Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wisconsin: Recalled Raymond Supervisor charged with Election Fraud

Former Raymond Supervisor Joe Pohlhammer, who was kicked out of office, getting only 9 votes, is facing election fraud charges for tearing up signature pages belonging to an opponent.

Pohlhammer and one of his opponents, Bob Silvon, had signatures dated a day after the verifying documents. The county clerk called them both in to sign affadavits declaring that they had collected the signatures themselves.

Pohlhammer came in to the Town Hall around 3 p.m. on June 19, and refused to sign the affidavit, the criminal complaint states. Then, he allegedly ripped up the three signatures that he had supposedly collected.

Colorado: Trinidad City Councilman ousted in recall vote

Trinidad City Councilman Alfredo Pando was voted out of office tonight, according to the twitter feed of the Pubelo Chieftan. He was replaced by Anthony Mattie.
Pando received 587 votes, with 1,210 votes to kick him out.

California: ex-Cotati City Councilman running for office after recall ouster in 2009

George Barich, who was ousted in a recall election in 2009, has announced that he will run for his old seat. Barich, apparently a fierce critic of the council at every meeting, also lost a race in 2010, coming in third for seats.

Michigan: Hearing on petitions against two Galesburg-Augusta Community school board member

Two Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools board members, President Karen Rutherford and Vice President Sandra Noteboom-Wood, are once again facing a hearing to approve petitions. Issue is the raise and contract extension granted to a Superintendent, as well as the firing of a principal and outsourcing custodial and transportation services.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Romania: President survives recall election

President Traian Basescu survived the attempted recall against him, using the particular rules to win. The vote would only be valid if more than 50 percent of eligible voters participated. According to the NYT, with 97.5 percent of the votes counted, the central election bureau said on Monday morning that the turnout was 46.13 per cent. About 87.5 percent voted for removal.

Basecu had previously beat back a removal vote in 2007. At that time, 74 percent voted for removal, though only 44 percent turned out.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Louisiana: Heflin mayor facing December 8 recall vote

 Heflin Mayor Judy Tilman is facing a December 8 recall. Petitioners needed 66 signatures (40% of registereds). They got 69 certified.

Petitioners claim that Tilman requires that anyone using the community ball parks must go through her and sign waivers that the village is not responsible if anyone is injured. 

Romania: Presidential Recall on Sunday

Here's my op-ed on the subject in Public Service Europe. I'm looking at the global boom in recalls. For a more focused story on the fight in Romania, here is the WSJ's coverage. What's particularly interesting is that the recall needs a majority of voters to come out. So the president may benefit if his supporters don't show (there are towns in the US with a similar provision),

Wisconsin: Wandering Democratic Senator returns to the fold

Tim Cullen quit the Democrats earlier this week. Now he's back.

Colorado: Election set for Tuesday in Trindad city council recall


California: Petitions out against Santa Maria-Bonita School District board member

Petitioners are collecting signatures against Santa Maria-Bonita School District board member Will Smith, a former district teacher who resigned before his election and who was suspended 8 times. He also has repeatedly disreputed board meetings. 

Apparently petitioners are also claiming that Smith owes the district $30K in legal fees, though he clais they were dismissed in bankruptcy court.

Wisconsin: Group finishes audit of Rock County recall ballots, finds no major discrepancies

A group performing an audit of the election ballots in the Walker recall finished counting those in Rock County. They found no major discrepancies between the hand count and the electronic vote.

The group claims to be nonpartisan, though you wouldn't know it from the website. I would like to see a full breakdown on the differences, as regardless of the party goals, it seems to be a useful project.

Arizona: Yuma City Council recalls fail verification process

An attempted recall of Yuma City Councilmen Paul Johnson and Jerry Stuart both failed due to signature invalidation. Petitioners needed 1,856 valids. They handed in 2,117 signatures against Johnson, with 1,784 deemed valid. The numbers for Stuart were 2,083/1794.

Nebraska: Grand Island Mayor facing recall petitions

Grand Island Mayor Jay Vavricek is facing recall petitions for allowing the City Administrator to return to her job. Petitioners need 3,286 signatures (35% of turnout) in 30 days.
Former City Council candidate Jeb Wolsleben is leading the petition effort.

