Friday, November 30, 2018

Idaho: Signatures handed in against Dalton Gardens Mayor and four council members

Mayor Steve Roberge and council members Denise Lundy, Joe Myers, Jamie Smith and Scott Jordan are all facing potential recalls. Petitioners handed in 420 signatures -- they need 311 to get on the ballot. The issue is development/building  deal.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Nebraska: Signatures verified in York Mayor recall

Signatures have been verified in the recall of Mayor Orval Stahr over claims of intimidation and misbehavior.  Petitioners submitted 1326 signatures and got 1214 verified. They needed 1149 signatures. Any replacement would be appointed by the council.

Council member Diane Wolfe is leading the recall effort.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Navajo Nation Council looks to lower signature amounts for recalls

The Council want to go from 60% of turnout to 45%.

Update: The bill was approved

Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians Council member ousted

Council member Shanna Renae Wemigwase was removed 414-300. The council will appoint a replacement. The issue was an arrest on a domestic violence charge.

New Jersey: Atlantic City Mayor, City Councilman facing recall threats over night club fight

Well, they're not just getting ready for a rumble on the promenade -- Mayor Frank Gilliam (D) and Councilman-at-large Jeffree Fauntleroy II (D) are facing recall threats over an alleged assault at a night club. The Atlantic City Democratic Committee voted 27-3 to asked the two to go on a leave without pay until an investigation is conducted and have asked the Governor to intervene. Petitioners would need 5736 signatures to get on the ballot.

Texas: Appointment made to fill Groves Councilman seat following recall

Chris Borne was appointed to fill the position opened up by the recall of Councilman Cross Coburn. The vote was 3-1.

Michigan: Fourth times the charm, as language against Jackson County Sheriff finally approved

After three failed attempts, the language/clarity issues have been overcome and petitions have been approved against Sheriff Steven Rand over audio recordings and alleged bigoted behavior. Petitioners would need over 15213 signatures to get on the ballot.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

California: Los Pinos Fire Protection District Board facing recall threats

Following the firing of the deputy fire chief, the five member board -- James Brown, Kirk Becker, Paul Blocker, Mark Williams and Frank Weis -- are facing recall petitions. The Deputy Chief claims that he was fired in retaliation for bringing up ethical and potential fraud issues regarding the fire chief.

Update: Petitions are being circulated.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Michigan: Elbridge Township Clerk facing recall petition

Township Clerk Stephanie Van Sickle is facing a second recall attempt over the claim that she attempted to put a fire apparatus millage for the Walkerville Fire Department without the Township Board's approval. The first petition was rejected due to clarity concerns.

Canada: Student VP in Ontario's Brock University facing recall effort


Idaho: Bovill Mayor facing third recall attempt

Mayor Sam Walker is facing the third petition to recall him this year over claims of unprofessional behavior and assuming a "position of absolute control." Walker claims the issue is enforcing building codes with a local winery. Walker became mayor in May after replacing the Mike Porter, who moved out of town. Walker claims that he faced recall efforts last year when he was a city councilor. The first recall attempt failed because it was within the 90 day grace period of appointment. The second went to a judge before being withdrawn.

Former City Councilor (and Walker's next door neighbor) Lonnie Olson led the petitioning. There's a bit of other colorful references to Walker claiming that Olson threatened to fight him and flipped him off.  It is not clear exactly how many signatures are needed. though the number is 20% of registered voters in 75 days.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Massachusetts: Petitioners hand in nearly 6000 signatures in Fall River Mayor recall

Petitioners handed in almost 6000 signatures in the recall effort against Mayor Jasiel Correia II. They need 2510 valids. Correia, who was arrested on federal wire and tax fraud charges for defrauding investors, has also faced a city council no confidence vote.

Fall River recalled and removed Mayor Will Flanagan in 2014. Flanagan is a potential candidate in a recall race.

California: Reversal of Fortune in Hanford -- Councilmember kicked out in January recall wins back seat

City Council member Francisco Ramirez, who was tossed out with 61.6% against him (234-146) in Januuary and replaced by Diane Sharp in a four person race, is back. Ramirez appears to have defeated Sharp, though all the numbers are not in -- something like 3 times the number of votes were cast in the November elections.

Ramirez was recalled over allegations that his misled voters about his academic credentials and violated campaign spending laws.

California: Petitioners say that Victorville Councilwoman recall effort will fall short

Petitioners acknowledged that the recall effort against Councilwoman Blanca Gomez will fall short. Petitioners claim that they collected about 3000 of the 9405 signatures needed to get on the ballot.

