Thursday, May 24, 2012

Texas: Weatherford recall attempted stopped as term of office expired

The Weatherford City Secretary refused to accept recall petitions filed by a recently defeated city council candidate against two re-elected council members, as they were for an expired term of office.
Tawni Maughan, who ran against Mayor Pro Tem Waymon Hamilton in 2008 and 2012 and was defeated with 420 votes to Hamilton’s 853 votes May 12, was issued two petitions seeking a recall election for the re-elected Hamilton and Craig Swancy.
Maughan can refile for the new term, but not before Nov. 13.

Weatherford had two recalls in 2009, with incumbents losing in both votes.

An interesting quirk to Weatherford's law. Petitioners need 35% of turnout in 30 days for the recall (turnout was 1,318), and at least 10 percent of those signing the petition must certify that they voted for the council members proposed to be recalled.

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