Thursday, January 31, 2019

Illinois: Two House Bills would allow recall of Chicago mayor

One of the bills allows just the mayor to face a recall and needs signatures from two alderman.

The other bill would allow the recall for alderman and Cook County State's attorney.

Arizona: Wickenburg Mayor recall on April 24 ballot

Former town Councilman Rui Pereira is set to face Mayor Everett Sickles in the upcoming recall set for April 24. Former Town Councilman Ruben Madrid led the recall effort. The issue seems to be Sickles moves against the Chamber of Commerce.

Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians Tribal Chairperson survives recall vote

Chairperson Regina Gaco-Bentley survived a vote 419-233. In September, Stella Kay and Marci Reyes survived a recall vote while Shana Wemigwase lost her seat in November.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

UK: Labour MP facing recall threat after being jailed for speeding

Labour Party MP Fiona Onasanya is being pushed to resign or face a recall after being jailed for three months after claiming someone else was driving her car when she was caught speeding (11 mph over the limit). Onasanya has already been expelled from the Labour Party.  Petitioners would need about 7000 signatures to get on the ballot (10% of voters).

New Jersey: State Senator who switched parties facing recall from Republican State Committee

State Senator Dawn Addiego, who yesterday announced that she would be switching parties, is now facing a recall attempt. Petitioners would need 40,021 signatures (25% of registered voters), which is far more than any successful recall of any other legislator that has ever gotten on the ballot.

The article notes that the party will be able to enhance their database and fundraise off the recall effort.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Massachusetts: Longmeadow Town Meeting votes in favor of recall provision

Four School Board members, Chair Beth Baron and members Kerrin Morrin, Stephanie Jasmin and Melanie Rothstein, all resigned after voters approved a recall amendment last week. The amendment hasn't even been approved by the legislature yet. The recall issue was a 4-3 vote against the Superintendent.

Washington: Western Washington University's Student Government Vice President facing recall effort

VP for Business and Operations Genaro Meza-Roa if facing the recall of over what appears to be claims of misogyny for voting against a female student on a campus activities council, refusal to use preferred gender pronouns and his use of the word "retarding" over the pace of a budget committee.

The recall is scheduledd between February 1 and February 8.

Michigan: Petition approved against indicted Detroit Councilman

The petition against Councilman Gabe Leland has been approved following his federal indictment on corruption and bribery charges. Jackson was indicted for accepting $15,000 and free car repairs. Petitioners need about 3200 signatures to get on the ballot.

Michigan: Three Fraser Council members facing recall efforts

Council members Michael Lesich, Suzanne Kalka and David Winowiecki are facing petitions following a vote for a property tax increase for police and fire services. Petitioners need 1642 signatures to get on the ballot.

Arizona: Douglas Mayor facing petitions

Mayor Robert Uribe is facing a recall effort over issues in city hall, including alleged employee problems and a failure to have a special meeting as requested by council members. Petitioners need 569 signatures. The deadline is May 11.

Maine: Ogunquit Selectmen recall gets the signatures

The recall against Selectmen Madeline Mooney, Charles Waite III and Robert Winn appears ready to move to the next stage. Supporters of the three have filed a suit demanding a clearer answer on the recall laws and claiming that the petitions and signatures are invalid because one of the petitioners isn't a resident. The recall is for their support of the town manager's decision to fire the Fire Chief.  However, petitioners handed in over 300 signatures. They need 215 valids. and got 253-257.

The Board is waiting till February to decide on scheduling a recall vote.

Idaho: Kooskia Mayor recall effort underway

Petitions have been taken out against Mayor Charlotte Schilling over her position on Kooskia Ambulance. Petitioners would need 45 signatures to get the recall on the ballot and have 75 days to collect the signatures.

Here's an editorial looking at the history -- or lack thereof -- of recalls in Idaho County.

Michigan: Brief filed to Supreme Court on Muskegon Drain Commissioner recall attempt

We have a really worthwhile read here. An appellate court ruled 3-0 that the Michigan "factual" standard does not mean "truthful." The recall effort is against Commissioner Brenda Moore over an approval of a drain project.

The brief, filed by Moore's attorney Nick Curcio, does a great job of examining Michigan's recall law, its factual/truthfulness requirement and the 2012 legislative change that created the new recall law. As I noted, the law seemed to be specifically designed to limit recalls, so the fact that the Supreme Court may be looking into it is no surprise.

