a recall of Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) if Proposition 6, the repeal of a gas tax increase, fails. DeMaio was a leader of the successful recall effort against State Senator Josh Newman. It is not clear how many signatures a recall of Becerra would take, but there is a great chance that it would be more than any recall has ever needed to get on the ballot in US history. (It would be 12% of turnout in the November election, which is likely to be higher than the 2002 Gubernatorial election that set the number for Gray Davis).

Colorado: Williamsburg Mayor resigns before recall vote

Mayor Jerry Farringer, who is facing a recall over embezzlement claims following a vote to vacate a dead-end alley owned by the town that was then given to neighboring property owners, resigned on October 18 before the vote.

Trustees Robert Busetti and Forrest Borre are still facing a recall effort. Farringer allegedly signed the document before he was sworn in. The recall is a two step (vote up or down on whether to remove the officials, then select a replacement). Busetti's replacement race is between Barbara Cameron and Michael Pearcey. Borre would be replaced by Vikki Covington.

Trustee Eva Mares is one of the leaders of the recall effort. Trustee Steven Ricotta, who is married to the town clerk who approved the petitions, is allegedly a potential beneficiary of the property vote, is up for a regular election that day. The elected officials had suggest that jealous over term length (Mares and Ricotta have only 2 year terms, the rest have 4 year terms) is a motivating factor for the recall.

Update: Busetti and Borre both survived the recall vote on November 6. Busetti 101-126, and Borre 102-127.

Michigan: Algonac Mayoral recall on Election Day ballot, facing two challengers

Mayor Eileen Tesch is facing Helen Meldrum and Lori Warner on the Election Day Recall. Meldrum previously served on the city council for 12 years. The recall is over a move to have signatures gatherers against two other councilmembers removed from a meeting. Those two councilmembers, Irene Bird and Joe Nugent, resigned before a November vote.

Michigan: Leoni Township recalls set to go on Election Day

Supervisor Howard Linnabary (R), Clerk Michele Manke (D) and Treasurer Lori Stack (D) will all be on the ballot over their vote that allowed for a percentage of the $5000 administrative fee for medical marijuana applications to go to directly to the seven board members for the extra work they did in approving the applications. The law has since been changed.

Two challengers, Steven Casselman (D) and Dan Gough (no party) are challenging Linabary; Manke is facing Mark Carpenter (R) and Izzy Medel (no party) and Patrick Clemente (R) is facing off against Stack.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Canada: British Columbia government to consider legislation banning corporate and union donations to recall campaigns

The current B.C. law has no spending restrictions on recalls, so this will put the same restrictions as exist for general elections ($1200 donation limit, not union or corporate donations). This ould take place just before the MLAs who won off in May 2017 can face recall efforts. Three of them, Rich Coleman, Darryl Piecas and Attorney General David Eby are all facing recall efforts.

Wisconsin's recall law had a similar disparity between regular campaign finance laws and those affecting recalls. Washington State has a similar law going the other - a much tighter restriction on donations.

The piece also mentions that there have been 26 recall petitions in B.C. history. Six submitted signatures and five of those failed. A recall effort against MLA Paul Reitsma (NDP) in 1999 had enough signatures, but he resigned before verification.

Wisconsin: Paris Board member who survived 2016 recall vote not running for reelection

Supervisor Ron Kammerzelt, who survived a 2016 recall vote and then won again in 2017, has announced that he won't run for reelection.

California: Former Santa Clara Judge ordered to pay opponents attorneys' fees in recall fight

Judge Aaron Persky, who was kicked out in the June recall, was ordered to pay $161,825 in attorneys's fees over his lawsuit over who should handle the recall effort (Persky argued that the Secretary of State rather than the local county Registrar of Voters was responsible to handle the recall, and that his replacement should be appointed rather than elected. He lost both arguments). The fee payment is part of a statute calling for reimbursement if the case enforces 'an important right affecting the public interest.'"

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Maine: Ogunquit Selectmen facing petitions

Selectmen Madeline Mooney, Charles Waite III and Robert Winn are facing recall petitions for their support of the town manager's decision to fire the Fire Chief. Petitioners had to submit 50 signatures, which they seem to have done. They are now looking as to what the full signature amount needs to be -- will it be based on the voter totals for the district from the 2014 gubernatorial election or the 2018 one. The reason for the questions are because the petitions will be circulating after election day.

Update: The Fire Chief has since filed a lawsuit.

Ohio: Huber Heights Councilwoman hit with censure motion before Election Day recall vote

Councilwoman Janell Smith, who is facing a recall vote on Election Day , has now been hit with a censure measure which the Council approved (one abstention and Smith voting no. The issue was is about information that Smith alleged to have not given the council about a city water pressure project.

Monday, October 22, 2018

California: Westmoreland Clerk and Councilwoman facing recall vote on November 6

City Clerk Sally Traylor and City Councilwoman Mary Ann Monte Smith will be facing a recall vote over issues with the police department. Petitioners needed 214 signatures to get on the ballot.

