Wednesday, August 30, 2017

California: Santa Clara County Judge recall given the tentative greenlight

Petitioners have been told that they can start gathering signatures though a final decision will not be issued until tomorrow.

Nevada: Look at Senate recall attempts


California: Artesia Mayor and two councilman recalls approved by city clerk

Petitions have been against Mayor Ali Taj and Councilmen Miguel Canales and Victor Manalo over a claim that a boulevard project is taking to long to complete. Petitioner need 1867 signatures to get on the ballot.

Update: Petitioners never submitted the signatures

Michigan: Algonac Councilman resigns instead of face recall

Councilman Joe Nugent resigned rather than face a recall vote in November.

Idaho: Notus Mayor survives recall vote

Mayor David Porterfield survived a recall vote 48-85. The recall was over the approval of an irrigation system.

Michigan: Judge requires that Flint Councilman cannot run for both reelection and mayoral recall race

Councilman Scott Kincaid now has to pick a job -- he cannot run for reelection and run to compete in the mayoral recall race at the same time. A three page opinion holds that it is incompatible to run for both at once.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

California: Governor signs bull extending waiting periods for recalls

The new law imposes a further waiting period on recalls so voters have a chance to remove their names from the petitions.

Colorado: Petitions filed against two Mead Trustee over marijuana dispensaries

Trustees Colleen Whitlow and Herman Schranz are facing petitions over their vote to approve marijuana dispensaries. Both have their terms ending in April.

Kansas: Democratic Party Secretary facing recall effort over consulting firm payment

Party Secretary Casey Yingling is facing a recall petition for not recusing herself from voting on giving congressional candidate James Thompson $20,000 -- she is connected to the consulting firm he's using. Petitioners need 35% of the signatures of the executive committee and need a 2/3rds vote to win. Thompson lost his special election race to replace former Congressman and current CIA director Mike Pompeo, though he did much better than expected.

Taiwan: Shou Yuan Village Chief first to recalled under new law

Chen Ming-Lun, the village chief in Shou Yuan Village, Nanzhou Township of Pingtung County, was removed by a recall vote, the first under the new amendment to the Recall Law. Perviously officials needed voter turnout over 50% (plus a majority). The new amendment (applicable to all but the president and VP) requires a turnout of 25%.

This election had 310 voters turnout, with 277 voting to remove. The issue was the building of a columbarium in the village.

Michigan: Algonac City Council recalls set for November

The recalls against Council members Irene Bird and Joe Nugent is set for Election Day, with three challengers for the two seats.

Colorado: Custer County Recall petitions verified

The signatures against three Custer County Commissioners have been approved -- the recalls are set for Election Day.

Wisconsin: Onalaska School Board member accused of threatening utility worker with gun

School Board Member Jake Speed, who is facing petitions for refusing to attend meetings, was recently cited for threatening to pull a gun on a utlity worker after the worker was set to disconnect his power.

Alaska: Homer City Council asks legislature to make recalls more difficult

Homer City Council has asked the legislature to tighten the use of "misconduct" after the recent recalls of three members. The goal would be to be more of a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state that requires a showing of cause to get on the ballot.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Georgia: Thomas County Sheriff threatened with recall after fatal shooting of black suspect by drug squad

Sheriff Carlton Powell is facing calls for his resignation and threats of a recall by the local NAACP chapter after a fatal shooting in a drug bust.

Michigan: Flint Mayoral recall counting had "bad math" -- recall effort now has exactly the number of signatures needed to get on the ballot

The recall against Mayor Karen Weaver is now hanging on a one signature. A mistake in the complaint resulted in an overcourt of 121 signatures. Petitioners needed 5750 signatures, handed in 8848 signatures and 3098 were tossed out. That is exactly how many are now approved. Weaver is almost certainly going to hunt for that last signature to toss out.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

California: Editorial blasts move to change recall law to help Democratic State Senator

The bill would add months to the qualification for a recall and a requirement that the Joint Legislative Budget Committee review the cost estimate provided.

California: Retired Judge to hear Santa Clara Judge recall appeal

Retired San Francisco Judge Kay Tsenin will hear the appeal of whether the recall against Judge Aaron Persky can move forward now.

Nevada: Look at recall in the state

Notably, there has been 150 recall efforts since 1993.

