Friday, March 31, 2017

Belize: Former Deputy Prime Minister facing recall effort

Former United Democratic Party Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega is facing recall threats. He has been absent from six sittings of the House. Vega's son was paid for lands repossed by the government that were illegally given to him by his father, and then was paid $400,000 for the land.

Arizona: Whetstone Water Improvement District Board recall scheduled for May 16

Board President Tim Sulger and members Leonard Howell and Robert "Buddy" Tinney are facing a May 16 recall vote, though the district may lose a $500,000 grant from the Border Environment Cooperation Commission because of concerns about the project. The issue was firing three employees over repairs to a well and the use of unlicensed contractors to do the well repair.

North Dakota: Bismarck Mayoral recall claims over 2000 signatures

Petitioners against Mayor Mike Seminary need 1898 to get on the ballot.

Colorado: New Park Hospital District recall started

Park Hospital District board members Gerald Mayo and Steve Murphree are facing recall efforts. The two have been in favor of the recall move against fellow board members Diana Van Der Ploeg, Ryan White and Chuck Levine. Petitioners need about 300 signatures.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Virginia: Roanoke Times editorial on whether state should have recall law

Here -- discussing the recall trials issue and a bill by Delegate Rich Anderson (R) that would allow for recalls. The editorial seems to focus on having a malfeasance standard recall rather than a political one.

Louisiana: Petitions filed against indicted Ascension Parish President

Parish President Kenny Matassa is facing a petition after his indictment on bribery charges. Petitioners would need 25,175 signatures (33 1/3 of registered voters) in 180 days.In addition to he bribery charges, there is a reports that he gave his brother, the director of the parish' mosquito control program, a 20% raise, though that is in dispute.

Alaska: Homer petitions approved for signature gathering

Petitions against City Council members Donna Aderhold, David Lewis and Catriona Reynolds, over their support for a resolution on the Dakota Access Pipeline -- and what sponsors claim would create a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants (though I'm not clear where that is from), have been approved for the first stage. Petitioners would need 373 signatures each.

These recalls may fail the judicial review stage. Additionally, they must get the petitions for Lewis and Reynolds in by April 11, because their terms are up for reelection in October (though that seems a little unclear as well -- any petition must be received within 180 days of the end of the term, and if the election is in October, the end of the term is likely in January).

Louisiana: Jefferson Parish President recall effort heading for failure

The lead petitioners against President Mike Yenni over his sexting scandal acknowledged that they are nowhere near the 90,000 signatures needed to get a recall on the ballot. Petitioners have spent about $120,000 and claim to have gotten somewhere in the order of 45,000 signatures.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Michigan: One of two Algonac City Council recall moving forward

The recall against Councilman Joe Nugent was approved in a clarity hearing, though the petition against Councilwoman Irene Bird was rejected. The petition claims that both denied attending meeting with church officials about moving into a school building. The petition also claimed that Bird had a role in ousting the City Manager before he resigned.

Maine: Chesterville looking to adopt recall law

The recall law, which would mimic the one in Fayette, has the support of all five selectmen. 317 of the 747 voters on November 8 signed a petition to adopt it.

A somewhat difficult to understand law -- petitioners would first need 10% of turnout in the last gubernatorial election to get the petition going (though there is no time frame for that stage), then they seem to have 20 days to get the petition up to 20% of registered voters. They need turnout to be above 50% of turnout at the last gubernatorial election.

If the selectmen fail to order an election (which happens all the time), a notary public can call one if the 10% of gubernatorial turnout sign a petition. It does not spell out the mechanics for that notary public-called recall.

New Jersey: Roseland Councilmen facing recall threats over text message scandal

Councilmen Thomas Tsilonis and David Jacobs are facing recall threats after they sent text messages with racial and ethnic slurs to the male members of the (apparently, all Republican) governing council. Both agreed to resign, but then pulled back. Jacobs has not yet served a full year, so he might not be eligible yet. There's also talk of a "clean sweep" of the council.

Petitioners need 1385 signatures in 180 days.

