Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Seminole Tribe of Florida looking to have another replacement race after September 28 recall

The Seminole Tribe of Florida is now considering having a second replacement race following the September 28 recall of Chairman James Billie. Marcellus W. Osceola Jr. won the first race on October 31, defeating Billie 319-297, though now there is some question if he meets the residency requirement. Billie was also chairman from 1979-2001 when he was impeached.

Ohio: East Cleveland Mayor allegedly assaulted on Election Day

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr., who is facing his second recall of the year on December 6, has claimed that he was assaulted on Election Day.

Oklahoma: Healdton recall set for February 17


Monday, November 28, 2016

Taiwan: Recall effort started over same-sex marriage issue

Democratic Progressive Party caucus whip Ker Chien-ming is facing an online recall effort which seems to be over his attempt to find a middle ground in the fight over a same-sex marriage law. Ker has also been accused of trying to prevent the lowering of the signature requirements for recalls.

Petitioners would need 6500 signatures (2%) to start the campaign.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Michigan: Flint Mayor recall language debated by Election Board

An effort to recall Mayor Karen Weaver is now before the Genesee County Election Board. The leader of the recall effort is Alex Harris who previously led recall efforts against Mayors Woodrow Stanley (who was recalled) and Don Williamson (who resigned). The recall effort is over her support for a garbage company contract that has been linked to a federal investigation.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Wisconsin: Town Chairman and Clerk resign over recall

No idea what this was about yet (there is very little on this), but Long Lake Chairman John Halada and Clerk Cyndy Halada both resigned before facing a recall vote. The replacment vote was on Tuesday.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Colombia: Opposition calls for Congressional recall

The Democratic Center party is looking for a referendum on a recall of Congress. The issue is the government's peace deal with FARC. It is not cear how this would work, though it seems that petitioners would need 40% of voters to get the referendum off the ground, and then the approval of 60% of people who voted in the 2014 election to pass it.

Louisiana: Jefferson Parish President recall effort loses second effort in court to allow signature gathering 100 feet from ballot box

Louisiana District Court Judge Stephen Enright Jr. has rejected an attempt to block the enforcement of a rule preventing signature gathering from any closer than 600 feet from the ballot box. This is in the recall attempt against Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni. The recall proponents argue that Louisiana Supreme Court law would allow signature gathering up to 100 feet from voting sites (this would be for the December 10 runoff for the Senate). Here's the Louisiana Supreme Court case, State v. Schirmer, that holds that the 600 feet limit can be overbroad for recall petition gathers.

Petitioners need 90,527 signatures. Yenni is accused of sexting with a 17-year old high school student (this was back when he was Kenner's mayor).

Wisconsin: Recount in state Senate re-run of recall race

It looks like the Wisconsin Senate race of state Senator Jennifer Shilling versus Dan Kapanke is going down to a recount. Shilling, who beat Kapanke in the 2011 recall, is up by 56 votes.

Wisconsin: Three Paris Board members survive recall vote

The three members of the Paris Town Board all survived a recall vote, Chairman Virgil Gentz (397-256) beat Joe Kolnik, Supervisor Ron Kammerzelt (397-255) defeated Paul Terry, and Supervisor Ken Monson (388-263) triumphed over Robert Fliess.

The issue was an agreement to transfer 2500 acres from Paris to nearby town Somers and share revenue from a development in the land. Paris would also pay Somers $1.25 million (a provision that was later struck down).

Virginia: Prince William School Board Chair facing petitions

Chairman Ryan Sawyers is facing a petition after a plan to expand nondistricmination, as well as which on bathroom used by transgender students,

Texas: Hearne Councilman claims that he will resign

City Councilman Rodrick Jackson claims that he will resign following the start of a recall effort against him (though a lack of a quorum has caused some difficulties for the petitioner).

Nevada: Petitions filed against Storey Country Sheriff

Sheriff Gerald Antinoro is facing petitions agter an investigator found that he sexually harassed a female subordinate. Petitioners must get 472 signatures -- though it may be that all of the signers had to vote in the 2014 election (5% of turnout).

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tennessee: Rutherford county commission asks for recall law

Following the suspension of Sheriff Robert Arnold for domestic assault and witness tampering, the county commission passes a law calling on the legislature to allow recalls for elected officials accused of a felony.

Arizona: Four Buckeye officials facing recall threats over water bills

High water bills are leading to threats to recall Mayor Jackie Meck, the vice mayor and two city councilmembers.

