Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Canada: British Columbia's Minister of Education fails

The recall effort against British Columbia Minister of Education, MLA Rachna Singh (NDP) has failed. Petitioners had 3264 signatures and needed 11,811. 

The effort was over Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) teaching plans in public schools. Petitioners need 11,811.  The recall has an expense limit of $31,633.94.

30 recall petitions have been launched since 1995, five of which have led to signatures being turned in, but none met the threshold to make the ballot. MLA Paul Reitsma resigned in the face of a recall in 1999.

Michigan: Ottawa County Commissioners recalls dropped; one still on ballot for May 7

The recall effort against Ottawa County Commissioners Doug Zylstra (D) and Roger Bergman (R) has been suspended with no signatures handed in. The petitions had been pushed by Ottawa Impact, a fundamentalist Christian group who have elected a number of officials in the county. The recall is over the two commissioners opposition to a bill that claiming to protect "childhood innocence."  Zylstra noted that the bill lacked any specificity for staffers to follow. 

The recall against Ottawa County Commissioner Lucy Ebel will still be on the ballot on May 7.

The recall was over her vote to reverse the hiring of the county health officer. Ebel is a  Some of Ebel's supporters claim the recall is because of her Latino heritage, though the recall proponents deny this charge.

Wisconsin: One Raymond School Board Member resigns before scheduled vote

One Raymond School Board MemberGwen Keller, has resigned before the February 27 recall election.

The recall against Jannell Wise is still scheduled for February 27. 666 and 667 signatures were turned in. They needed 497 valids.

The recall seems to be over the firing of a principal. The principal claims he was fired because he is gay.

Monday, January 29, 2024

California: Judge rejects summary judgment in Los Angeles District Attorney recall effort

Some additional legal wrangling in the Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon recall effort, which seems to have failed, but the petitioners are appealing the decision. A judge has refused to toss out the appeal, which claims that the standard for review was incorrectly applied (and they didn't have enough time to check them). 

Texas: Recall threatened against San Angelo Mayor and entire council

There is now a push for a recall of San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter and the entire City Council led by former San Angelo Development Corporation Vice Chair John Bariou (who, when he threatened Gunter, with his beard and red short, was noted as looking like Santa Claus).

The original recall was over claims that she is taking over power from the City Manager. The current petition is focused on an initiative to make San Angelo a "sanctuary city for the unborn" though it still sounds like the City Manager fight is the big one.

Petitioners need about 1803 signatures to get Gunter on the ballot, though one councilmember, Harry Thomas, needs just 47 signatures.  

Texas: City Attorney claims signatures against Dickinson Mayor invalid

The city attorney is claiming that the recall of Dickinson Mayor Sean Skipworth is invalid. Petitioners handed in about 1150 signatures and needed 689 valids (they had 30 days).

The City Attorney was said that the petitions did not confirm the number of signatures on each page; questions of who was facing a recall; and a lack of specifications on the recall claims.

The recall is over claims that he "failed to meet fiduciary responsibilities." There are a host of other complaints, including over his support for the hiring a city manager who has faced assault charges.

Skipworth is protesting that the non-city residents are gathering signatures, which violates local laws, though that law itself may violate US law (maybe?). 

Nebraska: Crawford Mayor recall restarted after clerk gives incorrect signature requirement

The recall effort against Crawford Mayor Tom Phillips is being restarted after the County Clerk gave the wrong number of signatures needed.

The clerk thought it was 35% of the total that Phillips received in his election, though it is 35% of the absolute total of votes cast for the office. The new number is 137, and it was previously thought to be 75.

Petitioners are claiming that he does not live in Crawford and that he has a conflict of interest, as his wife is a book-keeper for a city-owned golf course. Petitioners need 75 signatures by February 2nd.

Crawford has a mayoral recall in 2021 against Connie Shell (who lost to Phillips), which the official survived. The signatures were incorrect at that time as well. 

Nigeria: Senator facing recall effort

Nigeria is seeing an effort to recall Plateau State South Senator  Simon Bako Lalong (the former Minister of Labour and Employment) and a former governor of Plateau State. 

Oregon: King City Mayor and three Councilors recall make the ballot; one councilor resigns

The recall of four King City officials, including Mayor Jaimie Fender and Councilors Kate Mohr, Smart Ocholi, Laurie Petrie, has made the February 13 ballot. 

Petitions were also filed against two other councilors, one of whom, Micha Paulsen, resigned. No signatures were handed in against Marc Manelis after a seeming change of heart.  

Petitioners needed 442 valids to get on the ballot. It sounds like 870 were handed in.

