Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Florida: Second round of signatures gathering started for three Sebastian City Council members

A second round of signature gathering is starting against Sebastian City Council members Damien Gilliams, Charles Mauti and Pamela Parris.

The recall seems to have started over fights with the Mayor and other council members. Gillams and Parris notably voted against the hiring of a new city attorney.  They were also arrested for breaking the Sunshine Law and perjury for lying to investigators. The three members allegedly voted to fire the city staff and appoint Gilliams mayor in what investigators call an illegal meeting. The two allegedly lied under oath.

The recall (which couldn't start until they've been in office six months (which seems to be in May) would require about 1995 signatures.

Colorado: Ouray County Sheriff kicked out in overwhelming recall vote

An overwhelming vote appears to have knocked out Ouray County Sheriff Lance FitzGerald in the recall (which took place on the primary day). The prelimary vote is 2527-196 (93% against.

Fitzgerald's recall was started by the County Republicans party and joined by the Democrats, after he was accused of a DUI. His girlfriend was accused of domestic violence last year and was in jail for five days. He won office by 11 votes as an unaffiliated candidate, though he beat a Republican. Unaffiliated candidate Justin Perry (a former city administrator and police chief) appears to be leading the replacement race, topping Undersheriff Ted Wolfe (R) 1676-943.

Alaska: Three Throne Bay Councilmembers facing recall vote

Thorne Bay Councilmembers Roger Longbotham, Roslyn Hert and Eric Rhodes are all facing a recall vote today over the suspension of the City Administrator (he later resigned). There is also a claim that the Rhodes violated the Open Meetings Act.

Michigan: Escanaba Councilman facing recall efforts over comments

Escanaba Councilman Ralph Blasier is facing a recall petition after making comments about shooting rioters at a council meeting about a July 4 parade, though he clearly does seem to have been joking.

Petitioners need 1218 signatures and must collect them in a 60 day timeframe, though that could be anytime in the next 180 days. To get on the November ballot, they must be handed in by July 28.

Update: The recall failed, with petitioners claiming they got half the needed signatures. 

California: Feather River College Trustee facing recall threats over social media comments

Feather River College Trustee Trent Saxton is facing recall threats after posting reported "racist and fascist" comments about the Black Lives Matters movement on Facebook. Members of the board are calling for his censure. No word on how many signatures would be needed to remove him.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Massachusetts: Two Kingston Selectmen ousted in recall vote

Two Kingston Selectmen, Chairman Josh Warren and Selectman Elaine Fiore, were ousted in a June 27th recall. Warren lost  the recall 1570-1154 and then lost the replacement race to Kimberly Emberg (1542-1098) and Fiore lost the recall 1569-1178, and then lost in the replacement election to Dick Arruda (1546-1113). Turnout was about 28%.

The recall effort is over claims of a verbal aggressive attack on Selectman Jessica Kramer by a town employee and Warren's refusal to put the employee on leave. There was a counter claim that petitioners are upset about taxes and are looking for them to fire the Town Administrator.

The recall was combined with the Annual Town Election.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Oklahoma: Norman Mayor and city council facing recall threats

Norman Mayor Breea Clark and City Council members Kate Bierman, Alison Petrone, Sereta Wilson and Stephen Holman are facing threats of a recall over a vote to cut the police department's proposed budget by $865,000 (it appears not to be an actual cut -- the police wanted a big increase and got only a smaller one). There are also complaints about the council's push to require masks to stave off the coronavirus.

Petitioners would need 25% of registered voters in 30 days. The recall of Clark would require over 18,000 signatures.

Montana: Stevensville Mayor suing to stop August 4 recall vote, claiming it doesn't meet the malfeasance standard

Stevensville Mayor Brandon Dewey is suing to stop the recall set for August 4Dewey is facing the recall over a contract for services with a tech provider. Dewey is arguing that the recall does not meet the state's malfeasance standard.