Maine: Litchfield Selectman faces December 20 recall

Selectman Tim Lachapelle is set to face a December 20 recall. Petitioners handed in more than 213 signatures, they needed 172. Lachapelle narrowly won a three-way race and has since accused a Code Enforcement Officer of stealing and questioned the legality of hiring the town manager's husband as transfer station manager. There has been complaints that Lachappelle has been absent from meetings.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

California: Signatures handed in against Oakdale Irrigation District Board Member

660 signatures were handed in against board member Linda Santos. Petitioners needs 421. Due to the uncounted ballots, signature counting won't even begin until next week.

Virginia: Portsmouth Mayor loses race

Mayor Kenny Wright, who was facing a recall threat that was tossed out by a judge, lost his reelection race. Wright gained office by defeating the previous mayor in a recall.

South Dakota: Court hearing arguments in recall effort against Nisland Board President

The recall effort against Board President Harold Gray is in court over whether the recall should go forward based on a possibly late challenge to the petition.

Maryland: Taneytown votes to adopt recall law

Taneytown adopted a recall law yesterday, which would only be used for violations of law and three consecutive unexcused absences from meetings. According to the article 35 Maryland municipalities have recall provisions.

The vote was 565-460 in favor of the recall law.

Two op-eds on the election

CNBC and LA Times

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nebraska: Hitchcock County Assessor ousted

Assessor Marlene Bedore was oused in a recall, which opponents claim was started after she manipulated property values to punish her opponents and reward supporters.

Texas: Windcrest Councilwoman loses recall effort

Councilwoman Kimberly Wright lost her seat 1916-839, or 69% against. Rick Cockerham was chosen on November 21 to replace her.

Michigan: New Buffalo Mayor beats back recall effort

Mayor Lou O'Donnell beat back a recall effort by leader petitioner Ray Kirkus, 475-331

North Carolina: Tobaccoville Mayor removed

Mayor Billy McHone lost the recall effort against him 855-378.

Kansas: Minneapolis Mayor loses recall vote

Mayor Ryan White was kicked out, 522-312 after claims that White was failing to do his job, though he says the recall effort was also over his decision not to reappoint the City Clerk.

Kansas: Franklin County Commissioner ousted

Commissioner Steve Harris lost 1283-443, with the issue being Harris' absence from the commission since he took a new job.

California: Calaveras County Supervisor loses seat

Supervisor Steve Kearney lost his seat to Clyde Clapp in Tuesday's recall. The vote against Kearney was 61%. The issue was Kearney's vote in favor of an asphalt plant and a vote to not push a developer to pay for a left turn lane.

California: Yorba Linda Water Board Members ousted

Two Yorba Linda Water Board members, Gary Melton and Robert Kiley, appeared to have lost with 71% against (the board president also lost his race). The issue was a vote to raise bills by $25. The two look like they will be replaced by Al Nederhood and Brooke Jones.

Friday, November 11, 2016

New Jersey: Vineland Mayor who survived recall loses seat

Vineland Mayor Reuben Bermudez, who survived a recall earlier in his term, lost to Anthony Fanucci (though Fanucci may face a runoff). Bermudez received 3620 votes or 17.31%.

Wisconsin: State Senator wins recall rerun rematch

State Senator Jennifer Shilling apparently beat Republican ex-Senator Dan Kapanke in the recall rematch race 43,565-43,507. That's heading for a recount.

California: Moreno Valley City Councilwoman returns to office two years after recall

City Councilwoman Victoria Baca, who was ousted in a recall two years ago, came back and won a new term in office.  She was a supporter of a development complex and her and the mayor received $65,500 from the developer in campaign funds.

Arkansas: 3 Mayors ousted in recall votes, 1 survives

In what officials are calling the most recalls in one cycle (though they had 6 votes in 2012), 3 Arkansas mayors were kicked out of office, with one surviving.

Earle Mayor Carolyn Jones was removed 522-239 (the replacement vote will be in January); Humphrey Mayor Rodney Harrison lost 120-93, with an interim mayor being named and it sounds like the job will be filled by appointment. Hartford Mayor James Baker lost 141-87.

Hughes Mayor Grady Collum survived 277-232.

Michigan: Lowell Mayor ousted in recall

Mayor Jeff Altoft lost his recall election to Greg Canfield, chairman of the Lowell Light & Power Board. The vote was almost 70% in favor of Canfield. The issue was Altoft's role in the firing of the former city manager.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Arkansas: Hartford Mayor ousted in recall

Mayor James Baker was tossed out in a recall, with a 141-87 vote against him. The issues seemed to be hiring policy and vote to move City Hall.