One other point of note. The brief, as well as this piece in the Michigan Bar Journal by Jason Hanselman, notes that Michigan adopted the recall in 1908. Other places claim that the state adopted it in 1913 (note this article from the Michigan Law Review in 1911 mentioning Oregon as the first state and not mentioning Michigan's law at all). It could be that 1913 was when the legislation laying out how to perform a recall went into effect, but this is another part of the Bermuda Triangle nature of the recall law.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Massachusetts: Former Fall River Mayor will not run in a recall vote

Former Fall River Mayor Sam Sutter, who won the mayoral job in a recall vote in 2014 only to lose it in 2015, will not run in the recall.

Michigan: Traverse City Mayor and Commissioner recall efforts fail

The recall efforts against Mayor Jim Carruthers and Commissioner Richard Lewis failed with no signatures handed in. The efforts were over an increase in city property tax and a tax administration fee. Petitioners needed 1515 signatures to get on the ballot.

California: Recall attempt against Montebello Councilman fails

The recall attempt against Councilman Jack Hadjinian and ex-Mayor Vanessa Delgado failed. Petitioners needed four attempts to get the petitions approved. The issue was votes to allow marijuana businesses to open and a $4.2 million city deficit.

Colorado: Fort Morgan Councilmembers facing recall efforts

Councilmembers Dan Marler, Kevin Lindell and Lisa Northrup are facing recall efforts over a vote to allow the City Manager to return to work before a third degree assault charge (which was over slamming the brakes while the manager was in the car with his daughter). The Manager was found not guilty in the trial. One of the recall leaders is a former council member.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Louisiana: Clinton Mayor facing petitions

Clinton Mayor Lori Ann Bell is facing petitions over claims that she and the former police chief illegally entered into contracts to lease cars for the police department. The town doesn't have a budget for 2019 and have been fined for water system problems. Petitioners would need 419 signatures in 180 days. Petitioners claim to have 65% of the signatures.

Massachusetts: Longmeadow Town Meeting votes in favor of recall provision

Voters overwhelmingly approved a recall law for all town officials except the Select Board.  The vote was 635-235 and they needed 2/3rds to pass. The issue now goes to the state Legislature.

A school board battle over not renewing the Superintendent's contract led to the recall push.

Oregon: Aumsville City Council reverse utility bill increase that caused July recall vote

A new city council has overturned a $12 per month increase in household utility bills that led to the recall of three councilmembers, Trinia Lee,  Lorie Walters and Kevin Crawford. Newly elected Mayor Derek Clevenger was a leader of the recall effort.

Non-Recall op-ed on State of the Union

Here's a piece I wrote for CNN on the State of the Union debate.

Texas: McKinney looking at charter amendment to ease recall signature requirements

McKinney is considering a draft amendment to appear on the May 4 ballot to require 30% of turnout (with at least 1000 signatures) to get a recall on the ballot). The current law requires 25% of turnout but it must also contain 15% of total voters, so the new number is likely lower. It would also raise the amount of time to collect the signatures from 30 to 45 days.

The recall discussion started after Council member La'Shadion Shemwell was arrested on suspicion of violence against the family.

The laws were last updated in 1959.

Update: The amendment was passed by all coucilmembers (except Shemwell). It will go before the voters on May 4.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Massachusetts: Westport to vote on recall law in January 22 town meeting

The town will be having a meeting on January 22 and will vote on there they should be a recall law.

Massachusetts: Greenfield Councillor facing recall effort

Petitions have been circulating against Councilor Verne Sund. Petitioners need 100 signatures to move forward. Petitioners would need about 2,400 signatures. The recall is over public comments, most recently about the disabled.

Update: The first 100 signatures have been collected and verified.

New Jersey: Recall attempt against Orange Mayor fails

The recall effort against Mayor Dwayne Warren (D) failed with a lack of evidence. The issue is ongoing federal corruption investigation. Petitioners needed 4061 signatures in 160 days.

Arizona: Phoenix City Councilman recall set for May 21

Phoenix City Councilman Michael Nowakowski (D) recall vote has been set for May 21. The recall is over a vote to study and potentially delay a light rail expansion. Nowakowski was previously threatened with a recall over same-sex marriage and transgender bathroom issues. Petitioners handed in 2361 signatures and needed 1331.

Wisconsin: Flambeau School Board members recall on the February 19 ballot

A recall against school board President Sam Stewart and clerk Danielle Zimmer over claims of disrespectful comments and a host of other complaints has gotten the signatures. The recall has been scheduled for February 19.

In July, petitioners handed in 481-482 signatures, but the petition was thrown out for improper documentation. That recall also included  Patrick Anderson.

Ohio: Cloverdale Mayor, absent since May over domestic violence charges, facing calls for removal

Mayor Judd Spencer is facing calls for his removal. Petitioners were debating a recall  (They would need 19 signatures), but don't seem to be going there.

