Friday, January 29, 2016

Virginia: Henrico School Board Chair facing recall over sale of land for cancer treatment center

Henrico School Board Chair Michelle F. Ogburn is facing a threatened recall due to claims that she did not convey the community's disapproval of a proposed cancer treatment center that would be near residential properties (including that of the lead petitioner).

Apparently, the discussions took place before Ogburn was elected. Virginia has a recall trial law, so the petitioner is claiming that Ogburn is guilty of "neglect of duty" and "misuse of office." He would need 10% of the total votes cast, which should equal 1,076 or so. However, a Judge would have to rule that this meets the standard to get on the ballot and -- SPOILER ALERT -- that's not going to happen.

Wisconsin: Walker raised over $22.4 million from out of state sources in recall run; $16 million in 2014 reelection race

Walker had by far the best out of state network of any governor. The chart says it all. How much of that was the recall? Probably almost all.

Wisconsin: Six possible candidates who can take on Scott Walker in 2018


Oregon: Two Glendale School board members resign, one to face recall next month

Glendale School Board Chairman Henry Perry and member Judith Dickerson resigned from the school board after at least 178 signatures were verified to set up an upcoming recall. Member William Boal is facing an upcoming recall vote next month.
The issue seemed to take place agter two students brought in air-soft guns and were suspended for two days, which other parents felt wasn't strick enough. Parents and police were not immediately notified of the event.

Massachusetts: Board of Registers hearing appeal in Lawrence Mayor recall petitions

The Board voted 4-0 to hear an appeal to get the signatures of more than 1500 voters back on the petitions against Mayor Daniel Rivera. The board tossed out 3070 signatures -- and petitioners need just 665 to get on the ballot.

Colorado: Groups drops recall of State Rep. over her blaming Planned PArenthood for shooting

The effort against State Representative JoAnn Windholz has been abandoned, as the group raised just $5500. Petitioners had an online petition with 63,000 signatures (which doesn't count anyway), and about 2000 of those were from Colorado.

Texas: Electra Mayor on the ballot for a recall in May

Electra Mayor Pam Ward's recall will be on the ballot in May. Petitioners got 163 verified signatures. They needed 100. The issue was the firing of the former Police Chief. The attempt to recalls of Commissioners Kevin Byrd and Ricky Kelley are still waiting for verification.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nebraska: Herman Village Board Member kicked out

Shaun Swan, who faced a recall after fights and a previous recall attempt was tossed out, lost the recall vote on a mail-in ballot 47-40. Swan is running for reelection in November regardless.

Texas: Petitions handed in against second Denton Council member

145 signatures were handed in against council member Kevin Roden over his vote to repeal fracking limits. Voters had adopted a ban in 2014, before his vote to repeal the ban in 2015. Councilman Joey Hawkins is already facing a recall on this one. Petitioners need 132 valids.

South Dakota: Rejected Hartford recall leads to Senate bills changing recall laws

The failure to get a recall on the ballot against Mayor Doyle Johnson, who had two votes to reject the recall, has led to proposed changes in the recall law. Senate Bill 65 would change the law so that councilors can only challenge the signatures, not the reason for the recall. The bill passed 5-0, and is going to the Senate floor.

Senate Bill 65 deals with procedure for a municipal recall petition. It gives a more clear understanding of what a council can do with the petitions. Under the bill, councilors would only be able to challenge the signatures, not the reason behind the petition.
These bills were in front of a committee Wednesday in Pierre.
"This has been our experience and this is what happened and so wanted to share that with them and help make it clear," Menning said.
One of the men testifying at the Capitol was Hartford Resident Jeremy Menning. He's one the men who helped collect the signatures for the petition. He's seen the problems firsthand, and he's happy to see the lawmakers take an interest in preventing future controversy.
"At least now it can be clear not just for us but hopefully for every community going forward, because it was unfortunate how this one worked out and how things happen here but going forward we hope that everything is clear so that nobody has to interpret what they think should happen," Menning said.
Committees looked at both bills. Senate Bill 65 passed with a 5-0 vote. It will be on the Senate Floor soon.

Senate Bill 64 is still working out a few amendments. The committee heard the testimony, but won't vote on it until next week.