Update: Both Traylor and Monte-Smith lost the recall vote, with about 75% voting for removal.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Louisiana: St. Martinville Councilman recall misses by 10 signatures

The petition against Councilman Dennis Paul Williams failed by 10 signatures. The recall was over claims that he is not available enough and has his own personal agenda. Petitioners need 347 signatures by October 1. They handed in 428 signatures buy had 91 kicked off.

Michigan: Arcadia Township Treasurer facing November 6 vote

Treasurer Debbra Eckhout is facing a recall vote over an audit that found deficiencies or material weakness in the township's internal controls. Melanie Cedarholm is running against her in the recall race.

Michigan: Three Ross Township officials on the ballot on Election Day over medical marijuana zoning vote

The recalls of Treasurer Cynthia Genung and Trustees Sidney Durham and Diana Langshaw are on the ballot in November over their votes in favor of an ordinance that would allow medical marijuana processors and growers in an industrial district. The bill was later reversed.

Washington: Judge approves Kennewick Council recall effort

The recall effort against Council member/former Mayor Steve Young has been approved by a Benton County Superior Court Judge for over the charge of violating Washington's Fair Campaign Practices Act (6 other claims were tossed).  Young has said that he will be appealing to the Supreme Court.

The language of the ballot would read "forwarding an email that can be interpreted as soliciting from a city of Kennewick employee a contribution on behalf of Dan Newhouse." Newhouse is Congressman Dan Newhouse (R).

Washington is a malfeasance standard/Judicial recall state, so the courts needed to way in on whether the recall meets the for cause requirement.

Petitioners need about 2675 signatures to get on the ballot.

Oregon: Lake County DA resigns after signatures are handed in

District Attorney Sharon Forster resigned after 732 signatures were handed in for her recall. Petitioners needed 480 valids. Petitioners claimed that Forster was out of the office too often and that she has blocked Lake County's only elected judge from presiding over criminal cases. The replacement will be appointed.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Nevada: Audit claims that recall petitions against State Senators would have failed under more effective sampling methodology

A new State Audit report claims that the petitions against state Senators Nicole Cannizzaro and Joyce Woodhouse would have failed earlier if the state had used a different sampling methodology that is used in Oregon.

New Jersey: Op-Ed on Mahwah Mayoral Recall

Here's an op-ed that I wrote on the Mahwah Mayoral Recall, which includes some details about New Jersey's use of the recall in recent years.

Missouri: Independence Council member facing petitions

Council member Tom Van Camp has been hit with a recall petition over travel costs and the plan for a solar farm at former golf club, which the city acquired. Petitioners would need about 1300 signatures. It seems that April 2019 would be the next election where he could actually face a vote.

Michigan: Algonac ready for Mayoral Recall on Election Day

Mayor Eileen Tesch is up for a recall on Election Day over the move to have signatures gatherers against two other councilmembers removed from a meeting. Those two councilmembers, Irene Bird and Joe Nugent, resigned before a November vote.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Oregon: Lake County DA facing recall effort

District Attorney Sharon Forster is facing a recall over claims that she is out of the office too often and that she has blocked Lake County's only elected judge from presiding over criminal cases. Petitioners need 480 signatures in 90 days.

Colorado: Boulder proposed changes to recall signature law

Here -- it would make the same signature requirements for initiatives, referendums and recall 10% of the average number of people who voted in the last election.

Illinois: Wheeling Village President Recall effort failed

Petitioners failed to get enough signatures to Village President Pat Horcher over claims of incompetence and that he is not paying a "fair share" of property taxes on his farm. Petitioners needed 744 signatures (33% of turnout), they claim to have gotten 450. The petitioner backed the former Village President in his 2017 reelection bid, which was lost to Horcher.

Ohio: Crestline Mayor facing recall over racial slurs; says he plans to resign

Mayor Allen Moore is facing a recall threat after being shown using racial slurs on a body camera video taken by the Police Chief. Moore said he will resign by the end of the week.

Update: Moore resigned

Wisconsin: Flambeau School Board members recall thrown out

The recall effort against School Board Members Patrick Anderson, Sam Stewart and Danielle Zimmer are facing recall threats over claims of disrespectful comments and a host of other complaints. Petitioners handed in 481-482 signatures, but the petition was thrown out for improper documentation.

Louisiana: Turkey Creek Mayor-elect facing recall effort over claims that he does not live in city

Mayor-elect Phillip Cavins, who ran unopposed and is going to be sworn in on January 1 is alleged to live outside the village. Some residents are pushing for him not to assume office and others are claiming that they will launch a recall once he is sworn in.

Oregon: Portland Mayor facing recall effort from right wing group

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) is facing a recall effort over a new ordinance which would regulate protests. The leader of the right-wing Patriot Prayer group is leading the effort. The petitioners would need 35925 signatures, though that number (which is based on 15% of turnout in the gubentorial race in the city) will change after the November election.

North Carolina: Winston-Salem City Council charter changes for filling council vacancies compared to recalls


Wisconsin: Beaver Dam Mayor effort fails

The recall effort against Mayor Becky Glewen failed, with petitioners not handing in any signatures by the deadline (they needed about 1484).The effort was led by former Alderwoman Mary Flaherty, who lost in the spring by four votes. Flaherty listed a kitchen sink of complaints about taxes and spending.