Arkansas: Bauxite Mayor facing November recall in epic personality clash

Bauxite Mayor Johnny McMahan is facing a recall vote on Election Day in November, and this article in  the Saline Courier is well worth the read. This is one of the personality clash recalls:

Lead petitioner was former Alderman Debbie Purifoy. They got over 100 signatures.
Purifoy and McMahan have a history of personal issues against each other, which has been documented in council meetings, campaign material and in Courier stories. Shortly after her arrest on Sept. 11, 2010 — for resisting arrest, filing a false police report, failure to obey police commands, obstructing government operations and disorderly conduct — Purifoy had a letter appear in the Letter To the Editor section of the Courier (Oct. 25, 2010). In that missive, she wrote, "Johnny McMahan and (Alderman) Allison Cain were swift to judge me before checking out all the facts regarding this case. I cringe knowing that is the type of leadership they want to bring to Bauxite. As for those two, who claim to be Christians, they show a poor example of the lifestyle. Apparently you weren’t aware I have family and friends in town when you all went out campaigning."
On Nov. 2, 2010, McMahan won office in Nov 2010. Three aldermen attempted multiple times (some using very questionable tactics) to appoint Purifoy to the vacant position of court clerk/recorder/treasurer position. McMahan mailed Bauxite residents a postcard with Purifoy's arrest mug shot plastered on it. 

And a great quote from Purifoy when she started the recall.
"The gloves are coming off and I'm putting on my Wonder Woman underwear," she said.
When McMahan started as mayor he found unopened IRS letters in a closet that resulted in a $40,000 fine.

"I think (Purifoy) wants to close public doors on closets with possible skeletons inside and if she stops me, she can stop those skeletons from coming out," McMahan said. "Purifoy and her gang have schemed for a long time now to throw me out of office and get her power back and things can go back to the way it used to be. This might have something to do with the IRS issues. Maybe people are afraid this issue may (personally) touch them."

Thursday, July 26, 2012

California: Greenfield Mayor extends olive branch after surviving recalls

Greenfield Mayor John Huerta, who barely survived the recall vote, has agreed to retain Police Chief Eric Sills, at least for now.

California: Coastside Fire Protection recall petitioners claim intimidation


Wisconsin: Recall boosts Journal Communications bottomline

Milwaukee-based Journal Communications, owner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, AM 620 WTMJ and Channel 4 TMJ4, saw a 24% increase in profits in 2Q -- thanks to the recall.

Louisiana: Vidalia Police Chief facing recall petitions

Police Chief Arthur Lewis is facing recall petitions, with petitioners needing 1174 signatures (33 1/3 of registered voters) to get on the ballot. The article doesn't list a clear reason for the recall, but it does mention that Lewis made some personnel moves upon his election.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

California: Possible Pay to Play helped back ant-recall efforts in Montebello

Here and here

Wisconsin: Democrats Senate Majority in Jeopardy as one Senator quits caucus

Just after taking control of the state Senate, further trouble for the Democrats in Wisconsin. State Sen. Tim Cullen quit the Senate Democratic caucus due to being snubbed on the committee assignments. Cullen said he will be an independent but has not left the Democratic Party (and won't become a Republican).

Both parties suggest that there is no loss majority yet. Regardless, one Republican Senator is resigning to become Walker's deputy chief of staff, so the majority will be 16-15-1.

Wisconsin: $93.4 million spent on recalls in 2012, $137.5M in 2011-12

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign reports that total spending for the recall was $80.9 million in 2012 ($93.4M in 2012 total) and a total of $137.5 million for both years.

According to the report, Republican candidates and supporters outspent the Democrats $84.5 million to $52.6 million. Presumably, that also includes the cost of getting the recalls on the ballot. It also includes spending on primaries (note that Wisconsin for Falk spent $4.5 million, most in favor of losing primary candidate Kathleen Falk), so we should take comparison analysis with a big grain of salt.

Outside spending equaled $75.8 million.

Also of note is that the only recall where Democrats and supporters outspent Republicans was the only one that Democrats won. John Lehman and supporters spent $1.8 million in beating incumbent Republican Van Wanggaard, who spent an estimated $1.1 million.

New Mexico: Two Ruidoso School Board members facing recall vote

Two Ruidoso Municipal School District Board,  School Board President Devin Marshall and Secretary Curt Temple, will face a September 18 recall vote, after signatures were verified Petitioners needed 225 and 227 signatures. They turned in 309 for Temple and had 284 verified, and 306-283 for Marshall.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Maine: Franklin Selectman facing September 11 recall election

First Selectman Ian Staub is facing a recall vote on September 11. Petitoners claim "dereliction, though the article isn't clear on the charges.