New Jersey: Effort started to recall Governor

A group of petitioners is pushing an effort against Governor Phil Murphy, seeming on issues of taxes, gun control and immigration issues. Petitioners would need somewhere near 1.5 million signatures to get on the ballot.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Idaho: Albion Mayor replacement selected

Following the recall of Mayor Sharon Hardy-Mills Wilmot, City Council President Isaac Loveland was appointed as the replacement.

Hardy-Mills Wilmot lost her recall race 70-46. The recall was over complaints about utility bills, claims that she "lacks knowledge to 'adequately' and 'fairly' run the city and that she bullied people. The council will appoint a replacement.

New Jersey: Atlantic City Democratic Committee Member says recall effort going to happen against Mayor

Though there has been delays, an Alantic City Democratic Committee Member said that the recall effort against Mayor Frank Gilliam (D) will happen soon. Gilliam and Councilman-at-large Jeffree Fauntleroy II (D) have been facing recall threats over an alleged assault at a night club. The Atlantic City Democratic Committee voted 27-3 to asked the two to go on a leave without pay until an investigation is conducted and have asked the Governor to intervene. Petitioners would need 5736 signatures to get on the ballot.

Arizona: Sister of Phoenix City Councilman files suit to toss out recall signatures

The sister of Phoenix City Council Michael Nowakowski (D) has filed a lawsuit to try to knock out the recall. The recall is over a vote to study and potentially delay a light rail expansion. Nowakowski was previously threatened with a recall over same-sex marriage and transgender bathroom issues. Petitioners handed in 2361 signatures and got more than the 1337 needed.

The lawsuit claims that the PAC missed three requirements in submitting the petitions.

Nevada: Las Vegas Councilman recall effort continuing

Not too many new developments, but there is continued talk of a recall against Councilman Steve Seroka (D) over claims of an anti-development stance, specifically his opposition to developing homes on a golf course.

Former Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman (R) is supporting the recall effort and announced that she would run against Seroka. One of the construction unions that supported Seroka is backing the recall effort as well.

Petitioners need 1850 signatures (of voters who voted in Seroka's last election) by March 11.

Idaho: Kooskia Mayor facing recall effort

Petitions have been taken out against Mayor Charlotte Schilling over her position on Kooskia Ambulance. Petitioners would need 45 signatures to get the recall on the ballot.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Texas: Tarrant County Republican Vice Chairman survives recall vote over religion

Vice Chairman Shahid Shafi survived a recall vote 49-139. The recall was launched due to the fact that Shafi, a trauma surgeon and a Southlake City Council member, is a practicing Muslim. One precinct chair claimed that it was due to "whether he (Shafi) is connected to 'Islamic terror groups.'" Numerous GOP state leaders condemned the recall effort and supported Shafi.

Texas: Plano Councilman, whose recall vote was cancelled by judge, will not seek reelection

Councilman Tom Harrison, who was set to face a recall over posting a Facebook video calling for a ban on Islam in schools, but then had the recall cancelled by a district court judge, has now announced that he won't seek reelection.

New Jersey: Ridgefield Mayor's book out 8 years after recall victory

Mayor Anthony Suarez, who survived a recall in 2010 after being found not guilty of taking bribes, has written a book called Politically Indicted: The Real Story Behind the Jersey Sting. The sting helped propel Chris Christie to the Governor's mansion, though Suarez is now seeking his 5th term.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Michigan: Indicted Detroit Councilman facing recall threat

Councilman Gabe Leland is facing a recall threat following his federal indictment on corruption and bribery charges. Jackson was indicted for accepting $15,000 and free car repairs.

Massaschusetts: Governor signs bill allowing for recall law in Uxbridge

Here -- and the Selectmen seemed to be slow walking the matter. Despite the 120-30 vote in favor, the law took a while to be approved.

Arizona: Signatures handed in against Phoenix City Councilman

Phoenix City Council Michael Nowakowski (D) is facing a recall vote over a vote to study and potentially delay a light rail expansion. Nowakowski was previously threatened with a recall over same-sex marriage and transgender bathroom issues. Petitioners handed in 2361 signatures and needed 1331. The election will presumably be in May.

Maine: Ogunquit Selectmen Supporters challenge recall effort

Supporters of Selectmen Madeline Mooney, Charles Waite III and Robert Winn have filed a suit demanding a clearer answer on the recall laws and claiming that the petitions and signatures are invalid because one of the petitioners isn't a resident. The recall is for their support of the town manager's decision to fire the Fire Chief.  Petitioners handed in over 900 signatures. They need 215 valids.

Canada: BC Speaker of the Legislature targeted in a recall effort

Speaker Darryl Plecas (I) is facing a recall effort over his defection from the Liberals to the minority NDP government. Plecas also investigated the clerk and sergeant-at-arms. Petitioners would need 16400 signatures to get on the ballot. Plecas won with 52.48% of the vote in 2017.