Alaska: North Slope Borough Mayor facing April 5 recall

Mayor Charlotte Brower is facing the voters on April 5 over allegations of misusing funds. She is accused of purchasing cakes for her daughter and basketball camp in California for her grandchildren. Petitioners needed 492 signatures to get on the ballot,

Oregon: Pendleton Councilor facing petitions over utility fee

Pendleton City Councilor Al Plute is facing petitions over his vote to institute a $5 street utility fee after voters shot down a 5 cent gas tax. Petitioners need 705 signatures (15% of turnout of the Governor's election). There is also some discussion of a lawsuit that he settled with Pendleton Plumbing.

Here's some more on the case, including the opposition to the recall from his fellow councilors.

Texas: Floresville Mayor and City Council recalls unlikely

The attempted recall of Mayor Sherry Castillo and Councilmen Daniel Tejada and Juan Ortiz is not going to get on the ballot, according to the City Attorney. The Attorney claims that there is to little time before the February 19 deadline to get the recall on the ballot for May 7. After that, the recall could only happen on November, when the positions are on the ballot anyway.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Massachusetts: Injunction rejected in Rowley Water Commissioner recall

An attempt to stop the recall of Water Commissioner Timothy Toomey was rejected, and it will take place on February 2.

Arizona: Superior Mayor facing recall threats over cash withdrawals

Mayor Jayme Valenzuela, who is also a commander in the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, is facing calls for a recall after allegations by the former town clerk that he made $2300 in withdrawals from the town debit card, including at a casino. The Town Manager abruptly resigned last friday and the financial officer hasn't shown up for work.

Following the town clerk's revelation, she was fired, in a 4-3 vote, with Valenzuela casting the deciding vote (she was on a six-month probationary period).

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Texas: Denton fracking recall set for May 7

Joey Hawkins will be facing the voters that day over his support for fracking. It will be part of the regularly scheduled election.

Michigan: Charlotte School Board member facing petitions over resignation of technical foul-plagued coach

Charlotte School Board members may be facing petitions after the high school boy's varsity coach resigned (there was already a vote not to rehire him). The issue seemed to be that he got 6 technical fouls in 30 games (which does sound like a lot).

Board President Mike Bruce, Gary King, Julie Kimmer, Ron Schultheiss and Lee Wheaton are facing the threat after a 5-1 vote.

Michigan: Petitions filed against Clawson School Trustee

Kevin Turner is facing recall petitions over claims that he violated the Open Meeting Act. This took place after a 4-3 vote to privatize custodial services.

Colorado: Parachute recall over marijuana ban on the ballot in April

The recall of Mayor Roy McClung and Trustees Tim Olk and Tom Rugaard over their support for a a marijuana ban is scheduled to be on the ballot in April.

Texas: Alpine mayor not running for reelection

Mayor Avinash Rangra, who faced a recall threat that never got to the ballot, has decided to not run for re-election.

Texas: Lake Dallas recall effort fails

The recall effort against Lake Dallas Councilman Steve Forgey failed. Petitioners handed in 153 signatures, only 66 were validated. They needed 102 signatures of people who voted in the last municipal election. Plus, just to make sure it's impossible, the petitions are required to have a proper voter identification code and birth date, as well as a the date of the signing.  The issue is approving the City Manager from drawing two salaries (one as police chief, one as city manager).

Petitioners disagreed -- claiming that the signatures were of 25% of qualified voters, not actually people who voted. Their point would have held in most places, but:
 Lake Dallas’ city attorney David Berman responded to the claim, citing the city’s charter in section 6.04.“A petition to the city council for recall, initiative or referendum containing the signatures of qualified voters equal in number to no fewer than 25 percent of the qualified voters who voted in the last municipal election, shall be presented to the city secretary no later than 30 days following the filing got the affidavit by the petitioners’ committee.”

North Dakota: Two City Council members facing February 2 recall in Flaxton over water depot project

Gary Cron and Casey Ragle are facing the voters over their support for a commercial water depot construction project. A third member is preventing from being recalled due to her upcoming re-election race.

Maine: Another op-ed opposing recall law

This by a think-tanker and former Republican Governors' Association staffer.

Texas: Sugar Land looks to increase signature totals for direct democracy provisions

A charter provision calls to move it from 30% of turnout to 15% of registered voters, which will increase the total.