Michigan: Highland Park School Board recall petitions rejected on clarity grounds

Wayne County Election Commission rejected petitions against Highland Park school board member Robert Davis on clarity grounds.

Davis was indicted April 5 on the 16 counts of unlawful conversion of program funds. Investigators say he ran a phony invoice scheme as a front to steal from the financially struggling Highland Park School District.

This is a very mystifying quote:

"How can you choose to recall someone from office when legal action is being taken?" said Wayne County Treasurer Raymond Wojtowicz. "I move we reject this for insufficient clarity."

Monday, July 23, 2012

Arizona: Threats to force recall against John McCain

The founder and chairman of the Original North Phoenix Tea Party is threatening a recall  against U.S. Senator John McCain for McCain's defense of Huma Abedin, Hilary Clinton's aide (and Anthony Weiner's wife).  

Unless there is a surprise US Supreme Court decision, there are no enforceable recalls against federal officials. However:

state law allows federal elected officials to file statements with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office pledging to resign if they lose a recall election, and McCain has filed such a statement.
Despite that pledge, I wonder if Arizona will actually allow such a recall to get on the ballot.

California: Dublin Councilman facing recall threats, claims of "astroturf" recall by supporters of congressional candidate

Councilman Eric Swalwell, a Democrat who is running for Congress in the 15th district against longterm Rep. Pete Stark, is facing recall threats.

The threats is based around a website, claims that Swalwell has ties to housing developers Swalwell has been facing this complaint about his support for a local project for some time (though he was only elected in 2010).

More interesting is that the article questions whether it is as "AstroTurf" group looking to help Stark in the election. Under this theory, the recall threat operates to muddy the waters against Swalwell and create the appearance of a grassroots organization rising against Swalwell. At the very least, it continually reminds voters that Swalwell has supported a seemingly unpopular decision. None of this is to say the astroturf claim is accurate, but it is being bandied about. Off the top of my head, I don't remember any prior "astroturf" recall threats, though I'm sure they are out there.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wisconsin: Article on recall the law

This would be a recall for laws, sort of a throw back to the Recall of Judicial Decisions.

Washington: Supreme Court upholds Quilcene Fire District Commissioners recall attempt

An attempt to recall two Quilcene Fire District commissioners, Mike Whittaker and David Ward, has been upheld by the Washington Supreme Court. The decision has not yet been released.

Washington has a malfeasance requirement. The two commissioners are accused of falsifying meeting minutes. Petitioners need 35% of turnout in 180 days.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Arizona: Recall of Peoria vice mayor fails

A recall campaign against Vice Mayor Ron Aames has fallen apart almost immediately. 

Ames was quoted as saying: “A small group of serial recallers who feel they have all the answers for how the Peoria council should vote failed to garner very many signatures for recalling me, even though they had 120 days to obtain them.

Minnesota: Secretary of State hears recall threats

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is facing recall threats due to his changing of the title for a Constitutional Amendment ballot proposal on Voting ID. Note that Minnesota has (as far as I know) never had a a recall election, and has a strict judicial recall standard.

The Legislature's chosen title was: "Photo identification required for voting."  Ritchie, with the approval of the Attorney general, proposed this title: "Changes to in-person & absentee voting & voter registration; provisional ballots." He cited a state law which states that the Secretary of State shall determine the title of ballot questions 

Michigan: Petition for Howell City Council member rejected for lack of specificity

Here -- petitioners can try again.

Virgin Island: Board of Elections recalls fail

A Judge has ruled that petitioners failed to get enough signatures to get the St. Croix Board of Elections recalls on the ballot. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Mexico: Petitions handed in against two Ruidoso school board members

Ruidoso Municipal School District Board President Devin Marshall and Secretary Curt Temple are facing possible recalls, with petitions being turned in on Friday. Petitioners need 33 1/3% of turnout (225 and 227)

The two petitioners are appealing to the New Mexico Supreme Court, claiming that they did not violate Open Meeting laws as claimed by petitioners.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tennessee: Chattanooga votes to adopt stricter recall standards

Chattanooga City Council members voted in favor of adopting the state recall standard of 15 percent of registered voters. This was following a debacle in the attempted recall of the mayor earlier this year. The city's standard was 50% of turnout, which ended up producing a lower signature total than the 15%.

Most illuminating is the reasons that three councilmembers voted against it. One wanted only a malfeasance standard for recalls. Another claimed that it could result in an impossible to meet signature requirement.