The recall is over their vote for a Master Plan and Transportation System Plan, most notably a development plan for Kingston Terrace. One councilor who voted against the Transportation Plan is not facing a recall effort. 

Colorado: Signatures handed in for recall of Garfield School Board Member

More than 2880 signatures have been handed in for the recall of Garfield RE-2 School Board Member Tony May. Petitioners need 2378 valids.

May has pushed for the adoption of the American Birthright Standards instead of the state standards. There are also complaints about behavior.

May had previously stepped down as board president, but presumably retained his seat. 

Friday, January 26, 2024

Michigan: Petitions approved against St. Clair County Board Chair

Petition language has been approved against St. Clair County Board Chairman Jeff Bohm over his support for infrastructure development. The recall may run up against the fact that Bohm is up for reelection in November and there is a six month grace period at the end of the term. We'll see what happens as Bohm is appealing the language approval.

Nebraska: Recalls of Brule Village Board Members make the March 12 ballot

The recall of Brule Village Board Members, Michael Gibson and Brian McNeff, has made the March 12 ballot (it is mail-in). Not sure yet what this is about, though three board members resigned last year.

Florida: Petitions taking out against two Panama City Commissioners

Two Panama City Commissioners, Jenna Haligas and Josh Street, are facing petitions over claims of malfeasance and misfeasance. The statement seems to focus on clean water and basic functions, though based on the focus on "cosmetic developments" and the response from the two commissioners, this may be over their support for development.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

California: Petitioners claim 110K signatures in Alameda County District Attorney recall

Petitioners are now claiming that they have over 110,000 signatures in the recall effort against Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price, which should be which should be well past the 73,195 needed to get on the ballot. 

Price is apparently citing the idea that signatures collected by gatherers who are out of district will be invalidated, as it violates the county law. There's a general belief that this type of law is unconstitutional, but I guess we'll see.

Nebraska: State considers tightening Sheriff laws in wake of Dundy recall

Following the recall of Dundy County Sheriff Clinton J. Smith for failing to be certify before getting elected as sheriff (as well as failing the exam), the state is considering tightening the sheriff's law.

Massachusetts: Williamston Charter Review Committee proposes recall law

Williamston's Charter Review Committee is proposing the adoption of a recall election law. The proposed law would give two six month grace periods at the beginning and end of the term. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

California: Temecula School Board president recall makes the ballot

The recall of Temecula School Board President Joseph Komorsky has made the ballot. Petitioners handed in about 5200 signatures, and got about 4800 valids (still looking for the details. They needed 4280.

The recall is over complaints about extremist views, including transgender policy, banning critical race theory and rejecting a textbook because of a mention of Harvey Milk as well as the firing of the superintendent. 

Previously, school board member Danny Gonzalez resign, though oddly right after the petitioners failed to hand in the signatures needed to get him on the ballot (the signatures were due on December 8). Petitioners failed to hand in signatures against Gonzalez (4392) and Jennifer Wiersma (3987). 

Sunday, January 21, 2024

California: Signatures handed in against Anaheim City Councilmember

Over 9000 signatures have been handed in against Anaheim City Council member Natalie Rubalcava. Petitioners need over 5100 valids.

The recall was started after a public corruption investigation report was released. The corruption claim is based on a chamber of commerce created data mining operation that allegedly gave Rubalcava a list of names and contact info taken from community outreach groups. She is also accused of giving operational direction to city staff rather than the city manager. Rubalcava was elected in 2022, and Support our Anaheim Resort, a Disney PAC, was a big supporter. The Unite Here union, which has been fighting for a $25 minimum wage, has been a major opponent of Rubalcaya.

California: Petitions taken out against third Calexico official

A third Calexico official, newly minted Mayor Gloria Romo, has been served with recall petitions moments after taking the job. 

Former Mayor (it seems like they switch the position among city councilmembers), Councilmember Raul Urena and Gilberto Manzanarez (who was named Vice Mayor) already have a recall that has been set for April 16.

Petitioners handed in 5157 for Urena, of which 4288 were validated (869 disqualified) and 5105 for Manzaanarez, of which 4243 were validated (862 disqualified). They needed 4196.

The issue is a claim of poor leadership, though stories note that Urena is Calexico's first transgendered mayor as the factor.

Colorado: Englewood Mayor receives reimbursement for successfor recall defense

Reimbursement of $2,844.09 has been approved for Englewood Mayor Othoniel Sierra after he survived a recall vote last October. Englewood officials, including Sierra and Councilmembers Chelsea Nunnenkamp and Joe Anderson, all survived (though Councilmember Cheryl Wink resigned). The others won't be seeking reimbursement. 

The recall effort was over a plan to allow multifamily development in a single-family zone. Wink is also facing complaints about attendance.