Massachusetts: Lawrence recall effort heading to court

The group is looking to reinstate almost 1600 of the 3070 names that the registrars struck from the Mayor Daniel Rivera recall. Petitioners need to get 655 names back on to get to the 5645 requirement. The argument is whether the registrar has the power to put these people back on the voting list after they have been struck off for nonvoting.

Idaho: Recall of one member of West Ada School Board dropped

Petitioners claim that they had the 278 signatures needed against Mike Vuittonet, but dropped the recall against him. Vuittonet is actually co-chairing the signature gathering effort against the other four trustees, Tina Dean, Julie Madsen, Russell Joki and Carol Sayles.

Massachusetts: Signature gathering in first stage of Townsend selectmen recall getting close

The recall of Townsend Selectmen Gordy Clark and Carolyn Smart is inching closer to the ballot, as petitioners claim they have 525 and 550 signatures. They need 614 to clear the first step. Then they have to get another 614 signatures in the 21 days after the first signatures are verified to get it on the ballot.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Nevada: Editorial calling for defeat of Catherine Ramsey


Texas: Editorial complain of the recall in Killeen


Massachusetts: Lawrence mayor recalls fails

The second attempt to take out Mayor Daniel Rivera failed, as the registar unvalidated many names. Petitions need 5645.

Montana: Glacier County Treasurer recall on ballot for March 29


Oregon: Petitions against Columbia River People's Utility District Director on the ballot

Craig Melton will face a recall in early march over settling two lawsuits out of court, implementing a rate increase, appointing interim managers and firing four employees. The Board President Dave Baker is claimed to be behind the recall.

Florida: Dunnellon Councilwoman facing recall for assaulting city clerk announces she won't run for reelection

Penny Fleeger was hit with petitions over the assault. Petitioners need 198 signatures to get on the ballot (this after collecting 150 valids to move beyond the first stage).

Florida: Mount Dora City Council threatened with petitions

This would just be the newcomers, and it seems to be regarding a decision to get rid of some Oak trees.

Wisconsin: Scott Walker considering running for third term


New York: Albany Times Union editorial against direct democracy


Texas: Austin City Council member facing petitions

Austin City Council Member Ann Kitchen is facing petitions for her support of regulations of ridesharing organizations (Uber/Lyft). There are questions about who is supporting the removal of Kitchen, Kitchen has received donations from cab companies. Petitioners would need about 4800 signatures (10% of registereds) to get on the ballot.

Friday, January 22, 2016

California: Yermo Community Service District President/VP on recall ballot

 A recall targeting President Bob Smith and Vice President Geoff Berner has gotten on the ballot, with petitioners handing in 279 signatures, of which 198 were verified. They needed 189. Berner had 266 signatures, 190 were verified, 189 were needed. The vote is on the June 7 primary ballot.

There is some issue of whether the board will have a quorum to even put the recall on the ballot.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Virginia: Petitions going against Montgomery County Clerk; She claims that petition-signers could be committing perjury

Montgomery County circuit court clerk Erica Williams is facing petitions after she declined to appoint four of nine deputy clerks, with a fifth refusing an appointment. Williams was just reelected to an eight-year term in November. Readers may remember that Virginia has a very unusual recall provision. Rather than an election, they have a "recall trial" where if enough signatures are handed in, a judge then decides whether the official violated a law and, if guilty, kicks the official out of office.

Perhaps just as interesting as the petition is Williams defense -- she is claiming that petition-signers could be committing perjury if they sign the petition that has "false statements." This is the second time in two weeks (the first was in Floresville, Texas) that an official facing a recall threat claims that signers could be prosecuted. I have a very hard time believing that anyone could be prosecuted for signing a valid petition.

Petitioners claim that they have collected 300-400 signatures. Petitioner would need 1848 signatures (10% of turnout).  The lead petitioner is the spokesman for the Montgomery County Republican Committee, and Williams is a Democrat, so there's also that.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Michigan: Two State Senators facing petitions over support for tax and fee hikes

Two Michigan Republican State Senators, Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof and Senator Wayne Schmidt, are facing petitions over their support for fuel tax and vehicle registration fee increases for a road-funding plan. Their votes came after the defeat of ballot proposals which would have raised those same taxes and fees. The wording of the petitions have been approved by the clarity hearing.