The recall was over Gomez's Facebook Live video of the open casket for Hesperia Mayor Russ Blewett as well as other videos such as a homeless shelter and a sanctuary city meeting.

Of note is this criticism of potential signers by Bob Harriman, one of the lead petitioners:
“Everybody is so lazy. If we’re set up for signatures, they’ll drive by, honk their horns, whatever, but nobody wants to stop by and sign anything,” Harriman said. “So we came to the conclusion that we were going to have to pay canvassers.”

Nebraska: Signatures handed in against York Mayor

Petitioners handed in signatures for the recall of Mayor Orval Stahr over claims of intimidation and misbehavior. Council member Diane Wolfe is leading the recall effort. Petitioners would need 1149 signatures (35% of turnout in the last race) in 30 days to get on the ballot. Any replacement would be appointed by the council.

The county clerk is verifying the petitions.

Arizona: Leader of Phoenix City Councilman recall effort claims his company contacted about his recall work

Sean Sweat, the leader of the recall of Phoenix City Council Michael Nowakowski (D), claims that somebody contacted his employer over the recall effort.

The recall is over a vote to study and potentially delay a light rail expansion. Nowakowski was previously threatened with a recall over same-sex marriage and transgender bathroom issues.

Petitioners need 1337 signatures by December 27.

UK: Prosecutor looking into claims of violations of predicting outcome of recall effort against MP Paisley

A public prosecutor is looking into violations of the rules in the the recall attempt against MP Ian Paisley. The petitioners missed the signature attempt by 444 signatures. They needed 7500. Two of the supporters of the recall effort are accused of forecasting of prediction the outcome or publishing a statement that they signed the petition. One posted on social media that they signed the petition, the other posted a video calling on people to sign.

Paisley was suspended and criticized after receiving unreported all-expense paid vacations to Sri Lanka.

Massachusetts: Milford Selectman fails with no signatures handed in

The recall effort against Selectman William Kingkade Jr. failed, with no signatures handed in.

The issue was a vote to not renew the police chief's contract as well as a single care crash that he was in. Petitioners need about 3700 signatures to get on the ballot. They claimed to have gotten about 2000.

Texas: Recalled Groves Councilman sues to overturn recall vote claiming fraud in petitioning process

Councilman Cross Coburn, who was kicked out in a recall on Election Day, is suing to overturn the vote. Coburn is claiming that there was fraud in the petitioning process.

The recall began after nude photos of him were sent to the media. Coburn is both 19 and openly gay. Coburn blames city government members for the leak of the pictures (the Mayor signed the recall petition).

California: Second Alameda Councilmember expected to face recall effort

The recall effort against Council member Malia Vella is proceeding, despite the success of the progressive faction that Vella belongs to in the November election. There is also talk of a recall against Council member Jim Oddie, who won in November (that recall cannot start until the waiting period ends for newly elected officials). The Democratic Party has already denounced the move.

The recall is over  the dismissal of the City Manager. There are accusations that the City Manager was being pressured to hire a fire chief backed by the firefighters' union. The City Manager secretly recorded a conversation with Vella and another council member claiming that they improperly pushed for a different fire chief.

Petitioners need 9421 signatures to get on the ballot.

Massachusetts: Dighton Selectwoman fails -- misses by 19 signatures

The petition to recall Selectwoman Nancy Goulart failed. Petitioners handed in 810 signatures, and needed 804 valids to get on the ballot. They received 785 valids.

Two other selectmen signed the petition to recall Goulart. The issue is complaints of unprofessional behavior and poor treatment of employees.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Wisconsin: Couderay President resigns rather than face recall vote

President Brian Schmuggerow resigned rather than face a recall election. The issue seems to be a fight over the fire department -- Schmuggerow won office by one vote in 2017.

Florida: Madiera Beach approves charter amendment banning city attorney from representing elected official facing recall elections

The city passed a charter amendment prohibiting "city's attorney or law firm from personally representing an elected official facing a recall election or a state Commission on Ethics charge."

California: Milpitas Mayor demands councilmember resign or face recall over campaign mailer

Council member Anthony Phan is facing a recall threat from Mayor Rich Tran over a campaign mailer that Phan sent out claiming that Tran was a communist.

Michigan: Petition language against Jackson County Sheriff rejected for the third time

The third time's not the charm, as language/clarity issues has stopped the latest attempt to get a recall going against Sheriff Steven Rand over audio recordings and alleged bigoted behavior. Petitioners would need over 13000 signatures to get on the ballot.