Anderson succeeded a former Councilmember Laurett Barrentine, who survived a recall vote but lost reelection. 

Louisiana: Opelousas Police Chief facing petitions

Opelousas Police Chief Graig LeBlanc is facing recall efforts after he and his wife (a deputy sheriff) were shot by another deputy who LeBlanc was having an affair with. There is also complaints about gun violence and poor clearance rates.

Petitioners need 3694 signatures (33.3% of registereds) in 180 days. 

California: Petitions taken out against Keppel School Board Members

Keppel School Board President Blanca Nava, VP Andrew Ramirez and Clerk Dominique Ballante are facing recall efforts following the vote to fire the school superintendent.

California: Petitions taken out against Torrance Councilmembers

Petitions are being taken out against Torrance Councilmembers Aurelio Mattucci and Jon Kaji. The issue seems to be opposition to an extension of the Metro line.

One of the leaders of the effort was a losing candidate in the 2022 city council race.

Texas: Signatures handed in against Dickinson Mayor

Petitioners handed in about 1150 signatures for the recall of Dickinson Mayor Sean Skipworth. They need 689 valids (they had 30 days).

The recall is over claims that he "failed to meet fiduciary responsibilities." There are a host of other complaints, including over his support for the hiring a city manager who has faced assault charges.

Skipworth is protesting that the non-city residents are gathering signatures, which violates local laws, though that law itself may violate US law (maybe?). 

Wisconsin: Raymond School Board Members recall scheduled for February 27

The recall election of Raymond School Board Members Gwen Keller and Jannell Wise has been scheduled for February 27. 666 and 667 signatures were turned in. They needed 497 valids.

The recall seems to be over the firing of a principal. The principal claims he was fired because he is gay.

Minnesota: Blaine looks to tighten recall laws

Blaine, which already has a judicial recall/malfeasance standard, is looking to change its recall rules a bit. The city (which doesn't seem to have any recall efforts of note), will give 30 days to collect signatures of 20% of registered voters. 

Taiwan: Recall threats against New Taipei Mayor and losing Presidential candidate

There is now a push to recall New Taipei Mayor Hou Yu-ih, who was the Kuomintang Presidential candidate in the recent election (he lost). Notably, the Kuomintang Presidential candidate in the last election, Han Kuo-yuto, was the mayor of Kaohsiung and he was ousted in a recall.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Washington: Lynnwood Councilmember recall effort fails

The recall effort against Lynnwood Councilmember Josh Binda failed after petitioners handed in 1050 signatures. They needed 2416 by January 10.

The recall effort moved forward after a Snohomish County Judge found that the petitions met the malfeasance standard. Binda is accused of using the city's email to negotiate private speaking contracts and filming a video promoting his tour; failing to file a financial statement; using campaign funds on plane tickets and Versace clothing; lying to the council; and falling asleep and being absent from council meetings.

Missouri: Columbia City Councilmember recall scheduled for April 2

The recall election of Columbia City Councilmember Nick Knoth has been scheduled for April 2, which is coincides with the regularly scheduled municipal election day.

The recall is over claims that his recent acceptance of a position as a Director of Government Affairs & Regional Advocacy with the Missouri Association of REALTORS is a conflict of interest, has enough signatures to make the ballot.

Petitioners handed in 421 signatures and (it seems) 370 were verified. They needed 336. 

The last recall in Columbia was Councilmember Chester Edwards in 1990.

Michigan: Port Huron Mayor petition rejected on clarity/factualness grounds

A petition attempt against Port Huron Mayor Pauline Repp was rejected on clarity/factualness grounds by the Election Commission. The recall is over claims that she allegedly lied on whether an affidavit was filed against the City Manager. She said it was in his personnel file, but a FOIA request came up empty. 

Repp is up for reelection in the fall. 

Oregon: John Day Mayor ousted in recall

John Day Mayor Heather Rookstool has lost the recall election, 252-224. Rookstool faced the recall over claims that she falsified documents, violated public meeting laws and interfered with public records requests as part of an attempt to take over city manager duties. Petitioners have also filed a criminal complaint. City employees seemed to be the ones who lead the recall effort.

139 Signatures were handed in, which is "nearly 50" more than needed (not sure how many exactly are needed.

Friday, January 12, 2024

California: Recall effort against Lamont School Board members fails after signature verification process

The recall effort against Lamont Elementary School Board Trustees Gilberto Lopez Jr., Pablo Trevino, Ernesto Garay and Evelyn Velasquez seems to have failed, with the County Clerk finding that not enough valid signatures were handed in. Petitioners needed 1150 for each, not sure yet how many were handed in. The issue is complaints about leadership, specifically the decision to put an administrator on leave. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

California: Grover Beach Mayor and two councilmembers facing petitions

Petitions have been taken out against Grover Beach Mayor Karen Bright and Councilmembers Daniel Rushing and Zachary Zimmerman. The issue seems to be a water rate increase to help a proposed recycled water project. 