Petitioners need 22,000 signatures each in 60 days.

Missouri: Springfield Councilman who opposed "Free the Nipple" group resigns

Justin Burnett, the Springfield City Councilman who faced a recall campaign for his successful bill against the "Free the Nipple" campaign, resigns after less than a year in office. Petitioners needed 1912 signatures, though they didn't turn in any.

Alaska: Signatures validated in North Slope Borough Mayor recall

Looks like the recall of North Slope Borough Mayor Charlotte Brower over the allegations of inappropriate spending and ethics violations in the administration is on. Petitioners handed in 658 signatures, and 583 were accepted.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

South Dakota: Hartford Council member who cast key votes to kill mayoral recall resigns over alleged misbehavior during recall battle

Doyle Johnson, the Hartford City Councilmember who cast a double vote to kill the recall of Mayor Bill Campbell, resigned and may face charges for reading an email at a council meeting that he allegedly added parts to in order to make the pro-recall side look bad.

Montana: Glacier Treasurer not resigning, will face upcoming vote

Here and some earlier discussion here

California: Montclair Mayor, City Council recall fails

The recall effort against Montclair Mayor Paul Eaton and Councilmembers Trisha Martinez and Bill Ruh failed, with no signatures turned in. Petitioners would have needed 2,561. The issue is accusations that the City Manager is overpaid. The lead petitioner lost his 2014 city council race, though he is going to try another recall effort.

Wisconsin: Man who cast multiple ballots in Governor recall race looking for insanity defense


Texas: Signatures handed in against Electra Mayor

Petitioners have handed in signatures against Mayor Pam Ward, who could join Commissioners Ricky Kelly and Kevin Byrd on the recall ballot. The issue was the firing of the police chief.

Massachusetts: East Longmeadow charter commission proposes recall law

East Longmeadow's Charter Commission is looking to include a recall law, though no word on how the recall would work. The vote would be in April.

Kansas: Sedgwick petitioners appeal to Kansas Supreme Court looking to overturn DA's rejection of recall

Petitioners have appealed to the State Supreme Court, looking to overturn the District Attorney's rejection of the recall petition against Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau. Kansas is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state, and therefore requires a showing of valid cause. The DA held that Ranzau can't violate the duties, since it is the collective responsibility of the whole commission.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Michigan: Judges take no action on Three Rivers School Board recall appeal

The recall effort against Three Rivers School Board members Pete Bennett, Diana DeGraaf and Erin Nowak can now go forward, after a judge took no action on the appeal of a clarity/factual hearing.

Colorado: Recalled Snowmass Village Councilmember gets 10 days, 2 years probation for DUI


Arizona: Application handed in for Nogales mayoral recall

The recall effort against Nogales Mayor John Doyle has moved forward, as petitions were finally filed, though now they need to get 895 signatures. The issue is a kitchen-sink of charges -- manipulating city charter, misusing funds, temporary closure of the library.

Oregon: Signatures handed in against Columbia River People's Utility District Board of Directors

560 signatures were handed in against Craig Melton, who is accused of poor leadership after voting to change the leadership twice in less than six months. Petitioners need 479. Fellow CRPUD Directors, President Dave Baker and Richard Simpson, gathered signatures.

There is also some discussion of pushing out the Vice President Jake Carter. The district lost liability insurance in September.

Nevada: North Las Vegas Municipal Judge facing recall running for other judicial official

North Las Vegas Municipal Judge Catherine Ramsey, whose potential recall is still waiting for a decision from the Nevada Supreme Court, has announced that she is running for a District Judge seat (against an incumbent).

Monday, January 11, 2016

Illinois: Appellate Court tosses out Dolton recall law

Interesting decision here (and great write-up by Phil Kadner at the Chicago Tribune) -- right after the Dolton recall failed to get on the ballot due to a lack of signatures, the Illinois Appellate Court overruled the lower court decision and held that the village's recall law was unconstitutional. The basis of the ruling focuses on the technical issues of whether a home rule municipality has the power to enact a law that can limiting an elected officials term without having the voters approve the law by referendum.

Most of the law is very Illinois specific, but we've seen the  technical questions of this sort crop up in other states. I argued that the attempted recall of the Ferguson, Missouri mayor could have been tossed out due to a similar question of city classification, as it was for Ellisville, Missouri. IT does show once again that challenging a recall in court can pay off.