Petitioners are planning on handing in petitions.

Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians having third recall election in six months

Tribal Chairperson Regina Gasco-Bentley is facing a January 14 recall vote. Vice Chairperson Stella Kay and Councilor Marci Reyes survived a recall vote in September and Councilor Shanna Wemigwase lost her seat in November.

Kickapp Tribal Chairman facing recall effort

Chairman Lester Randall is facing a recall effort.

Idaho: Kamiah recall effort targets three councilors

Councilors Paul Schlader, Glen Hibbs and Dan Millward are facing a recall led by former city councilor Henry Bailey. The issue is a claim that the members are trying to undermine the mayor and micromanage employees.

Maine: Waterville Mayor, who survived recall vote, running for Vice Chairman of State GOP

Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro (R), who survived a recall vote over his twitter posts attacking Parkland school shooting survivors and criticism of an anti-sexual harassment bill, is running to serve as Vice Chairman of Maine's Republican Party.

Update: Isgro won the Vice Chairman position.

Ohio: Cleveland Mayor targeted in recall

Mayor Frank Jackson is facing a recall threat by the presidents of a Black Lives Matter group (though not affiliated with the national group) and Black on Black Crime due to complaints over ineffective leadership. Petitioners will need 12160 signatures in 30 days. The signers most have voted in 2017.

The group claims that they are trying to remove a whole set of officials, including Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish, Councilmen Blaine Griffen, Basheer Jones and Ken Johnson -- the later two have already faced recall threats. Congresswoman Marcia Fudge is also on the list, but there is a strong likelihood that a federal level recall would be declared unconstitutional.

Massachusetts: Fall River now looking at City Manager form of government

Facing another recall effort against a mayor has led Fall River to consider getting rid of the Strong Mayor form of government and moving to a city manager one. This is in the very early stages of discussion.

Arizona: Wickenburg Mayor recall gets the signatures

Mayor Everett Sickles is closer to facing a recall after petitioners handed in over 600 signatures, with 575 found valid. They needed 440. Sickles faced a previous recall attempt in his 14 months in office. Former Town Councilman Ruben Madrid is leading the recall effort. The issue seems to be Sickles moves against the Chamber of Commerce.

Nebraska: Hamilton Commissioner recall set for February 12

After a slight paperwork delay, the recall of Commissioner Gregg Kremer over claims by a former member of the County Ambulance Department that he represents private interests is set for February 12. Petitioners handed in 353 signatures, got 318. They needed 227.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Massachusetts: Boston Globe editorial calls Fall River recall form flawed

The editorial notes that the recall against Mayor Jasiel F. Correia II will allow Correia to run in the replacement race, and therefore succeed himself with a plurality of votes.

Washington: Cathlamet petitions started against Mayor, three council members

Mayor Dale Jacobson and Council members Sue Cameron, Ryan Smith and Jean Burnham are all facing petitions over a vote to buy a parking lot from a former council member (the price was $68,000 and an independent appraisal put it at $40,000). Since Washington is a Malfeasance Standard/Judicial Recall state, the petitioners will have to pass muster with a judge before it is allowed to go forward.

Update: A Judge is set to rule on the case

Idaho: Dalton Gardens Mayor and four council members to face March 12 vote

The recall of Mayor Steve Roberge and council members Denise Lundy, Joe Myers, Jamie Smith and Scott Jordan looks like it will be set for March 12. Petitioners handed in 420 valid signatures -- they need 311 to get on the ballot. The issue is development/building deal.

There is a minimum vote requirement -- the votes against have to exceed the numbers that the official received when they were elected. That ranges from from 110 to 418.

Texas: Rusk City Councilmen recall vote set for May 4

A May 4th recall date has been set against Councilmen Ken Ferrara and Jan Pate. The vote was 3-1, with Pate voting against and Ferrara leaving.

Both recalls over alleged "highly inappropriate comments to the city secretary" Rosalyn Brown by Ferrara. Ferrara has since apologized and was reprimanded by the council. Mayor Angela Raiborn has backed the recall effort and the two councilmembers are suing.

Nebraska: York Mayor recall will be all mail ballot

The recall of Mayor Orval Stahr over claims of intimidation and misbehavior will be an all mail ballot. It has been set for February 12.  Petitioners submitted 1326 signatures and got 1214 verified. They needed 1149 signatures. Any replacement would be appointed by the council.

Council member Diane Wolfe led the recall effort.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Pyramid Lake Tribal Members Association council members face petitions

Recall petitions were filed against tribal council members Vinton Hawley, Alan Mandell, John Guerro, Cassandra Darrough, Sharon Keever, Nathan Dunn and Judith Davis over election complaints.