Petitioners need about 2000 signatures for Bright and Zimmerman and 500 for Rushing. 

Michigan: Petitions taken out against Secretary of State

Petitions have been taken out against Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D), though the reasons seem to be... confusing. The Election Commission will be meeting on January 19, so we'll have more infor then.

Ohio: Buckeye Lake Mayor facing February 27 recall vote

Buckeye Lake Mayor Jeryne Peterson is facing a February 27 recall (special election).

The recall seems to be about a host of complaints, "resignations from village employees, unanimous censure and no-confidence votes from village council, a fight with the village solicitor and a lawsuit alleging discrimination filed by a local hotel against the village mayor and police officials." 

Peterson won office with 30% of the vote in 2021. Petitioners handed in 265 valid signatures and needed 252. Peterson has said that the entire council signed the petitions.

Texas: Petitions taken out against Dallas mayor following party switch

Petitions appear to have been taken out against Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson over his party registration switch from Democrat to Republican (after a recent re-election win). Petitioner, a former council candidate, claims to have over 1100 signatures (though presumably this is on the original filing, not the actual petition that hasn't been approved). 

Note that the Dallas Mayoralty is a non-partisan election, so Johnson did not run as a member of a party.

Petitioners would need the signatures of 15% of registered voters in the last election in 60 days (103,000 signatures) to get on the ballot. The Secretary of State's office has the county info, so hard to tell how much that is as of yet. The law specifies the city council is subject to a recall, but it notes that the mayor is the 15th city council member (election in the city as a whole). 

Nebraska: Plattsmouth School Board member ousted

Plattsmouth School Board Member Terri Cunningham-Swanson was ousted in a recall vote, 1649-1000. The recall was over her support for a book ban policy. The school board has since overturned the removal of 51 of 52 books.  

Petitioners previously failed in a recall effort earlier this year, handing in 749 signatures and 625 were validated. 

California: Shasta County Citizens Election Advisory Commission suggest recall law changes, including possibly opening up signatures to review by Supervisors

Shasta County Citizens Election Advisory Commission has recommended that the Board of Supervisors be able to review recall petition documents, which seems to include the signatures (which are now confidential). Supervisor Kevin Crye is facing a recall vote in March.

Illinois: More antics in Dolton

Lots of interesting developments in Dolton. In 2022, Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard faced a recall effort that saw numerous twists and turns, but eventually was thrown out by the Appellate Court (along with the entire recall law).

Henyard has apparently taken a $300,000 combined salary with her Thornton Township Supervisor job, and is threatening to lower the salary to $25,000 for any future mayor. And there's much more.

Update: Even more! 

Wisconsin: New attempt to recall Wisconsin Assembly Speaker

There's a new effort to recall Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R), as a committee has been formed targeting the long-time fixture of this blog. The threat is coming from the right over Vos' refusal to support Trump during the attempt to overthrow the 2020 election results and the decision to drop impeachment efforts against Wisconsin's Election Commission Chair Meagan Wolfe as she has refused to push for the discredited claims of election fraud.

Vos almost lost in 2022 after refusing to back the election fraud claims. Former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who has previously targeted Vos, had called for his recall if he didn't support the impeachment of Wolfe. 

A recent court decision has held that the legislature does not have the power to impeach Wolfe.

California: Oakland Mayoral Recall effort kicks off

 Petitions have been taken out against Oakland Mayor Sheng Tao, with crime issues taking centerstage. Tao has fired the Oakland Police Chief and rejected three possible replacements proposed by a committee. There is discussion about people collecting signatures, but paperwork may not have been submitted (and certainly wasn't approved).

One of the leaders of the recall effort is Alameda County Judge Brenda Harbin-Forte, who served on the Police Commission and was removed by Tao.

Petitioners would need 10% of registered voters, which should be (at the moment) 24,638 signatures.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

California: San Luis Obispo County Supervisor recall effort back on

The recall effort against San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson seems to be back on, after the effort had been "terminated."

The recall is seemingly over an "attempt to privatize North County water" and claims of micromanagement and open government law violations.  Petitioners need about 7500 signatures to get on the ballot.

Washington, DC: Councilmember threatened with recall effort

Washington, DC City Councilmember Charles Allen is being threatened with a recall effort over his push for criminal justice reform issues that were blocked by Congress and the Biden Administration last year. 

Petitioners need about 7500 signatures to get on the ballot.