Monday, April 2, 2012

Michigan: New attempt to recall Governor RIck Snyder started

This is the second attempt to recall Snyder -- the first one got 500,000 signatures. Note that Michigan's law is a bit looser than Wisconsin's in one way -- Michigan voters have a 90-day window, while Wisconsin has only 60 days. However, since unlike in Wisconsin, all the signers have to be registered voters, it is actually significantly harder to get on the ballot.  Petitioners will need 807,000 signatures. The recall would occur in November, and then (as peculiarity to Michigan law), the replacement vote will not take place until February. In that time, the Lieutenant Governor will serve. This strange, delayed two step recall election is very important to keep in mind. Last year, Republican House Rep Paul Scott was recalled. However, in the February he was replaced by a Republican.

Outside of Walker, that makes two gubernatorial recall discussed this week, the virtual impossible one in Louisiana, and the very difficult one in Michigan (plus talk in Arizona). Last week, we also heard of a recall proposal against the Colorado Secretary of State.

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