Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Michigan: Curtis Township Supervisor recall vote scheduled for May 7

Curtis Township Supervisor Darrell Kenyon (D) will face a recall vote on May 7, facing Gary Griffith (I). The recall is over a decision to decline permanently obtaining a building which was leased from the Oscoda Area Schools and was used as a township hall and community center. The building eventually sold for $707,051.

Petitioners handed in 191 signatures, they verified 169 and needed 142.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Colorado: GOP discussed targeting another State Senator

State Senator Kerry Donovan (D) from Vail has been discussed as a recall targeted by the Colorado Republican Party's political consulting firm. However, since Donovan comes from a very Democratic district, this appears to be more of a discussion point in a video training session rather than an actual threat.

Reports state that nine representatives and three senators are facing recall threats.

Michigan: Detroit Mayor facing recall effort

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is facing a recall effort from Robert Davis and Brenda Hill, two "government agitators" over claims that the city gave federal grant money to a nonprofit aiming to fight preterm birth. The head of the nonprofit (Make Your Date) is an associate dean at Wayne State University School of Medicine and has close personal tied to Duggan.

Davis previously tried to get a recall going against Duggan in 2016, though he collected no signatures. He claims to have $50,000 pledged to this effort.

Update: The Election Commission has approved the petitions.

Nevada: State Supreme Court tosses out recall attempt against two state Senators

In a 7-0 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the recalls against Senators Joyce Woodhouse (D) and Nicole Cannizzaro (D) were dead, holding that the District Court Judge was correct in ordering a full recount on recall petitions after finding errors in the earlier verification process.

The court did not rule on the arguably more important question of "post-certification strike requests" -- where someone could ask to remove their name from a petition.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Massachuettts: Stoneham looking at recall law

California: Oroville Council members facing recall petitions

City Council members Linda Draper and Janet Goodson are facing recall efforts led by former candidate Bobby O'Reiley. The allegations are a kitchen sink of charges including public meeting violations and poorly representing constituents.

Update: The recall attempt has been dropped.

California: Antelope Valley School District members facing recall vote

Antelope Valley Union High School District President Robert Davis, VP Victoria Ruffin and Clerk Amanda Parrell are facing recall threats after they agreed to an agreement with a law firm investigating discrimination and disparate treatment of minority students and in hiring decisions. Petitioners would need between 6833 and 7964 signatures to get on the ballot.

California: Oxnard Wastewater increase leads to discussion of new recalls

Here -- the city already had recalls in 2018

Friday, April 19, 2019

Colorado: Petitioners have enough signatures for three Cripple Creek-Victory School District Board Members

The recall against Board President Timothy Braun, Treasurer Dennis Jones and Secretary Tonya Martin appears to be moving forward. Petitioners needed 400 signatures by March 11. They originally handed in 444 for Braun, 435 for Jones and 423 for Martin. However, only 338 were valid for Braun. 303 for Martin and 328 for Jones. Petitioners have another 15 days to get more signatures.

Petitioners now seem to have made up the difference. The recall is over claims of violation of the open record act and possibly a suspension of the superintendent. One of the leader was a former Head Start director who lost to Jones by 30 votes in November 2017. A recall would cost about $8500.

Maine: Judges toss lawsuit trying to stop recall of three Ogunquit Selectmen

A Judge has greenlit the recall against Selectmen Madeline Mooney, Charles Waite III and Robert Winn, throwing out a court case asking that the petitions and signatures are invalid because one of the petitioners isn't a resident (courts have held that petitioners do not have to be a resident to be allowed to collect signatures).  Petitioners handed in over 300 signatures. They needed 215 valids and got 253-257.

The recall is for the three selectmen's support of the town manager's decision to fire the Fire Chief.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Colorado: Durango Herald editorial against the recall efforts in state legislature/governor

Here and note this quote from a recall backer, one that falls into line with the thought process behind many recall opponents turned backers:

One of that recall’s backers, Mary Achziger told the Greeley Tribune she did not believe in recalls – until now: “I thought your next election is your recall. However, when you have someone who is poised to do irreparable damage, then that’s the reason for the recall. If it’s just because you don’t agree with them, if it’s just because they did something you don’t like, that’s a little different. But when they’re getting ready to do irreparable damage, they need to go.”

Nevada: Proponents of Las Vegas Councilman recall raised $207,500 in effort

Campaign finance records show that supporters of the recall of Councilman Steve Seroka (D), who resigned rather than face the vote, spent $207,5000. The recall was over claims of an anti-development stance, specifically his opposition to developing homes on a golf course.One of the construction unions that supported Seroka in his election was a big backer of the recall and gave $175,000 to the effort.

California: Second Dixie School District Board Member facing recall effort

A second Dixie School Trustee (located in Marin-area) is facing a recall effort over the move to change the school district name. The new recall is targeting President Brad Honsberger, who has not announced a position on changing the name. There was a previous effort by people opposing the name change to recall trustee Marnie Glickman (who has led the name-change effort). Petitioners need 2851 in 120 days to get to the ballot.