The claim is that the $79,800 contract wasn't approved by the City Council. There was also petitions filed five petitions filed against Dewey from 2018-2019, though none met the state's malfeasance standard and all were tossed.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Nevada: Signature gathering appears non-existent in Las Vegas Mayor recall effort

The recall effort against Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman (I) has been slow, with petitioners stating that they have not gotten any signatures or contributions over $100. The recall effort is over her call to have the city serve as a "control group" for opening up after a shutdown.

Petitioners would need 6745 signatures by August 4.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Oregon: Oregon City Mayor facing petitions over opposition to stay at home order; complaints about George Floyd protests

Oregon City Mayor Dan Holladay is facing a potential recall after opposing the stay at home order and complaining about the protests following the killing of George Floyd. The previous two mayors (who supported Holladay) have signed a letter calling the behavior "disturbing."

Petitioners need 1828 signatures in 90 days.

Washington: Deputy Sheriff Guild votes to start recall effort against Benton County Sheriff

Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher is facing potential petition, after 90 percent of the Deputy Sheriff's Guild membership voted to push for his removal. An independent investigator found that Hatcher retaliated against a whistleblower and two witnesses and engaged in anti-union activity.

Hatcher also has run into personal issues with his wife filing a civil protection order claiming that he choked her during a fight over his extramarital affairs. The order meant he had to surrender his firearm. He also was previously charged with felony witness tampering and assault, though chargers were dismissed.

Since Washington is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state, petitioners will need to have a valid cause of action, which will clearly be some of these allegations.

Louisiana: Petitions filed against East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Member

East Baton Rouge Parish School Board member Connie Bernard is facing petitions apparently filed by other members of the board. Board member Dadrius Lanus is cited as leading the charge. Bernard criticized attempts to change the name of a high school named after Robert E. Lee, calling on people to "learn a little more" about Lee. She since apologized for those comments. There is also claims that she was online shopping during the naming debate meeting.

Petitioners need more than 8,000 signatures in 180 days, which is significantly less than was needed under the pre-2018 law of 33 1/3% of registered voters.

The article does update the list of recalls in Louisiana. There have been 117 since 1966, 73 resulting in removal, 30 survived and 14 were not held or disallowed (perhaps due to resignation).

Monday, June 22, 2020

Colorado: Former Denver Mayor, who survived a recall in 1924, name may be stripped off neighborhood for KKK ties

Former Denver Mayor Benjamin F. Stapleton, who survived a recall election in 1924, due to his connection with the Ku Klux Klan, is once again in the news as a Denver neighborhood looks to drop their connection to his name. Stapleton was a member of the Klan (though he sometimes denied it) and appointed a KKK member as police chief, leading to the 1924 recall. The Klan  heavily backed him in the race, which he won overwhelmingly. 1924 was arguably the height of the klan power, though they were set back in their attempt to push the Democrats in 1924 to vote for their candidate at the famed 103rd ballot.

Stapleton apparently soon turned on the klan, and was expelled. He did go on to win other terms in office. 

California: Code of Judicial Ethics revised to allow judges to respond to criticism

Following the recall of Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky in 2018, the California Code of Judicial Ethics now allows judges to respond to criticism during an election or recall.

New Mexico: Rio Arriba County Sheriff recall discussion begun

There is some discussion on recalling Rio Arriba County Sheriff James Lujan following his arrest on obstruction of justice and attempt to take over a swat team investigation. This article notes that there have been claims that New Mexico doesn't have a recall provision that would cover Lujan, though New Mexico's recall is simply a malfeasance standard state. Petitioners would need about 2916 signatures to get on the ballot.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Idaho: Petitions filed against Mountain Home Mayor

Mountain Home Mayor Rich Sykes is facing petitions over various claims, though it seems to be really focus on his protective discussion after calling for people to be more careful in following the Governor's Stay-At-Home order, including threatening to "shut everything down" due to the city attracting people from other counties. There is also a complaint about an issue with the fire department.

Wyoming: Gillette Mayor and City Council hearing calls for removal

Gillette Mayor Louise Carter-King and other City Council members are facing calls for their ouster, including recalls, after they pushed for Councilman Shay Lundvall to resign for liking sexists and likely racist posts encouraging violent action against Black Lives Matter protesters. Lundvall resigned. Wyoming's recall law is very difficult to clear, and it is possible that the town does not have a real recall provision (I don't see one on their site).