Ohio: Youngstown City Council charter amendments leads to recall threats

A Youngstown City Council proposal to only place four of 17 charter amendments is gathering recall threats.

Arizona: The Pearce comeback race

A look at Russell Pearce's attempted comeback:

And Pearce trails in fundraising. He began the year with a campaign war chest of $35,555, but he reported raising only $2,822 through May 31. Meanwhile, Worsley raised over $67,000, which includes a $50,000 personal loan but also $17,445 in contributions.

By contrast, Pearce's recall election campaign, "Patriots for Pearce," raised and spent approximately $260,000, according to his final campaign-finance report.

Wisconsin: Raymond Town Supervisor kicked out in recall, gets only 9 votes out of 335

Raymond Town Supervisor Joe Pohlhammer was ousted in a recall vote on Tuesday, getting only nine votes out of 335 cast. Tim Geszvain won the seat with 285 votes.

According to the Town Clerk:

Pohlhammer missed more meetings than any other supervisor she has known, including the annual and budget meetings.
Interesting point that the recall contained 501 signatures, which was much larger than turnout in the election.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Idaho: Editorial calls for changes to the recall law

CDA Press calls for a move to a malfeasance standard. It also notes that lack of clarity with how the 75-day window on petition drives. I can't think of any jurisdiction that claims that petitioners have anything less than the entire allotted time to gather signatures.

Oregon: Recall campaign against two Jackson County School District 9 Board members fails

The recall of Jackson County School District 9 Board of Directors Chair Scott Grissom and Vice-Chair Ted Dole appears to have failed. Petitioners needed 1,316 signatures, and handed in 1,555. However, the validation process ended with Grissom's petition containing only 1,089 valid signatures and Dole's 1,108. Petitions had been taken out against a third board member Mary Ann Olson, but they were not handed in.

Very useful discussion of the reasons for the failure:

Non-registered voters was the major reason for the invalid signatures with 184 (39.4 %) in that category on the Grissom petition and 186 (41.7%) on the Dole petition. The second and third primary reasons for invalidation of the signers was because signatures did not match and they did not reside within the District 9 School District. For Grissom, those figures were 68 and 67 signatures and for Dole there were 57 out of the district and 44 with unmatched signatures. 
Altogether there were 13 categories listed for the rejection of signatures.

Michigan: Troy Mayor challenge to recall rejected

Troy Mayor Janice Daniels will face a recall, as her lst minute challenge was turned back.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Florida: St. Pete Beach's Mayor facing online recall petition

St. Pete Beach Mayor Steve McFarlin is facing an online recall petition due to his support for a drinking ban at the Swigwam. I can't see how any signatures on an online petition would get the recall on the ballot, so we have to wait and see if anyone will actually collect actually signatures.

Michigan: Clarity hearing on Howell City Council recall petitions

Here with some details about the proposed recall of Steve Manor here

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wisconsin: Racine DA finds no evidence of voting fraud

The DA has rejected the claims as had the GAB. I should point out that (as the Republicans well know) practically every election that I've seen has claims of voting irregularity, and very, very few pan out.

California: Sometimes you just find yourself over the line -- Yuba County Superior Court Judge facing petitions due to foreclosure action

Yuba County Superior Court Judge Julia L. Scrogin is facing a recall threat due to her ruling on a foreclosure action. A Brownsville resident who had been fighting a foreclosure blames Scrogin for throwing out her case.

No word on the signatures needed.

Wisconsin: Caledonia overbudget on elections, thanks to recall

Caledonia elections budget has already surpassed planning, due to the recall.  The village budgeted $37,600 for election salaries in 2012, and has already spent $39,149 on the administration of seven polling 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

California: Three Rio School District Board members facing petitions

Three Rio School District Board Members,Board President Eleanor Torres and board members Henrietta Macias and Ramon Rodriguez, are facing petitions with complaints about audits of past district practices and violations of open meeting laws.

Petitioners need 2,641 signatures, or 20% of voters. The story is focused on the tight deadline to have the recall on the November ballot, though I'm not sure why that matters. Petitioners need to get the signatures in by August 10 for November, but really have until October 12.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wisconsin; Feingold says he would have lost

I think that's accurate, though he blames the recall mechanism itself.

Michigan: Troy mayor challenges recall petitions

Janice Daniels filed the challenge 10 minutes before closing.

Daniels said she is challenging 1,055 signatures because "we believe either the date was altered or the date was not put in by the petition signer." An additional 150 signatures are being challenged based on the person not being registered to vote.