Michigan: London Township officials recall makes the ballot

Supervisor Gary Taepke (R) and Trustee Richard Horn (R) are up for a recall vote on November 6. Taepke is facing the recall over  support of a medical marijuana ordinance as well as the enforcement of other ordinances in the area. Horn is over the other ordinance (a vote against allowing the road commission to apply brine to local roads). Taepke is facing former Trustee William H. Eaddy (D) and Horn is facing Penny Turner (D). Another official, Clerk Larry Lee, was also targeted, but he retired and moved.

Petitioners handed in 311-312 signatures. They needed 250.

Massachusetts: Fall River Mayor facing recall effort

Mayor Jasiel Correia II, who was arrested on federal wire and tax fraud charges for defrauding investors, is facing a recall attempt. Petitioners would need more than 2510 signatures in 20 days to get on the ballot.

Fall River recalled and removed Mayor Will Flanagan in 2014.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Colorado: Dolores School Board member survives recall vote

Vangi McCoy survived a recall vote 485-358 (57.53% in favor).  The issue appears to be claims that the school has dropped in rankings. Board President Dee Prock earlier resigned rather than face the recall vote.

While the replacement race didn't matter, the two candidates actually received the same number of votes. Keith Moore and Joe Warren Reed both ended up with 208 votes.

Turnout was 30% with an estimated cost of $7500.

Eastern Band Cherokee looking to adopt new Constitution with recall provision


Colorado: Three candidates announce for replacement race against Brush Councilwoman

Three candidates, Glenda McNabb, Mark Thomas and Lawrence Lundstrom, have gotten into the race to replace Councilwoman Jeanine Anderson will be facing a December 11 recall vote over complaints about alleged abusive behavior to other members of the government and the police.

The election will be a two-step one -- an up or down vote on Anderson and and a replacement race that takes place at the same time. McNabb and Thomas ran in 2017.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Michigan: Petition language against Jackson County Sheriff rejected

Language/clarity issues has stopped the latest attempt to get a recall going against Sheriff Steven Rand over audio recordings and alleged bigoted behavior. Petitioners would need over 13000 signatures to get on the ballot.

Ohio: Second recall attempt against Cleveland Councilman fails to meet initial signature requirements

Petitioners failed to submit enough signatures to get the second recall against Councilman Basheer Jones started. The first effort did not hand in signatures.

The recall is presumed to have been started by supporters of former Councilman T. Dow, who lost to Jones by 13 votes last year. The first effort did not turn in signatures. Petitioners need 676 signatures -- the reason for the recall is threats that Jones allegedly made to businesses and questions about residency. The earlier attempt led to moves to tighten recall laws.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Michigan: Jackson County Sheriff facing threats of removal

Sheriff Steven Rand is still facing an attempt at removal, with the father of a lieutenant who's suing Rand filing petition language. Petitioners would need over 13000 signatures to get on the ballot.

Rand has faced calls for resignation over audio recordings and alleged bigoted behavior.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Leader of Santa Clara Judge Aaron Persky recall opens Super-PAC on sexual violence issues

Mother Jones' has the interview with Stanford Professor Michele Dauber

Texas: Judges greenlights Groves Councilman recall

Councilman Cross Coburn attempt to have the recall thrown out was rejected by a judge. The recall will take place on Election Day.

The recall began after nude photos of him were sent to the media. Coburn is both 19 and openly gay. Coburn blames city government members for the leak of the pictures (the Mayor signed the recall petition). Petitioners handed in over 900 valid signatures in two stages. They needed 893.

Wisconsin: Big Bend Village Board Trustee survives recall vote

Trustee Jeff Goodman survived a recall vote 222-150 for Trenton Sobczak. The issue was a dispute about entering fire and water contract negotiations without the village president or clerk/treasurer present.  Turnout was about 45%.

Wisconsin: Trempealeau County District Attorney loses recall race

District Attorney Taavi McMahon (D) was ousted in a recall after he suspended an employee for refusing to attend the Jackson County DA's funeral as well as claims of prosecutorial failures. The county board has sought his resignation. McMahon has been on leave since May 9. McMahon's supporters claim the issue is a debate over new views of criminal justice reform. One of the lead petitioners is the Osseo Police Department Chief.

The recall became a two-parter once a third candidate, from the other party, entered the race.

Former ADA John Sacia (D), who McMahon suspended after he announced he was running, won the race 2244-450. Sacia is now facing Republican Rick Niemeyer in the general election.

Missouri: One recall effort against St. Louis Councilman thrown out; Another is still live

One effort to recall Councilman Ernie Trakas (R) was tossed out by a judge who said that Trakas did not violate the county charter by working as an attorney for school districts.

He is still facing another effort, which he has blamed on the County Executive. The recall effort needs about 15,000 signatures, though petitioners aren't handed it in just yet.

Trakas barely won his seat, which seems to be a key swing in the counsel. He also opposed a zoning change for a construction business in his district, though later backed down.