Colorado: Routt County Sheriff facing recall efforts

Routt Sheriff Garrett Wiggins, who claimed  that the recent nationwide protests following the killing of George Floyd was about politics rather than racial issues, is now facing threats of a recall. Petition have not been taken out.

Colorado: Routt County Commissioner facing petitions led by former State Senator

Routt County Commissioner Beth Melton (D) is facing petitions led by former State Senator Laura Woods (R). It is not clear what the recall is focused on, though Melton notes that Republicans in Colorado have looked to the recall as a way to regain power.

Petitioners would need at least 3299 valid signatures in 60 days.

Louisiana: Crowley Mayor targeted with petitions

Petitions have been taken out against Crowley Mayor Tim Monceaux over what seems to be complaints about receiving information and communication. Petitioners need 2800 signatures in 180 days.

Comanche: Tribal Chairman and Committee members facing petitions

Comanche Chairman Willie Nelson Sr., Vice Chair LaNora Parker, Committee members June Sovo, Diana Gail Sovo-Doyebi, Clyde Narcomey and Ron Redelk and Secretary Treasurer Robert Tippeconnie are facing recall efforts led by tribal elder Eleanor McDaniel, who has previously called for leadership changes in the past. She notes implications from the COVID pandemic.

Petitioners need 1266 signatures in 90 days.

Wisconsin: Petitions taken out against Spider Lake Town Chairman

Spider Lake Town Chairman John Leighton is facing a recall threat, though it is unclear if the signatures were handed in. Petitioners need 69 signatures and the recall may be on August 11 (the state-wide primary date).

California: Solvang City Council member facing petitions

Solvang City Council Chris Djernaes is facing petitions over his support for a proposed project that would remove the Veteran's Hall and replace it with a plaza as well as complaints about his behavior at meetings. A former County Sheriff has announced that he may run if the recall gets on the ballot. Petitioners would need 920 signatures to get on the ballot.

Massachusetts: Swampscott Selectman facing petitions over criticism of Black Lives Matter

Swampscott Selectman Donald Hause is facing petitions for his alleged criticism of the Black Lives Matters movement which was overheard at a bar. Petitioners need 1708 signatures by July 22.

Montana: Helena Mayor and City Commissioners facing petitions over city manager hire

Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins and City Commissioners Andres Haladay and Heather O'Loughlin are facing petitions over their decision to hire an interim City Manager.

Petitioners need about 4300 signatures (20% of registered voters) in 90 days. Since Montana is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state, the petition language must meet the for cause requirement and be approved by a judge to get on the ballot. The claim is that the decision was made without proper public input and the input of the full council.

Update: A Lawsuit has been filed to stop the recall effort.

Oregon: Coquille City Councilman facing petitions

Coquille City Councilman Matt Rowe is facing petitions complaining about abuse of office and disruptions of public meetings.

Petitioners need 250 signatures to get on the ballot.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Oregon: Two Gaston City Councilors facing July 21 recall vote. Update: Both officials ousted

Gaston City Councilors Sarah Branch and Suzy Whitaker are facing a recall vote on July 21 over discussion of whether to reduce police services in order to balance the budget (though both said they support maintaining the same level of policing). Petitioners needed 36 signatures to get on the ballot. They got 38.

The lead petitioner is the former City Recorder and current member of the city's budget committee.

Update: Both Branch and Whitaker were ousted, with about 55% against them. 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Taiwan: President now facing recall threats

Protesters are now pushing for the recall of President Tsai Ing-Wen, claiming a host of complaints including that the election was rigged, that her doctorate from the London School of Economics and Political Science was "bought" and that they want action into the death of the Kaohsiung City Council Speaker Hsu Kun-yuan. Hsu fell to his death on the same day as the recall of Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu. Han lost to Tsai in the presidential race.