West Virginia: Petitions in Keyser mayoral recall rejected

This one is from May, but worth looking back forth. The recall petition against Keyser Mayor Randy Amtower, which had more than 200 signatures, was rejected because signers’ ages and lengths of residency weren’t provided with the petition as required by the city charter.

“Each petition shall contain, in addition to the names of the petitioners, the street and house number in which the petitioner resides, his age and length of residence in the city,” read the charter.
“Also, each individual paper containing signatures must be signed and certified."
Keyser was the city with a modified "loser pays" law for the recall. To me, it sounds like the requirement for ages and length of residency shows that the charter is not designed for democratic use of campaigns. 

Colorado: Trindad Mayor facing recall petitions

Trindad Mayor John Rino is facing recall petition from the same group that succeeded in getting the upcoming recall of Councilman Alfredo Pando on the ballot. Petitioners will need 230 signatures in 60 days.

Navajo Nation: President and VP facing recall petitions

Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly and Vice President Rex Lee Jim are facing recall petitions for his support of a Little Colorado River basin water settlement that was voted down by Navajo lawmakers.

Petitioners need more than 38,000 signatures (60% of turnout) in 6 months.

No Navajo president or chairman has been removed in a recall election, but some have left office early. 

California: Atwater School Trustee recall set for October 16

Atwater school trustee Sheila Whitley is facing a recall vote on October 16, due to her part in the firing of the school district Superintendent. 

Note that the California prevents the refusal to schedule a recall that has plagued so many other jurisdictions.  The trustees deadlocked on setting a recall date.
State Elections Code rules say if a school board doesn't issue an election order within an allowed time frame, the registrar of voters must do it within five days.
The recall is estimated to cost $18,000 to $20,000. Apparently. logistical issues prevent combining the recall with the November general.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

California: San Fernando Councilman resigns in face of recall

San Fernando Councilman Mario Hernandez resigned in the face of a recall already approved by the County Clerk against Hernandez, Mayor Brenda Esqueda and Councilwoman Maribel De La Torre. The council has to certify the petitions and then they have two weeks to schedule a vote. The council can choose a temporary replacement for Hernandez, but there will still be a vote. 

Hernandez just filed a restraining order against De La Torre. He and De La Torre were having an affair.

Michigan: Recalled Bridgeport Township Supervisior seeks old seat back in three way primary against recall petitioner and his successor

Patrick Gilles, a former Bridgeport Township Supervisor who was ousted in 2010 in a recall election, is running for his old position against one of the lead petitioners of the recall.
Gilles, Edward Lysogorski who was on the 22 person team of petitioners, and Augie Tausend, who succeeded Gilles in the seat are facing off for the Democratic nomination. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wisconsin: Circuit judges who signed recall petitions cleared

A Judicial Commission found that judges didn't violate judicial ethics rules by signing recall petitions.

Massachusetts: City Councilor facing recall petitions states that proponents should pay for cost of recall

City Councilor Donald L. Cykowski, facing recall petitions, argues that recall proponents should pay the cost of the recall. Petitioners need 2,235 registered voters within 21 day.

Wisconsin: Election Fairness looks to count all paper ballots in recall

A group called Election Fairness has begun reviewing all ballots cast in the recall, trying to determine whether results on paper ballots match electronic tabulations. The group claims to be nonpartisan and is simply interested in discovering if there are discrepancies between the paper and electronic totals.

Wisconsin: Assembly Republicans call Racine election problems "utter mockery of our system"

Assembly Republicans wrote a letter to the Government Accountability Board citing the problems in the 21st Senate district race as "utter mockery of our system."

A letter signed by State Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald and Joint Finance Committee Co-Chair Robin Vos, among others, points to several reported problems in the recall for the 21st state Senate District. The issues include tampered-with ballot bags, unsigned poll books and a disregard for same-day registration requirements, they wrote.

Wisconsin Senate meets to transfer control

Here is a little detail on it. This is the fourth time in US history that a recall has resulted in control of a chamber of the state legislature switching from one party to the other. The other three times were in Michigan 1983, California 1995, Wisconsin 1996. In case you are wondering, the California and Michigan recalls switched from D to R, the two Wisconsin ones switched from R to D.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Washington: Skgait County Executive recall going before judge

Skagit County County Executive Aaron Reardon is facing potential recall petitions. Since Washington is a judicial recall or malfesance standard state, a judge has to rule if the charges are sufficient to allow the recall to go forward. Petitioners claim that Reardon broke state campaign laws by using his executive assistant and other public resources for political fundraising and lobbying

Reardon was investigated by the Washington State Patrol for alleged misuse of public resources while on out-of-state business trips, but prosecutors found insufficent evidence to bring charges.