Colorado: Charges against Englewood Councilmember, survived recall vote, dismissed

Charges against Councilmember Laurett Barrentine, who survived her recall vote in September, over claims of bullying and firing threats, was dismissed by the District Attorney.

North Dakota: Tower City Mayor facing petitions

Tower City Mayor Scott Salberg is facing petitions over a kitchen sink of claims, including poor performance of duties, harassment, removal of city records and failure to conduct city business in an open fashion. Petitioners need 25% of turnout, somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 signature (the town has 287 people).

The article notes that there were 22 recall petitions for mayors statewide since 2001.

Colorado: Signatures to be submitted for Estes Park Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem

Signatures are about to be handed in for the recall of Mayor Todd Jirsa and Mayor Pro Tem Cody Walker are facing petitions -- petitioners claim they have 565 signature for Jirsa -- they need 553 to make the ballot. They claim they have 585 for Walker and need 450.

The issue was a change in the code in 2017 to allow commercial activity in a downtown park, which "inadvertently allowed commercial ventures almost anywhere in town or in the Estes Valley."

New Mexico: Recalls target Las Cruces' school board members

Las Cruces Board members are facing a recall threat, thought they need a judge to sign off.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Colorado: Rancher gives $100,000 to state legislator recall effort


Nebraska: Group looking to recall Omaha Mayor

Omaha Mayor Jean Stohert (R) is facing a recall effort over complaints about her dealings with critic, and problems with the trash contract and potholes. Petitioners would need 34,818 signatures in 30 days.

Stothert won office in 2013 beating Jim Suttle, who himself barely beat back a recall effort in 2011.

Michigan: Second Albion Councilwoman facing petitions

Albion Councilwoman Jeanette Spicer is facing a petition claiming that the councilwoman is not responsive. Petitioners need 139 signatures.

Currently, the Mayor Pro Tempore Sonya Brown is facing a recall fight over the removal of the head of the Albion Public Safety Department. Brown's recall has been in court.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Tennessee: Bill looking at allowing recall of school board members

Senator Ed Jackson (R) and Representative Chris Todd (R) have introduced a recall law. There is claims that the bills are targeting a Jackson Madison County School Board Member, Morris Merriweather. I'm looking for a copy of the bill.

Idaho: Three Sugar City Council members resign weeks after recall vote

Following a March 12 recall election where Mayor David Ogden (290-177) and Councilman Brent Barrus (294-167) survived their recall votes, three separate city council members resigned. Vaun Waddell, Joy Ball and Bruce King all left office over different issues (Waddell's was health related).

The recall and the resignations seem to be part of the same in a battle over the legal costs for rezoning of property that may result in new apartments.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Florida: Port Richey Vice Mayor facing recall effort after suspension for obstruction of justice

Port Richey Vice Mayor Terrence Rowe is facing a recall effort after he was suspended for obstruction of justice. Rowe moved into the position of Mayor after the former Mayor Dale Massad was arrested for shooting at a SWAT team that had "come to arrest him on charges of practicing medicine without a license."

Rowe went to the jail to speak to Massad. Petitioners need 180 signatures to get on the ballot.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Nevada: Senate bill looks to tighten recall law

A Senate bill would require a full verification of signature rather than a random sampling, as well as establish a max contribution of $5000 per donor. It will also allow signers to retroactively remove their names and extends the challenge time to 15 days from 5. It also makes it a felony to misrepresent the petition.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Massachusetts: Fall River Mayor outspent contenders in recall race

Some further details about the money race in the recall lost/replacement victory of Mayor Jasiel F. Correia II (D). Correia, who is under indictment for stealing from investors and tax fraud, lost the recall run overwhelmingly, 7829-4911. However, because Massachusetts allows a candidate facing a recall to run in the replacement race (not that uncommon a provision), he won the replacement race against five contenders with about 35% of the vote.

Correia outspent his top challenger by 57% -- spending $70,147 (though $17.500 was for legal work on the recall). The runner up, Paul Coogan, spent $40,343.

California: San Diego School Board Trustee facing recall threats

San Diego Unified School District Trustee Kevin Beiser, facing sexual misconduct accusations brought by four men, is being called on to resign. If he doesn't, the recall would be needed, but it  is unclear at the moment how that would work. School board members run in a primary in a subdistrict and the face a general election in the entire school district. So it is not certain if they would need signatures from 15% of registereds throughout the city, in a school district or in a specific subdistrict. This shouldn't be a surprise, as San Diego's recall law was a disaster.

Friday, April 5, 2019

California: Torrance Treasurer facing recall effort for five-month no-show

Torrance Treasurer Dana Cortez is set to face a recall effort after she hasn't shown up for work in nearly five months (she claims medical issues). Petitioner needs about 13000 signatures. The article notes that the last successful recall in Torrance was in 1941.

Arizona: Douglas Mayor signatures verified; recall may be set for August

Petitioners appear to have enough signatures to get the recall of Mayor Robert Uribe on the ballot. Petitioners handed in 801 signatures and 668 were valid. The needed 569.

The issues include alleged employee problems and a failure to have a special meeting as requested by council members. It looks like August 27 is thought of as the election date.