Massachusetts: Stoughton Board Selectmen recall handed in

Over 1340 signatures were handed in against Selectmen David Sousa, Peter Brown  . Petitioners need about 900 valids. The issue was the non-renewal of Town Manager's contract.

California: Signatures handed in against Hanford City Council member

Over 1063 signatures were handed in Councilman Francisco Ramirez over claims that he has been "deceitful" and caused mistrust over allegations that he raised more than $1000 in his 2014 race, even though he reported that he raised less than that (and therefore wasn't required to filed campaign finance reports). He also claimed to have degrees from a on-line college that he didn't have. Petitioners need 853 valids.

Michigan: Roscommon Village President recall to proceed

The recall against President Dan Fishel has been approved by a court after an appeal of the Election Commission ruling.

Idaho: Notus Mayor recall set for next week

Mayor Dave Porterfield will be facing a recall next week after 58 signatures were handed in. Petitioners needed 44.  The issue was complaints of the municipal irrigation system, failure to creat an emergency relief plan and communications.

Oregon: Three Jefferson City Councilors resign, Mayor still facing recall on September 19

Jefferson City councilors Brad Cheney and Stan Neal resigned after signatures were handed in -- they had until August 15 to quite. They resigned just after Councilor Bob Burns (also facing a recall, but moved out of the area).

Mayor Cyndie Hightower will face the recall by mail-in ballot on September 19. The issue was a 15 acre annexation.

California: Signature gathering proceeds in Napa Valley School Board recall

The issues have been a recommendation to replace the Napa High Indian mascot and managing the budget. Petitioners need 10,000 signatures by November 29.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

California: Senate recall meets signature requirement

Petitioners have reportedly handed in more than the 63,593 valid signatures needed to get a recall of Senator Josh Newman (D) on the ballot.

California: Proponents move to disqualify Judge who temporarily blocked start of Santa Clara County Judge recall

Petitioners have asked for a disqualification of retired Orange County Judge Marjorie Laird Carter, who temporarily blocked the start of the signature gathering campaign against Judge Aaron Persky until after an August 23 hearing.

Persky argues that California's Secretary of State, not the county registrar, should have jurisdiction over the effort.

Friday, August 18, 2017

California: Fair Political Practice Commission approves campaign finance rules

The Commission agreed 3-1 to overturn a rule that politicians are limited to a $4400 contribution from their campaign accounts to other lawmakers facing a recall.

Michigan: Three Fraser petitions against Mayor rejected by Election Commission, one withdrawn

All four of the petitions against Mayor Joe Nichols were rejected by the Election Commission, including one that was withdrawn due to the fact that it left out the title "mayor."

Louisiana: Welsh Mayor and Alderman facing petitions

Petitions have been filed against four-term Mayor Carolyn Louviere, with a claim that though no reason for the recall has yet been reported. Petitioners need 689 signatures in 180 days.

Alderman Colby Perry has been facing a pre-existing recall effort, and petitioners claim to have gathered more than 350 signatures already.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

California: 89 law professors oppose recall of Santa Clara Judge


Colorado: Signatures handed in against Custer Commissioners

Petitioners need 470 signatures to get Bob Kattnig on the ballot, 582 to get Jay Printz and 735 for a recall of Donna Hood.

Nebraska: Rulo Board Member survives recall vote

Board Member Quincey Smith survived a recall vote 16-37, with a 43 percent turnout. The issue was whether Smith was using road equipment without proper training and whether he violated open meetings laws.

Rhode Island: Providence replacement race won by Democrat


Michigan: Judge to rule on whether Flint Councilman can run for Council seat and in mayoral recall at the same time

Councilman Scott Kincaid wants to be on the ballot for both his council seat and to replace the mayor in a recall vote. A Judge is expected to decided whether Kincaid can run in both races at the same time under Michigan's new 2012 law.

Alaska: Haines Recall effort fails against three assembly members

Three Haines Assembly members, Tresham Gregg (433-616), Heather Lende (405-644) and Tom Morphet (440-611) all survived recall votes according to unofficial numbers. The recall was claimed to be about a violation of open meeting laws and coercion of the local police chief.

Nevada: Third State Senator targeted in recall effort

Senator Nicole Cannizzaro (D) is the third Democratic/Nonpartisan Senator facing a recall effort, though once again without a specific reason. For the first time the Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson (R) weighed in in favor of the recalls. Cannizzarro is a first-term senator who won 51-49.