Non-Recall Op-Ed for Newsweek on the echoes of 1912

Here’s a Newsweek piece I wrote on the echoes of 1912. In that first primary race, Taft won the Republican nomination on the back of states that he had no chance of winning in the general election – the South. Similarly Clinton’s Southern Firewall and a possible northern strategy for Marco Rubio would look to do the same thing.

Ohio: Upper Arlington City Council signatures ready to be handed in

Petitioners claim they have enough signatures to recall four Upper Arlington Council members John C. Adams, David DeCapua, Kip Greenhill and Debbie Johnson (no word on the fifth who was facing recall threats). The recall is over votes to push for a $14 million rebuild of Northam Park. Petitioners claim they have about 2300 signatures. They need 1989.

New York: Legislators look to push recall law


Michigan: Recalled Cottrellville Township Supervisor still waiting to see if lawsuit against her can proceed

Cottrellville Township Supervisor Kelly Fiscelli, who was kicked out in November, is still facing a lawsuit over accusations that she lived in Marine City (outside the township). There is a debate over whether the recall rendered the suit moot. The plaintiff's claim that Fiscelli would have to pay back salaries and benefits.

Illinois: Governor says he would sign Chicago Mayor recall law


Illinois: Dolton recall attempts fail

The recall efforts against Dolton Mayor Riley Rogers and his opponents Trustees Stan Brown, Tiffany Henyard and Robert Hunt Jr. failed due to lack of signatures, though a Cook County Circuit Court judge has upheld the village's recall.

Petitioners needed to hand in 891, they did but the signatures failed to meet the verification process. No word on how many were actually handed in.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Jersey: Discussion of changes to Millville government leads to recall threats


Texas: Kyle Mayor who survived 2004 recall dies

Former Kyle Mayor James Adkins, who faced a recall after the City Manager imposed a temporary moratorium on new development, but survived in a landslide with record turnout, died this week.

Kansas: Thomas County Sheriff facing petitions

Thomas County Sheriff Rodney Taylor is facing petitions over claims of misconduct and irrational behavior by the undersheriff, who was then fired. Petitioners need 1360 signatures (40% of turnout). If he is removed, the Thomas County Republican committee chairman would call a meeting of the precinct committee members to vote on a replacement, and that person’s name would be submitted to the governor for appointment.

Texas: Threats invigorate recall effort against Floresville mayor, councilmen

The effort to recall Floresville Mayor Sherry Castillo and councilmembers Daniel Tejada and Juan Ortiz has been "invigorated" by threats by Castillo that signers could be prosecution for libel and slander and compared a lack of response to "doing nothing about Hitler's crimes, 911 atrocities or today's ISIS international crimes."

The recall is over hiring private investigators and council to show that Councilman Jim Miller was not a resident a year before his election. The council voted 3-2 to vacate the seat, which was upheld by a court, but Miller is serving until the replacement race in May. Miller's predecessor Eric Rodriguez is leading the recall effort. Petitioners need at least 500 signatures.

North Dakota: Griggs County lease termination rejected by Judge

This is part of the denouncement to the 2013 recall of five Griggs County Commissioners over the construction of the county courthouse despite three separate voter rejections of bond issues.

Colorado: Two Recalled Senators join Obama's gun control push

John Morse and Angela Giron, who were both kicked out of office over their support for gun control legislation, joined the President in his push for changes to background checks and other gun control laws and regulations.

North Dakota: Two Barnes School Board members facing petitions

Barnes School Board Chairwoman Lori Carlson and members Anne Osborne are facing petitions over their claims that the board is arrogant and uncooperative. The retirement of the Superintendent seems to be one of the precipitating factors.

Illinois: State Representative files recall bill for all State and local offices

The bill was sponsored by State Representative Mark Batinick (R) and conforms to the basic recall laws in other states, including removing the requirement that Senators and House members sign off on a gubernatorial recall.

Wisconsin/Indiana: Former Wisconsin State Senator running for Congressional seat in Indiana

Former Wisconsin state Senator Pam Galloway, who resigned during the recall battle in 2012 but was replaced by a fellow Republican, is now running for an open Congressional seat in Indiana. She had served only 14 months before resigning, which she claimed was due to her father-in-law's open heart surgery and brother's disability (Galloway is a doctor). The Congressional seat is held by Marlin Stutzman, who is running for the open US Senate seat.