Massachusetts: Signatures handed in against Dighton Selectwoman

Petitioners handed in 810 signatures against Selectwoman Nancy Goulart. Petitioners need 804 valids to get on the ballot. Two other selectmen signed the petition to recall Goulart.

The issue is complaints of unprofessional behavior and poor treatment of employees.

Washington: Three Olympia councilmembers facing recall threats over stormwater rates

Mayor Cheryl Selby, Mayor Pro Tem Nathaniel Jones and Councilmember Jessica Bateman over claims that the city undercharges itself on stormwater rates while overcharging everyone else. Because Washington is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state, there needs to be showing of cause and approval by a superior court judge.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

California: Seaside Councilwoman resigns following signature submission

Councilwoman Kayla Jones will resign in the face of a recall effort. Jones just lost in her push for the open mayor seat. The recall was over Jones' filing for childcare and travel expenses. She also did not come to a meeting after claiming to be sexually harassed by other members. An investigation found no evidence.

Petitioners handed in 49 signatures for her recall.

California: Congressman Jeff Denham, who survived a recall vote as a state Senator, loses reelection race

Denham survived a recall in 2008, when the Democrats were trying to gain a supermajority in the state Senate.

California: Republicans loses State Senate seat, depriving them of the blocking 1/3rd vote from the Newman recall

In June, the GOP managed to recall and remove State Senator Josh Newman (D) over a gas tax issue, as well as a desire to deprive the Democrats of a 2/3rds Supermajority in the Senate. Thanks to the General election results, Democrats have regained their Supermajority.

A similar thing happened in Wisconsin in 2012, when the Democrats ousted a state Senator in the  recalls in June and gain a majority in the state Senate only to lose it in the November election.

Texas: Bedford Mayor facing recall efforts

Petitioners have taken the first step forward in submitting affidavits to recall Mayor Jim Griffin over his support for more apartments in Bedford. They would need 1584 signatures by the middle of December. No word if petitions were also taken out as threatened against Councilmembers Roger Fisher, Roy Turner and Rusty Sarter.

Massachusetts: Petitioners claims to have sufficient signatures in Fall River Mayor recall run

Petitioners claim they have more than 2510 signatures to get a recall of Mayor Jasiel Correia II on the ballot. They are looking to get over 4000. Correia, who was arrested on federal wire and tax fraud charges for defrauding investors, has also faced a city council no confidence vote.

Fall River recalled and removed Mayor Will Flanagan in 2014. Flanagan is a potential candidate in a recall race.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Michigan: Split result in Leoni Township recalls

Supervisor Howard Linnabary (R) survived a recall vote 2239-1610-1384, while Clerk Michele Manke (D) lost to Mark Carpenter (R) 2696-2071-487 for a third party candidate and Treasurer Lori Stack (D) lost to Patrick Clemente (R) 2905-2248.. The issue was their vote that allowed for a percentage of the $5000 administrative fee for medical marijuana applications to go to directly to the seven board members for the extra work they did in approving the applications. The law has since been changed

Michigan: Four Inverness Township Board Members kicked out

Clerk Jean Bethem, Treasurer Kathy Spray and Trustees Bernie Schramm and Timothy Borowics were all removed in a recall vote over a failed development project. They were replaced by Lisa Porter, Johanna Pluszcynski, Rodney Lahaie and Greg Elliot. The recall succeeded by a 2-1 vote.

Michigan: Split result in London Township officials recall

Supervisor Gary Taepke (R) survived a recall vote, beating former Trustee William Eaddy 648-600. Trustee Richard Horn (R) lost his vote to Penny Turner.

Taepke's recall was over support of a medical marijuana ordinance as well as the enforcement of other ordinances in the area. Horn was over the other ordinance (a vote against allowing the road commission to apply brine to local roads).

Another official, Clerk Larry Lee, was also targeted, but he retired and moved.

Ohio: Huber Heights Councilwoman loses recall vote

Councilwoman Janell Smith lost her recall vote 59-41% . The council will fill the position. Smith had previously been hit with a censure measure which the Council approved (one abstention and Smith voting no.

The recall issue was is about information that Smith alleged to have not given the council about a city water pressure project.

Smith's son was also charged with misdemeanor assault for pushing away someone who approached his mother during campaigning.

Oregon: Shady Cove Councilor resigns after recall ballots mailed out

City Councilor Linda Kristich resigned as ballots were being mailed out for her recall vote over claims that she represented her own interests. The city is still looking to count the votes from the mailed-out ballots.

