Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wisconsin: Daily Kos/Public Policy Poll has Walker leading 49-45

Note that the LG race is 46-43 Kleefisch (with 11 undecided). First poll I've seen on that one. Also, the poll list the third party candidate, Hari Trivedi (getting 2%). In a two man race, most of that support goes to Barrett, though (of course) it is not a two man race.

This is a poll with a lot of different details on the recall races, so worth looking at.

Also, Public Policy Polling is generally affilated with Democrats, and Daily Kos is certainly pro-recall. For the more analytic-minded, PPP has some decent rankings on its polls, with a (very slight) Republican bias in 2010. So factor that in if you like. So far, all the polls have Walker leading.

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