Massachusetts: Rowley Water Commissioner sues to stop recall


Oklahoma: Midwest City Mayor's lawsuit to toss out recall effort rejected by courts

Jay "Dee" Collins sued to delay the recall launched against him by the police and firefighter' unions. His legal suit has been rejected

Idaho: West Ada School Board recall moving forward

Petitions must be handed in by January 25 for one trustee and February 1 for the others. The breakdown of what's needed is Tina Dean (253), Mike Vuittonet (278), Carol Sayles (335), Julie Madsen (454), Russell Joki (302).

Michigan: Signatures validated against Covert School Board President

Diana Parrigin, who pled no contest to a marijuana possession arrest, looks to be facing an upcoming recall. Petitioners handed in 171 signatures, 168 were validated. They needed 140.

Texas: Keller Mayor facing May recall vote

Keller Mayor Mark Mathews is facing a May recall vote at the regularly scheduled election. Petitioners handed in 2085 signatures, nearly all of which were accepted. They needed about 1400.

Petitioners claim that Mathews violated conflict of interest rules by voting in favor a project that involved the architecture and design company where his wife works (he disputes the claim, as the applicant was the contractor). It also claims that he kept the position as president of his neighborhood homeowners association advisory committee and the developer paid a $38,300 fine for improperly clearing trees, the fine was paid to the association rather than the city.

How Democratic are Ballot Initiatives

The Atlantic examines partisan positions on initiatives

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wisconsin: Superior Mayor supports recall against self

Mayor Bruce Hagen, who is facing a recall threat over his criticism of President Obama, and especially calling him a "Muslim partner", says that he welcomes a recall against himself.

California: Senator Richard Pan recall by Anti-Vaxers fails

The attempt to recall Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) failed. Petitioners needed to hand in 35,926 signatures. None were handed in. The issue was Pan's support for mandatory vaccination.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Illinois: More on the Chicago Mayor Recall Bill

Here and Here

California: Orange County Superior Court Jude recall fails

Petitioners did not hand in signatures in the recall of Orange County Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly over his reducing a mandated life sentence for a man who was charged with sodomizing a 3-year old relative (he handed down a 10 year sentence). Petitioners did claim that it was his comments that caused the recall

Petitioners needed 90,829.

Michigan: 171 signatures handed in against Covert School Board President

Petitioners need 140 valid to get the recall against Diana Parrigin on the ballot. The issue was a no contest pea over marijuana possession.

Texas: Two Electra Commissioners heading for recall ballot

Looks like the Ricky Kelley and Kevin Byrd will be heading for the recall ballot, as petitioners handed in enough signatures to get on. No word yet on the date, or the whether the mayor will face a recall as well (I saw earlier that there was some discussion of collection against her). The issue was firing the police chief. Another commissioner had resigned in the face of a recall.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Oregon: Josephine County Commissioner recall started over DUII

Josephine County Commissioner Simon Hare is facing petitions after being arrested under a DUII charge and reckless driving. Hare was previously under fire (though not under indictment) for lying about stealing someone's car, filing a false report. He also sent suggestive text messages to young women from someone else's phone that he took at a bar.

Petitioner need 5094 signatures in 90 days.

Arizona: Superintendent of Public Instruction recall fails

Petitioners claim to have collected 40,000 signatures (obviously unverified) against Diane Douglas They needed about 370,000.

Arizona: Legal fight to kill Camp Verde recall leads to $30K settlement bill

Camp Verde's failed effort to kill the recall in court is looking to cost the town $60,000 (the recall will take place against Vice Mayor Bruce George). The recall proponent's lawyer asked for $42,500 in costs, which was negotiated down to $29,500. This was over raising the sales tax.

Washington Times on the year in recalls


Texas: Floresville Mayor, 2 council members facing petitions

Floresville Mayor Sherry Castillo and council members Daniel Tejada and Juan Ortiz are facing petitions over spending -- apparently over attorneys fees to kick out another city councilman, Jim Miller, from office (fees were $17,000). A former city councilman, Eric Rodriguez, who held Miller's seat, is leading the effort. Petitioners need 500 signatures in 45 days.