Taiwan: StateBuilding Party Legislator facing recall threats as revenge for Kaohsiung Mayor ouster

Taiwan Statebuilding Party (TSP) legislator Chen Po-Wei is facing a recall threat from the New Party, which has been seen as revenge for the removal of Kaohsiung's Mayor. The article notes that the party is claiming that Chen is a "bumbling buffoon who lacks the needed professional knowledge."

Petitioners would need 2000 signatures in the first stage and 20,000 in the second stage. Also, thanks to the "absentee veto" they would also need turnout to top 25% of registered voters for the recall to succeed.

Taiwan: Kaohsiung Mayor replacement vote scheduled for August 15

The replacement race for Kaohsiung Mayor is set to be held on August 15.

Han Kuo-yuto has lost the recall vote on June 6, with 42.14% of the voters turning out. The vote to remove was 939,090-25,051. The vote total itself is misleading, as Han's supporters would have stayed home due to the "absentee voter" provision -- 25% of eligible voters were required to cast ballots for the recall to count.

The replacement race was supposed to be held in 30 days, so it's not clear why there is this delay. Former Kaohsiung City Government Secretary-General Yang Ming-jou was appointed acting mayor.

Han was the Kuomintang Presidential candidate in the recent election (he lost). The recall was officially about Han's handling of flooding in the town (though presumably it was also part of the presidential political wrangling).

Nevada: Las Vegas City Councilwoman facing petitions

Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem Michele Fiore is facing a petition over racially charged comments she made at a Republican Convention as well as her backing of an events center at Floyd Lamb State Park. Petitioners would need 1911 signatures to get on the ballot.

Michigan: Bedford Township School Board member facing petitions over social media posts

Bedford Township School Board member Todd Bruning is facing recall threats over his alleged racist and misogynistic social media posts. It's not clear how many signatures are needed.

California: Third recall attempt started against California Governor

A third recall attempt has been filed against Governor Gavin Newsom (D) with the kitchen sink reasons, though now focused on the economic damage of the pandemic. The lead petitioner is Yolo County Deputy Sheriff Orrin Heatlie, and one of the supporters is Tom Del Beccaro, the former Chairman of the California Republican Party.

Two previous petitions against Newsom failed. Petitioners would need 1495709 signatures.

Virginia: Loudon County Board of Supervisors facing threats of a recall

Loudon County Board of Supervisors Chair Phyllis Randall  is facing recall threats from the Young Republicans over her participation in a recent rally against police violence. The Young Republicans statement includes a reference to a violation of the 14th Amendment. 

The article questions whether there is a recall law in Loudon, though the position is most likely covered by the state's Recall Trial law.

Colorado: Four Arvada Councilmembers facing petitions

Arvada Mayor Pro Tem Dot Miller and Councilmembers Bob Fifer, Nancy Ford and Lauren Simpson are facing petitions over a vote on contracting with a single waste hauler. The Simpson recall is not a part of the previous recall.

One of the leaders of one of the recalls has repeatedly run  for the city council. Petitioners would need between 1102-9228 valid signatures to get on the ballot.

Update: Petitions were turned in, but they failed to meet the minimum needed. 

Massachusetts: Two Kingston Selectmen Recall set for June 27

The recall of Kingston Selectmen Chairman Josh Warren and Selectman Elaine Fiore is now set to take place on June 27th, and has been combined with the Annual Town Election.

Petitioners handed in 2200 signatures and got 2073 valid. They needed 1987. The recall effort is over claims of a verbal aggressive attack on Selectman Jessica Kramer by a town employee and Warren's refusal to put the employee on leave. There was a counter claim that petitioners are upset about taxes and are looking for them to fire the Town Administrator.

Both officials are running in the contemporaneous replacement race if the recall is successful. Warren will face Kimberly Emberg and Fiore will face Richard Arruda.

Petitioners need approximately 1987 signatures (20% of registered voters) to get on the ballot.

A third Selectman, Sandy MacFarlane, is up for an election, so she will not be facing a recall effort.

Kingston had a recall in 1991, with Board of Health member Larry Slot being kicked out.