If it does go forward, petitioners need 47,444 signatures in 180 days.

Arizona: Camp Verde recall abandoned

The attempt to recall members of the Town Council for a tax increase has been abandoned, after it was clear that proponents couldn't get the recall on the November ballot.

Romania: Constitution Court rules that presidential recall must have an absolute majority to be valid

President Traian Basescu is facing a possible recall election, and the Romania 's Constitutional Court has now ruled that at least half the electorate must vote for the recall to be valid. The new Prime Minister is behind the push for the recall vote.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The court upheld a new law lowering the threshold for removal to a majority of the votes cast, but added the turnout proviso, which could make for a close election.

The recall vote is likely to be hard-fought. Mr. Ponta's left-leaning alliance scored a major victory in local elections in June. About 56% of registered voters cast ballots. Analysts said that if Mr. Basescu's supporters choose not to vote in the recall, turnout could drop below the 50% limit set by the court.

Mr. Basescu survived a previous impeachment in 2007 during his first term as president. After that, his supporters passed legislation in 2010 to make it harder to remove a president—requiring "yes" votes from more than 50% of registered voters for a recall. Mr. Ponta's government recently changed the law back, lowering the threshold to more than 50% of votes cast.

Wisconsin: Wanggaard gives up challenge to recall loss

Republican State Sen. Van Wanggaard has thrown in the towel on his proposed challenge to the recall recount. After the recount, new Senator John Lehman's victory total went from 834-819.

Wanggaard said he will run for the seat in the next election, and:

If local activists try to recall Lehman next summer, Phillips said Wanggaard "will not be taking a lead in that, but it's out there and he intends to run in the next election, whenever that may be."
There are still issues of control of the Senate, as a Republican remains Senate President, which gives him authority over administrative decisions and when the Senate convenes. The Democrats think they can replace the president.

WIsconsin: GAB rules that Wanggaard can continue raising unlimited funds for recall lawsuit

The GAB has ruled that Van Wanggaard can continue raising unlimited campaign funds for a lawsuit against the June 5 ruling.

Monday, July 9, 2012

North Carolina: Belville Town Commissioners discus mayoral recall

Belville Town Commissioners are debating censuring Mayor Jack Batson and are also discussing a possible recall election.

Batson was behind a recent proposal to merge Belville with the Town of Leland. Batson was previously censured for questions about a relationship with a town employee, and he was arrested and charged with sexual battery (though he was found not guilty. Batson filed cyberstalking charges against a commissioner  (which were dropped). 

Washington: Colville Tribal Chairman, Councilman facing petitions

Colville Tribal Chairman Michael Finley and Councilman Brian Nissan are facing recall petitions due to a $1 billion settlement they (and 40 American Indian tribes) negotiated with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. 

The tribes were giving 20 percent of the settlement to members; 80 percent goes to restoring tribal forests, rangelands and natural resources. Petitioners want 50%-50%. There's also a debate over whether the settlement can be taxed when distributed.

Arizona: Top Two Primary proponents using Pearce recall as example of positives


Johnson said there's a more recent example of how such a system would work: last year's recall of state Sen. President Russell Pearce.
Under state law, recall elections are open to all. That resulted in a race between Pearce and fellow Republican Jerry Lewis, with Lewis outpolling Pearce.
Johnson said that election between the two Republicans was affected by the fact that both had to appeal not only to Republicans but to Democrats and independents.
"Even Russell Pearce began campaigning on education and economic development,' Johnson said.
"They began to try to appeal to those centrist issues that are important to most people.'

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wisconsin: Walker spent $16 million on TV advertising

This is only up to June 30. $16 million was on TV advertising; $8.1 million for mailings; $1 million for radio ads;$554,000 for website development; $441,000 for legal fees; $285,000 in wages; $226,000 for automated calls; and $36,900 for online advertising.

Barrett spent $4.2 million on TV; $623,000 for online advertising; $406,875 for automated calls; and $240,107 for staff wages.

California: Editorial on Fontana School Board recall


Garcia, who has faced mounting criticism since her election to the board in 2010, characterized the petition as the latest salvo in a "war" Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren declared after Garcia and Green raised questions about how the city runs its afterschool program.