Petitioners would need 14975 signatures by November 14. If Republicans win all three races they would regain the Senate majority.

Nevada: Lt. Governor's private law firm serving as legal counsel to recall groups

Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison (R) won't comment on the recall beyond saying he supports the voters "right to choose' but his law firm is serving a legal counsel to the recall committees.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

California: Appeals Court delays enforcement of new recall law

The law, which throws up some challenges to the State Senator Josh Newman (D) recall, has been challenged by Newman's recall proponents. The Appellate Court order holds that the recall effort will take place under the old rules.

Missouri: Scott City Mayor resigns in face of investigation and petitions

Mayor Ron Cummins resigned (along with the City Administrator) after State Rep. Holly Rehder called for an investigation following the resignation of the police chief.

A petition had been started and it included two council members as leaders of the effort.

Ohio: Loveland Mayor resigns instead of facing recall

Mayor Mark Fitzgerald resigned, so there will be no recall for his position. The article does give some details on previous recalls in Ohio.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Michigan: 18 candidates file for Flint Mayoral recall

Among the candidates is one of the leaders of the petition effort, Arthur Woodson, as well as Councilman Scott Kincaid.

Nevada: Second Senator facing recall effort

Senator Patricia Farley (Nonpartisan) is the second senator to face a recall threat this week, with this one being lead by the conservative political group Keystone Corporation. Farley was elected as Republican in 2014 and switched to Nonpartisan (caucusing with Democrats) in 2016. Farley is on the Nevada Legislative Commission, which handles business when the legislature is not in session.

No reason has been given for the recall effort, and petitioners would need more than 7100 signatures to get on the ballot (from people who voted in the 2014 election)

Farley is up in 2018 and not seeking reelection.

California: Santa Clara County Judge recall temporarily halted

The recall attempt against Judge Aaron Persky has been held up over a claim that the recall proponents need permission from the Secretary of State. There is a hearing scheduled for August 23.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Nevada: State Senator targeted in recall effort

State Senator Joyce Woodhouse (D) is facing a recall effort led by former Republican Assemblyman Stephen Silberkraus (who was the target of a failed recall effort himself). There is no reason given for the recall effort, though there's now a claim that it is about Woodhouse's support for a so-called sanctuary city bill (the GOP has called the bill that). Woodhouse won reelection in 2016 by 469 votes.

Petitioners would need 14412 signatures from voters who voted in the 2016 election by October 31 to get on the ballot.

California: Op-ed discusses Newman recall effort


Michigan: Fraser mayor facing recall following sexual harassment charges

Mayor Joseph Nichols is facing a recall threat following charges that he and a councilman sexually harassed city workers, though the recall does not cite the allegations. The issue in the petition is the more nebulous claim that Nichols is not to be trusted, citing a muting the mic during a council meeting, a failure to comply with a FOIA request and other actions.

Michigan: Westwood Heights Board of Education recall rejected by Election Commission

A recall attempt against Board Members Trina Sanders and Lester Fykes was rejected by the Election Commission on factualness grounds. The petition claimed violation of Open Meeting Act laws, a personal vendetta against a former Superintendent and misuse of money. The petitioner was also looking to recall President DeWayn Allen and Alvera Cobb, but since neither has been on the board a year, they are not yet subject to recall.

Colorado: County Road condition debate leads to recall threats against Logan County Commissioners

Commissioners Joe McBride, Byron Pelton and Dave Donaldson were threatened with recalls during a debate over graveled road conditions. Petitioners would need 1893 signatures for Donaldson, 2000 for Pelton and 2366 for McBride.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

California: Petitions being looked at against Long Beach Councilwoman

Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce is the target of a recall after she was found on the side of a freeway with her former Chief of Staff in an alleged domestic violence incident between the two. Petitioners have also complained about her ties to local unions and her not being helpful in a push to quiet protests around a downtown hotel. There have also been questions over her blocking people on social media accounts. Petitioners would need 6463 signatures to get on the ballot.

Idaho: Star Mayor, City Council recall on the ballot in November

Mayor Chad Bell and Councilman Kevin Nielson will be on the ballot on November 7 over their support for a 200-unit apartment complex. Petitioners handed in over 700 signatures for Bell and 693 for Nielson.

California: Lake Forest recall signatures handed in

Petitioners handed in 16307 signatures against Councilman Andrew Hamilton. Petitioners need at least 8834.