Washington: Seattle Mayor facing recall threats

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is facing recall threats over the police reaction to the protests surrounding the killing of George Floyd. Petitioners would need over 54,000 signatures to get on the ballot (25% of turnout). Since Washington is a malfeasance standard state, there would need to be a showing of cause that meets the statutory definition. As we've seen, this is a high bar.

Councilmember Kshama Sawant has threatened impeachment as well.

Friday, June 12, 2020

New Mexico: Judge tosses out Los Lunas Board President recall effort

The recall petition against Los Lunas Board President Bryan Smith has been rejected by a court over failure to meet the state's malfeasance standard. The petitioner alleged Open Meeting Act violations and issues with the procurement process.

A second petition against Board Member Steven Otero was withdrawn.

Michigan: Escanaba City Council members facing petitions

Escanaba City Council member Ralph Blasier is facing petitions over joking comments he made for a proposed July 4 press release referencing shootings of protesters. The recall language is facing a clarity hearing.

Petitioners would need 1218 signatures to get on the ballot.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Wisconsin: Rock County Public Health Officer lawsuit claims safer-at-home order prevented recall gathering

A lawsuit against Rock County Public Health Officer Marie-Noel Sandoval over the safer-at-home orders claim that the plaintiffs were prevented from circulating recall petitions due to the order. It is not clear who would be targeted in the recall.

Michigan: Petition language approved against Governor

Petition language has been approved against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D), after they were previously twice thrown out by the Board of State Canvassers.  The petitioner cited the COVID-19 shut downs and a decision not to remove Jackson Sheriff Steve Rand for the Governor and the Flint water crisis for the Attorney General (who is not handling that criminal action).

A notification error had lead election officials to delay the review of petitions taken out against over her stay at home order. The petitioner is alleged to have previously threatened to kill 10,000 people by poisoning the water supply and a family court referees and county judges. The petitioner has previously taken out four recall efforts, including against the former Albion Mayor Garrett Brown.

Petitioners would need 1,062,647 signatures to get on the ballot, and thanks to changes in the law enacted by the GOP-led legislatures in 2012, a removal of Whitmer would simply lead to the elevation of the Lieutenant Governor.

There is also an attempt to recall the Attorney General Dana Nessel (D), though no word on how that has worked.

Massachusetts: Reading Select Board Chair recall scheduled for September 1

The recall of Reading Select Board Chair Vanessa Alvarado has been scheduled for September 1, the day of the state primary. The issue seems to be questions regarding the search for a new police chef. The leader of the petition driver was former Select Board member John Arena (who lost to Alvarado two years ago).

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

California: Headlsburg Mayor facing recall threats

Headlsburg Mayor Leah Gold is facing petition for her resignation and recall threats over a (lack of) discussion of the police department's use of force policy.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Ohio: Columbus Mayor facing petitions

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther is facing a recall over complaints of treatment of developers and campaign donors and low income housing. The Police Chief is also under fire.

Petitioners seem to need 12,359 signatures in what looks like 30 days. Petitioners are looking for about 15,000 signatures to get on the ballot.

Georgia: Lawsuit seeks to open up signature gathering for Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney recall

A lawsuit has been filed over the procedure being used in the recall of Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney George Barnhill. Barnhill is facing a recall effort over his failure to file charges in the Ahmaud Arbery killing. Barnhill failed to charge two men for the killing of the unarmed Arbery, who was allegedly our jogging when chased and confronted three local men. Following the revelation of a video of the shooting, the case was removed from Barnhill's power.

Petitioners need nearly 24,000 signatures to get on the ballot in 90 days. Since Georgia is a malfeasance standard state, the petitioners need to meet the showing of cause requirement to get on the ballot.

Petitioners are asking a judge to remove the requirement that circulators must be eligible to vote in the recall. There are a good number of cases on this subject throughout the country.

Update: The law will not be enforced.