Virginia: Petersburg officials facing recall efforts

"Clean Sweep Petersburg" is looking to recall city officials after starting the fiscal year $19 million in the red, and with $12 million in cuts. The recall -- which would be a recall trial -- would be against four council members and Treasurer Kevin Brown. The two big targets are Mayor W. Howard Myers and Vice Mayor Samuel Parham. Petitioner would need 86 signatures to get Myers in front of a judge and 160 for Parham.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Colorado: Platte Canyon School Board members survive vote

Board President Chet Lawrence and Board Member Jon DeStefano survived the recall vote, both at 65-34%.

14 Recalls on Election Day; Several jurisdictions look to change their recall law

Edit: I added another recall in Arkansas:

While the Presidency/Senate/Marijuana legalization/Plastic Bags Bans votes may be top of mind on Election Day, we still have a number of recalls going on. By my count, there are 14 (edit added) recalls today, plus five others later in the month. There are also a few jurisdictions looking to edit their recall ordinances, though I don't see anyone voting on whether to adopt a new recall law.

There is every chance I'm missing some key recalls today -- it always happens. In 2011, there were 30. In 2012, we had 22 recalls on Election Day. In 2014 we had 31. What explains the drop-off? Probably Michigan. I only see two Michigan recalls on ballot here. In 2014, 26 of the 31 recalls were in Michigan.

Two other events of interest:

In Wisconsin, State Senator Jennifer Shilling is facing ex-State Senator Dan Kapanke. This is a re-run of the 2011 recall, where Shilling knocked out Kapanke.

In Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, there has been a debate over whether signatures can be collected 100 feet from the polling place. The AG is stating that petitioners have to be 600 feet away, making their jobs much harder.

Earle Mayor

Hartford Mayor

Humphrey Mayor

Hughes Mayor


Calaveras County Supervisor

Platte County -- Two School Board Members


Franklin County Commissioner

Minneapolis Mayor

Lowell Mayor

New Buffalo Mayor


Hitchcock County Assessor

North Carolina:

Tobaccoville Mayor


Windcrest Mayor Pro Tem


Two Peru Selectmen (on November 18)


Three Paris Councilmembers (November 22)

Changes to recall law:
California: San Diego 

Connecticut: Westerly

Texas: Bastrop

California: Yorba Linda Water District recall up for a vote today

Board members Robert Kiley and Gary Melton are facing votes today after petitioners handed in over 9,520 valid signatures. The issue was a $25-a-month increase to a basic service charge following the state mandated water conservation efforts.

North Carolina: Tobaccoville Recall set for Election Day

Months after the state signed the recall law into force, Mayor Billy McHone is facing a recall vote. Petitioners handed in 441 signatures, they got 369 and needed 343. McHone resigned from office in January and changed his mind within the day. The issue seemed to be an ordinance that restricted firearms within 1000 feet of an occupied building and banning the use of high velocity targets.

McHone claims the real debate is over his budget policy. He's been mayor for 6 years.

Oregon: Klamath Irrigation Board member survives recall

Grant Knoll survived the recall vote 84-16. He joins fellow member Ken Smith, who beat back a recall vote last month. The board chairman Brent Cheyne lost his seat in the same recall.

Arkansas: Judge reverses ruling, votes will be counted in Hughes Mayor recall

The recall vote against Hughes Mayor Grady Collum is back on, after a judge reversed her ruling stating that any votes in the recall would not be counted. The issue seems to be the dismissal of the entire police force and the hiring of a replacement chief without any explanation. There are allegations of racism in the dismissal and the mayor did call the police on officers asking questions about the firings.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Maine: Litchfield Selectman facing recall effort

Selectman Timothy Lachapelle is facing signatures after accusing local officials of misconduct. 213 signatures were certified, petitioners need 172.

Colorado: Two members of Basalt Town Council facing recall threat

Councilwomen Jennifer Riffle and Katie Schwoerer are facing recall threats over allegations that they are lobbying altering marijuana regulations. The claim is an open meeting violation. They need 274 signatures (24% of turnouts).

Arkansas: Judge orders recall effort against Hughes Mayor not counted

The recall against Mayor Grady Collum has been held up by a judge, who has ruled that the petition wasn't certified in a timely manner. The petition was filed 90 days before the election -- it has to be 91 to 105 days before.

Louisiana: Registrar in recall against Jefferson Parish President looking to recuse self; Board agrees on 100 foot limit from polls for signature gathering

This is for the recall against Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni. The recusal is over claims of bias.

Venezuela: Election Commission Halts recall attempt, country facing convulsions

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