Texas: Bowie City Secretary banned from answering questions about recall proposal

Apparently, the city secretary is allegedly now being barred from answering questions from the petitioners on the recall.

Philippines: Attempt to change recall law to prevent end-run around term-limit laws

The push is to stop officials who have hit the three-term limit from using the recall to return to office.

Michigan: Signatures filed against Jackson Councilman, who may be on the ballot twice in November

Councilman Derek Dobies, who is running in the mayoral race, is also facing a recall effort in November. Petitioners handed in 645 signatures, they need 493.

Michigan: Spring Lake Village President resigns in face of recall

President Joyce Hatton resigns following a vote on her plan to dissolve the village government and eventually disincorporate the town (which failed 556-325). The second recall petition was just filed against Hatton.

Arizona: Recall effort against Governor fails

The recall effort against Governor Doug Ducey has failed. Petitioners needed 376,604 signatures, no word on how many they claimed to have gotten.

West Virginia: Senate Democrat looks to push for recall law

Senator Richard Ojeda (D) is now proposing a recall law for the state following Governor Jim Justice's switching from D to R. Ojeda has said that this is not a Republican versus Democrat bill, which seems accurate, as it is unlikely to have any effect on Justice himself.

Michigan: Kalkaska residents considering recall against Village President

Following a series of Facebook posts, including one allegedly calling for the killing Muslims, a recall effort is being contemplated against President Jeff Sieting. The council is also facing a lawsuit by former employees claiming that they are owed lifetime health benefits.

Ohio: Loveland Mayor recall makes the ballot

Petitions handed in against Mayor Mark J. Fitzgerald has enough signatures to make the ballot. The election will be held on November 7.

California: Fair Political Practices Commissioner spoke with Senate Democrats over campaign finance law related to Senate recall efforts

Commissioner Brian Hatch, a former lobbysit for the firefighters union and a Democrat, had discussions with the attorney for the Senate Democrats over a push to reverse the FPPC position on recall election contribution limits. This is all related to the push for a recall of state Senator Josh Newman (D).

The discussion is over a 2002 FPPC interpretation that state candidates are subject to contribution limits when they give money to a candidate-controlled recall committee, which would limit donations to $4400 maximum. In July, there was a 3-1 vote to adopt new rules (two Republicans and one Democrat voted to change the rules; one Democrat voted against).

Wisconsin: Petitions filed against Onalaska School Board member

Board member Jake Speed, who was censured for refusing to perform the duties and claimed that the district is sending viruses through e-mails, is facing a recall threat filed by former board president Mark Cassellius. Petitioners would need 1700 signatures.

Louisiana: Clarence Mayor facing recall threats after cancelling regular meeting

Mayor Tommy Evans is facing a recall threat after cancelling the regularly scheduled council meeting, one of several that he has cancelled.  There has also been issues with a sewer system and a reported city hall break-in. Evans has also had a problem with the now-defunct police department, and has paid $2300 to an ex-officer since termination. He has also been accused of preventing alderman from seeing information about village finances and ignoring votes.

Petitioners would need 144 signatures to move forward. One of the petitioners claims to have submitted 149 signatures but had it rejected because 11 names didn't qualify.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Texas: Alice Mayor, City Council recall dropped

An attempt to recall Mayor Joelen B. Vanover and Councilman Pete Crisp appears to have been abandoned by former councilman candidate Tony Sexton. He claimed that attending a recent council meeting was enough to see the council working together.

The recall effort against two other council members, Yolanda Moran and Elida Garza, is on the ballot for a November 7 vote.

North Dakota: Arnegard Councilman facing recall effort

Councilman Niel Nelson, a former Mayor and councilman who won office with 22 write-in votes in 2016, is facing a recall effort over claims of overstepping authority, harassing residents and some health concerns. Petitioners need 14 signatures.

California: Recount confirms Tulare Hospital recall result


Massachusetts: Three Selectmen Stoughton facing recall effort

Chairman David J. Sousa, Vice Chairman Robert Cohn and Selectman Peter Brown are all facing a recall effort over their push to remove the Town Manager, who was replaced by a 3-2 vote with an interim town manager when the sitting manager was on vacation. Selectman Michael Sullivan is pushing for the recall effort. Petitioners need about 900 signatures to get on the ballot.