California: Two San Fernando Council members facing recalls for affairs file restraining orders against each other

San Fernando Councilman Mario Hernandez and Councilwoman Maribel De La Torre, facing recalls for an alleged affair, have both taken out restraining orders against each other.  They got into an argument over an iPad.

In November, Hernandez, who was the mayor and married at the time, and de la Torre shocked the council when they announced that they were romantically linked. His wife was in the audience.

Wisconsin: Christian Schneider on "Beware the recall backfire"

This is about the possibility of a recall of the one Democratic winner on June 5, state Senator John Lehman. The redistricting, which turned the district from a toss-up to Republican-leaning, makes this a prime pick-up opportunity for Republicans, but I think that depends on the results of the November election. Can't start a recall process until one year after Lehman has "commencement of the term." Due to protests against Lehman, this could push off the recall even further into 2013.

Wisconsin: Wanggaard op-ed justifying his protests of the recall

Here it is.

Wisconsin: Vos' claim of "Voter fraud" in the Wanggaard recall labeled false by MJS' Politifact

They are being way too generous with Vos' claim, but check the piece out.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wisconsin: Spending by LG Candidate Mahlon Mitchell

Mahlon Mitchell spent $165,785 and raised $112,468 between May 22 and June 27. He spent $202,399 and raised $248,031 between January and the end of the month.

California: Mountain House Community Services District Director facing November recall

Mountain House Community Services District Director Jass Singh is likely facing a recall on November 6. Petitioners needed 731 signatures, they have 838 verified.

Petitioners claim that Singh had made derogatory comments in public about community landscaping company ValleyCrest, community planner Trimark, the Lamb family and various ethnic groups and had made profane hand gestures during a board meeting. 

One of the leaders of the petition added: “He’s just an evil person."

Singh claims that the recall is a distraction by other directors who supported a pay raise for the general manager and other expenditures, including renewal of the community’s landscaping contract.

Wisconsin: Walker raised $7M in last reporting period; $37+M overall

In fighting off the recall, Scott Walker raised almost $7 million in his last reporting period -- from May 22 to the end of June. Walker reportedly raised more than $37 million in all.

He ended the race with $1.6 million in the bank.

His opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, raised about $2.5 million in the last weeks of the recall, spent $3.6 million and had $250,000 in cash left.

A recall election means another twist to the donation limits. With the recall election over, the limits are restarted and all these donors can give another $10,000 if they wish to the governor.
Couple of other reported amounts:

Lt. Gov Rebecca Kleefisch raised $277,000 in the latest period, spent $185,000 and had $123,000 on hand.
Republican Sen. Van Wanggaard of Racine raised $78,000 in the final days before the June 5 recall elections. Wanggaard spent $181,745 in the final days in the election he lost to John Lehman, a Racine Democrat. 
In the final days, Lehman raised $51,929 and spent $97,000.

Wisconsin: Elmwood Park possible recall gets on the ballot

A former trustee Tom Mills has announced that he would run if the recall against Village President Audrey Viau gets on the ballot. 

Michigan: Troy Mayor recall a go for Election Day

The Elections Division has validated 8,882 signatures for the recall of Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, petitioners handed in 9300, and need 7985. The recall is scheduled for Election Day.

The last time a campaign secured enough valid signatures in Oakland County was in 2003 against Pontiac Mayor Willie Payne, Rozell said. Voters chose not to recall him.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

California: Fontana School Board Member responses to recall threat

See the full press release from Sophia Green in the comments.

California: Five members of Chester Public Utility District Board facing recall threats

All five members of the Chester Public Utility District board president Tonu Plakk, Dick Withrow, Ben Thompson, John Knopp and Gregg Scott are facing recall threat. Petitioners need 401 signatures for each member (30 percent of registereds) in 50 days.

The complaint is a lack of independence from the the manager and spending on a new ambulance and retirement plan, costing thousands.

Michigan: Recalls against four Galesburg Augusta School board members rejected by Election Commission

A recall attempt against four Galesburg Augusta school trustees by the Election Commission due to vague language. The commission also ruled that two of the board members cannot face a recall because they are in the last 6 months of their term.

Issues appear to be a raise for a Superintendent and proposals to privatize janitors and bus drivers.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oregon: Creswell City Council recall fails

The attempt to recall Creswell city councilor AJ O'Connell failed to get the 251 valid signatures (they didn't get to the mark). Here's some detail about the complaints against O'Connell.