Michigan: Split decision in Williamston School Board Members recall; one ousted, three survive vote over gender identity policy

School Board President Greg Talberg lost his recall race to Karen Potter, 2711-2653, while board members Sarah Belander, Nancy Deal and Christopher Lewis all survived their vote with 57% in their favor.

The issue was a vote for a policy that requires schools to accept the gender identity assertion of each student. Petitioners are claiming that the issue is that the policy doesn't guarantee informing parents.

Wisconsin: Trempealeau County former Assistant District Attorney wins replacement race in recall

Former ADA John Sacia (D), who beat District Attorney Taavi McMahon in the primary portion of McMahon's recall election, defeated Rick Niemeyer in the general election portion, 6375-5663.

Sacia beat McMahon, who was ousted in a recall after he suspended an employee for refusing to attend the Jackson County DA's funeral as well as claims of prosecutorial failures, 2244-450. McMahon suspended Sacia after he announced he was running to replace McMahon.

The county board has sought McMahon's resignation. McMahon has been on leave since May 9. McMahon's supporters claim the issue is a debate over new views of criminal justice reform. One of the lead petitioners is the Osseo Police Department Chief.

The recall became a two-parter once Niemeyer, a candidate from the other party, entered the race.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Michigan: Four Saugatuck Township ousted in recall election

The recalls against Clerk Brad Rudich, Treasurer Lori Babinski, Trustees Roy McIlwaine and Douglas Lane have been set for November 6. The issue was a failure to remove an employee who was reprimanded. The four are all Republicans and any candidate running against will be listed either as a different party or as non-partisan.

Texas: Groves Councilman loses recall vote

Councilman Cross Coburn was kicked out in a recall vote 2071-1138.  The recall began after nude photos of him were sent to the media. Coburn is both 19 and openly gay. Coburn blames city government members for the leak of the pictures (the Mayor signed the recall petition).

Michigan: Calumet President and Trustee survive recall vote

President Dave Geisler survived a recall vote 141-92 over complaints of providing false financial records. Trustee Virginia Dwyer survived 96-76-50. Her recall was over the issue was a vote over opting-in to the state's marijuana law

Michigan: Britton Deerfield School Board members kicked out

Board Members Ben Allhouse, Yvonne Thomas, Brian Bartush and Doug Mayher Jr. all were kicked out of office. The issue was the refusal to renew a contract for a high school principal and Open Meeting Act violations.

Allhouse lost to Linda Wielfaert, with another contender (Matt Perkins) finishing second, 690-451-233.

Bartush lost to Jim Mueller, with Marcie VanBlack finishing second, 563-551-266.

Mayher lost to Cassandra Kormos, with Lee Hoffman finishing second, 610-574-181

Thomas lost to Jamie Logan and Shannon Miller finished second, 575-547-222.

Michigan: Four Tecumseh School Board members kicked out in recall

School board Vice President Steven Linn, treasurer Kimberly Amstutz-Wild, Secretary Debbie-Johnson-Berges and member Jim Rice were all kicked out of office over violations of the Open Meetings Act as well as other complaints. Amstutz-Wild lost to Suzanne Moore 4257-2700; Linn lost to Milton Abbott, 4114-2775; Johnson-Berges lost to McNamara, 4281-2639 and Rice lost to Kevin Johnson 4117-2903.

The  recall organizers won three other open seats.

Update: More on the fallout. Teachers and Students will now be the term of art in the school rather than "learning facilitators" and Learners.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

New Jersey: Mahwah Mayor kicked out in recall rerun

Mayor Bill Laforet lost his recall race 4356-3426 to John Roth, who had lost to Laforet in 2016 by 92 votes.  The issue was Laforet's backing and then moving away from an ordinance which bans non-New Jersey residents from using township parks, as well as an anti-Eruv ordinance. Both of the laws are allegedly aimed at Orthodox Jews and the city has been accused of anti-semitism and discrimination. The state has filed civil rights suits against the town, and the Town Council effectively rescinded the ordinance.

Laforet has been the subject of two no-confidence votes in three years.

Laforet is the first New Jersey official to be recalled and removed since 2011.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Massachusetts: Milford Selectman facing recall effort

Selectman William Kingkade Jr. is facing a recall effort over a vote to not renew the police chief's contract as well as a single care crash that he was in. Petitioners need about 3700 signatures to get on the ballot.

Montana: Tracy City Councilman who survives recall running for mayor

Councilman Tony Peterson, who survived a recall vote over alleged bullying of city employees, is now running for Mayor.