Taiwan: Kaohsiung Mayor loses recall vote

Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yuto has lost the recall vote on June 6, with 42.14% of the voters turning out. The vote to remove was 939,090-25,051. The vote total itself is misleading, as Han's supporters would have stayed home due to the "absentee voter" provision -- 25% of eligible voters were required to cast ballots for the recall to count.

The replacement race will be held in 30 days. In seven days, there will be an appointment of an acting mayor who will be in office until the replacement wins the seat.

Han was the Kuomintang Presidential candidate in the recent election (he lost). The recall was officially about Han's handling of flooding in the town (though presumably it was also part of the presidential political wrangling).

Petitioners submitted about 400,000  and 377,662 have been verified. Petitioners needed 10% of eligible voters to sign (about 230,000).

Friday, June 5, 2020

Georgia: Two Demorest Council members face recall efforts

Demorest Councilmen Nathan Davis and John Hendrix are both facing recall efforts. Part of the precipitating event is calls for the resignation of City Manager Kim Simonds after the firing of the police chief, who was rehired after threatening a lawsuit. No word on the amount signatures needed or whether it will meet the malfeasance standards that are usually used in Georgia.

The councilmen started in January. A third councilmember is leaving because he is moving out of the city.

Colorado: Mesa County Clerk objects to appointment of Treasurer to oversee election

The recall of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters (R) is now tied up a bit as Peters has objected to County Board of Commissioners naming Eagle County Treasurer Team Simonton (D) to oversee the effort. Peters normally would oversee a recall or an election, but since she is the target, the board must appoint someone else.

Peters asked for a former GOP Secretary of State Wayne Williams to take the job. While he original applied, Williams now says he is not interested in it. Simonton was a former election director.

A former elections director has led the effort against Peters, which would need 12,192 to get on the ballot.  Peters has been under attack for a high turnover rate and for undiscovered ballots.

Update: Petitioners claim they have about two-thirds of the needed signatures.

California: Serrano El Dorado Owners' Association Board survive recall vote

A recall against Serrano HOA Board Members recall effort failed 810-1217. The board faced a Recall Election over a plan to redesignate the an old golf course to residential zoning. The recalls will take place weeks after the a reelection race.

California: Two El Rancho School Board members ousted in recall vote

Looks like El Rancho School Board  member Leeanne Ibarra and resigned President Jose Lara have lost their recall race, as Lara had 91.64% vote against, and Ibarra had 86.78%. Though Lara already resigned, the recall means that Joe Rivera who appears to be winning the replacement race, will succeed Lara. If Lara had won the recall, the replacement would be chosen by the school board itself.

Esther Mejia race unopposed to replace Ibarra.

The El Rancho Federation of Teachers supported the recall effort. The issues include questions over suspected bond mismanagement, rehiring of a construction company and principal firing and reassignment. The recall effort allegedly cost only $7000 to mount

Minnesota: Hennepin Country Attorney facing recall threats over handling of George Floyd case

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman is facing petitions after filing third degree murder charges against the police officer in the videotaped death of  George  Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department. The case has since been removed from Freeman's control by the State AG. Petitioner need 126,522 signatures.

Minnesota is a malfeasance standard state and will requires approval for the recall could continue. 
Update: Here's some more on the recall effort.

Idaho: Four Priest Lake Library District Board Members survive recall vote

The four members of the Priest Lake Library District Board Members, Debbie Sudnikovich, Laurel Smith, Nancy Bushman and Lori McReynolds, all survived a recall vote over their decision to fire the library director. There is also a civil suit against each trustee.

Former board member, Rosemary Youcum, ran in the replacement race.

Idaho: Boise Mayor facing recall threats

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean (D) is facing recall threats over her response to the pandemic. So far, it is simply a change.org petition. There is an attempt to recall Governor Brad Little that has petitions out there.

Idaho: Governor facing recall effort over pandemic response

Idaho Governor Brad Little (R) is facing a recall effort over his response to the coronavirus pandemic. The push is from the right and includes complaints about the shut-down and abuse of "police powers." There is also a complaint over disrespect.

They need 183,523 by August 11 to get on the ballot. There is also a recall effort (only online petitions now) against Boise Mayor.