California: Three Coastside Fire Protection District Board members facing petitions

Coastside Fire Protection District board members Mike Alifano, Doug Mackintosh and Gary Riddell are facing recall petitions for looking to rejecting a contract with the state's fire agency and instead creating a local fire department.

Wisconsin: More on the recall of laws proposal

Here's some more on the recall of laws proposal. State Rep. Terese Berceau (D) said the proposal "modeled on an Ohio law — would be a less expensive, more focused way to let the public have a say in the passage of controversial legislation."

Under Berceau’s proposal, the threshold for having a recall vote on a law would be the same as it is now for statewide candidates — 25 percent of the total number of people who voted in the prior gubernatorial election would have to sign a recall petition.
Also note:

With this proposal modeled after an Ohio law, Berceau said it would be cheaper for the state because the referendum could be added to the next scheduled election instead of the special elections usually required now.

Massachusetts: Petitioners claims enough signatures to start process against Easthampton City Councilor

Petitioners claim that they have enough signatures to start the recall petition process against City Councilor Donald L. Cykowski. They need 400 (60 from each of the 5 precincts), and have 520. This seems to be a very high barrier compared to other jurisdictions.

Once they get approval, petitioners will need 2,235 valids (20% of registereds) in 21 days. Here's some details on the petitions and the claims of harassment and racist comments that have led to the recall.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Michigan: Howell City Council facing recall petitions

 Howell City Councilman Steve Manor is facing petitions. Petitioners need around 700 signatures.

The precipitating event appears to be Manor's decisive vote implementing a 1.3-mill garbage tax.

California: San Fernando mayor, two city council members facing recall votes

Three members of the San Fernando City Council, Mayor Brenda Esqueda and council members Mario Hernandez and Maribel De La Torre, are facing recall elections. Over 2,029 signatures have been verified for each. Election will be either in October or November. De La Torre blames the police union for the recall. 
Recall organizers have accused the members of financial mismanagement of the city. The three were all embroiled in sex scandals, with Hernandez admitting an affair with De La Torre, and Esqueda allegedly being involved with a married police sergeant.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Wisconsin: Lehman prevails in recount, Democrats take the Senate

After picking up less than 20 votes in the two week recount, Democrat John Lehman has won the recount against Republican Van Wanggaard by 819 votes. Lehman's victory hands the Democrats control of the Senate, which may stop any chance of the legislature meeting before the end of the year.

Wanggaard does not seem to have give up hope, or stopped trashing the results:
"Unfortunately, rather than clarify the myriad of issues that surfaced on June 5, the recount uncovered even more suspicious activity," said Wanggaard, adding he will decide within the next couple days whether to challenge the recount.

Wanggaard's complaint focused on voters signing the incorrect poll book, as well as allegations of absentee ballots that were pre-signed by local election officials in violation of state law

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Virgin Islands:Judge holds hearing on recall petition questions


Wisconsin: Elmwood Park Village President facing recall threat

Elmwood Park Village President Audrey Viau is facing possible recall petitions, based on a proposed new Walmart. According to the article, petitioners need 66 signatures (25% of 2010 gubernatorial turnout). I wonder if this is correct -- shouldn't it be the recall turnout?

The petitioners had apparently also discussed getting a court to declare Viau's leadership as "gross negligence." I'm not sure how that could have happened.

Alaska: Dot Lake kicks out five members of tribal counsel in family feud

Five members of Dot Lake tribal counsel were ousted yesterday in a "family fed" recall. The village has only 55 residents but more than 100 tribal members were eligible to vote.

The leader of the recall, Clyde Charles, is the nephew of the ousted tribal President Bill Miller. Charles claims that the council misspent tribal money, drove tribal vehicles for personal business and used unfair hiring practices.

This one is quite a family mess, with Charles banned from running for council due to prior convictions:

Miller said the new council is comprised of Roberta Hamilton, Karla Champagne, Tracy Charles-Smith, Eric Rice and Julie Luke. Miller said Tracy Charles-Smith is Clyde's biological sister, though legally his aunt because they were adopted by different families. Meanwhile, Hamilton is Miller's niece and Champagne is the daughter of Ted Charles, Clyde's brother.

Miller and Charles have a history of bad blood between them. Miller was council president in 2006 before Ted Charles defeated him. He regained the position when Charles was removed from office. Ted Charles pleaded guilty in January to stealing nearly $25,000 in tribal funds and agreed to pay back $24,887, plus $3,990 in payroll advances.