Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two very different polls show two very different results

One, by a Democratic pollster, has the race tied, 49-49%. The other, by Marquette College has Walker up 52-45% among likely voters (50-44 among registered). Kleefisch-Mitchell is 46-41 (44-38% among registered). Positive news for Democrats is that Obama is up 51-43 (52-40 among registered).

Marquette's last poll had the race 50-44.


  1. With apologies to Sir Arthur:

    Detective "Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?"
    Holmes: "To the curious incident of the Walker internal polls."
    Detective "The Walker camp has not released any internal polls!"
    Holmes: "That is the curious incident."

    With lots of conflicting polls in Wisconsin right now, the curious thing is that not a peep is heard from the Walker campaign about their own results. They are spending hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars to fund daily tracking polls, but they haven't released even the horse-race numbers to the public.

    Don't you kow that if they had some legitimate good polling numbers, they would be shouting it from every rooftop?

    The Walker campaign has been willing to manufacture dubious good news for themselves (their job numbers) in an effort to deflect criticism for Wisconsin's worst-in-the-nation record on job creation. They are not being quiet about their internals because they're too modest. Something's wrong.

    My guess is that their lead is not commanding and they can't top 50%. A performance that bad would be something to hide: An incumbent who outspends his opponent 10-1 and still is hanging on by his nails.


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