Colorado: Petitions approved against Democratic House Rep

One of the petitions has been approved to start the recall effort against Representative Rochelle Galindo (D). Petitioners would need 5,696 valid signatures to get on the ballot. The recall against Galindo and other Democrats appear to be part of a GOP state-wide recall effort to regain power. The issues they are citing are votes on gun control and oil and gas regulation.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Maryland: Article on removing Baltimore's mayor

Mayor Catherine Pugh has taken a leave of absence following revelations about a deal where she was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a self-published book. This article looks at whether Pugh can be removed -- Baltimore doesn't have a recall provision, so that won't work. I'm quoted in the piece.

The article lists some of Maryland's noteworthy recalls, including two in 1998, one against Fairmount Heights' Mayor Kathleen Scott (spending money to change the town hall locks and hiring a police chief) and one against Snow Hill Mayor Craig Johnson (who allowed a squad car to be used in a porn movie shoot) and one against Brunswick Mayor Susan Fauntleroy in 1990 over water rate increases. All were removed. The article also notes the recall of Bowie Councilwoman Diane Polangin in 2017, which we covered here.

New Mexico: Aztec Mayor and two Commissioners face recall push over opposition to gun rights bill

Mayor Victor Snover and Commissioners Rosalyn Fry and Mark Lewis are facing recall efforts over their vote against a gun rights resolution (the Second Amendment Preservation City Resolution).

Since New Mexico is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state, a district judge would have to find that committed a "for cause" action --- which is unlikely from this story at least. If the judge did greenlight it, petitioners would need the signatures of 20% of the average number of turnout over the last four regular municipal elections (I've never seen that average used). The recall would also require that the vote in favor of the recall is higher than the vote total that elected the official.

It would mean 260 for Snover, 193 for Fry and 196 for Lewis.

In 2000, three commissioners faced a recall, though they all defeated the effort. The election (which was a special in December 2000) had one of the highest voter turnouts in city history.

Colorado: Recall effort against House Representative face $325,000 in pledged donations

One of two efforts to recall Representative Rochelle Galindo (D) is already claiming to have $325,000 in pledged donations from a landowner and oil and gas companies. This recall seems to be focused on her vote in favor of changes to oil & gas regulations and is more locally controlled than the state-wide recall effort by Republicans to use the recall to regain power. That recall effort has run into some trouble, as one of the leaders has called Galindo a "homosexual pervert."

Pennsylvania: Article opposing adoption of recall law


New Mexico: Group trying to push for Governor recall over border issue; No recall law on the state level

In a letter to the editor in the Rio Rancho Observer, Joy Ambrosia has claimed that there is a move to recall Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) over her decision to remove national guard troops from the border and support for a gun control bill. The petitioners claim that Governor has "usurped the authority of the President..."

While New Mexico does allow for the recall on the local level (though that is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall one, so that would be an additional significant hurdle), it does not have a state level recall (though a Republican state Representative has proposed such a law). The author of the piece takes the very novel argument that the US Constitution's "full faith and credit clause" somehow gives the state a recall law. They claim that they need 231,921 signatures to get on the ballot.

Colorado: Signatures thrown out in Three Cripple Creek-Victory School District Board Members recall; Petitioners have 15 days to get enough to qualify for the ballot

A significant number of signatures against Board President Timothy Braun, Treasurer Dennis Jones and Secretary Tonya Martin were tossed out by the County Clerk. Petitioners needed 400 signatures by March 11. They handed in 444 for Braun, 435 for Jones and 423 for Martin. However, only 338 were valid for Braun. 303 for Martin and 328 for Jones. Petitioners have another 15 days to get more signatures.

The recall is over claims of violation of the open record act and possibly a suspension of the superintendent. One of the leader was a former Head Start director who lost to Jones by 30 votes in November 2017. A recall would cost about $8500.

Washington, DC: Council member recall delayed after group fails to file campaign finance paperwork

The push to recall Council Member Jack Evans (D) over a probe into financial dealings has been delayed to a failure by the recall group to submit campaign finance paperwork. This could be the end the effort, as DC has a year end of term grace period, and Evans' term ends in 2020.

Adam Eidinger, who has previously worked with Evans on marijuana decriminalization, said he will file this week. He need approximately 5200 signatures (10% of registereds in 180 days).  Evans has been in office for 28 years.

Monday, April 1, 2019

New Jersey: Petition approved for recall of New Jersey Governor

A new petition has been approved to recall Governor Phil Murphy (D). Former gubernatorial candidates who lost in the primary races in 2017 have endorsed the effort. Petitioners would need over 1.4 million valid signatures to get on the ballot.

Colorado: New GOP Chairman endorses recall efforts against Democratic state legislators

Congressman Ken Buck, who narrowly won a four way, four-ballot vote to lead the state GOP, endorse the recall efforts, which now includes Senate President Leroy Garcia.

Florida: Bill aims to toughen ballot initiative laws

Florida Republicans are looking into bills that would change the ballot initiative laws by requiring petitioners to be paid by wages or hours not signatures gathered, disclose the sponsors' name and percent of money raised and may require gatherers to live in-state. Another bill may raise the vote amount to two-thirds from 60%. The move is viewed as a way to limit initiatives.