UK: UKIP biggest financial backer threatens recall election against only MP

I'm not sure how this would be allowed, but Arron Banks who gave one million pounds to the UKIP had his membership lapse after he was skeptical of Paul Nuttall's leadership. He has suggested he would use a recall petition to trigger a by-election against UKIP's against Douglas Carswell, UKIP's only MP.

Canada: CAPE Union leader survives recall vote

Emmanuelle Tremblay, the president of the country's third largest federal union, Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE), survived a recall vote. 1768 members voted, the vote was 51-49% in favor of the recall, but they needed 2/3rds to get on the ballot.

California: Santa Ana Mayor facing recall effort

Mayor Miguel Pulido, who has been the mayor for 23 years and on the council for 31, is facing a recall effort over a land swap and cuts to a community program. Petitioners need 10,392 signatures.

Arizona: Buckeye Mayor recall effort fails

The recall effort against Mayor Jackie Meck over high water bills is likely to fail. Petitioners need 1718 signatures, they claim to be 500 short with a March 22 deadline.

California: Recall effort against Santa Clara Judge pushed till next spring

The recall effort against Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky is now being delayed until next year. Petitioners have announced that they will not try to get a recall on the ballot on November, but instead wait until the June 5, 2018 primary election.  The cost for a special in November is estimated to be $6.8 million, a vote on the 2018 primary day is estimated to be $576,000.

The recall is over the lenient sentence of a Stanford student/athlete for sexual assault. Petitioners would need 58,634 signatures. The recall leader claims that they have raised more than $350,000 for the effort.

India: A look at recall laws and whether the country should add a recall


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New Jersey: Park Ridge mayor facing petitions over affordable housing obligation

Mayor Terry Maguire is facing a recall effort over Park Ridge's affordable housing obligations.  They claim that he refused to obtain a vacant land analysis and failed to be transparent in the negotiations. Petitioners need 25% of registered voters (about 1600 signatures) in 160 days.

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Chief recall failed

The effort against Chief Phyliss J. Anderson failed to get enough signatures -- They needed 40% of registered voters to sign.

Nebraska: History event -- US Senator was willing to submit to recall in 1917

Interesting bit of history:

1917: U.S. Sen. George W. Norris, R-Neb., said he was willing to submit to a special recall election. He was being criticized for opposing the bill to permit merchant ships to be armed to defend themselves against German submarines.

Texas: Odessa Councilman facing recall threats

Councilman Malcolm Hamilton is facing recall threats over claims that he is abusing his position (he's served less than three months), including threatening the Salvation Army and trying to intervene in an arrest. He has also called for the firing of the City Manager and claims of corruption. For a recall to get on the ballot, petitioners need at least 2,000 signatures.

Nevada: Storey County Sheriff recall scheduled for April 11

The recall against Sheriff Gerald Antinoro over sexual harassment and wrongful termination claims is scheduled for April 11. Petitioners got over 600 signatures, they needed 477.

Rhode Island: Providence City Council recall scheduled for May 2nd


Friday, March 10, 2017

Michigan: Language approved in Flint Mayor recall

Mayor Karen Weaver is facing petitions over her support for a waste collection contract -- this is fourth time they've tried to get language approved.

Michigan: Another recall filed against Warren Mayor

Mayor James Fouts, who has faced recall threats over abusive language including tapes where he says children with learning disabilities should be "lined up and Kervorianed" is facing another attempt by Joseph Hunt, who lost a primary race for mayor in 2011 and a Republican primary in 2016 for Macomb County Public Works Commissioner. There have been numerous threats against Fouts.

Alaska: Three Homer City Council members facing recall threats

City Council members Donna Aderhold, David Lewis and Catriona Reynolds are facing recall threats over claims that they participated in political activities, including voting for a resolution opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline and their vote on a resolution calling for inclusiveness for all individuals (the resolution initially had clauses opposing President Trump).

Alaska is a judicial recall/malfeasance standard state, so it is likely they would need judicial approval to move forward. Petitioners would need 373 signatures (25% of turnout).

Australia: Independent Candidate pushing for recall law

Dave Schumacher is proposing that recalls come to Australia.

Texas: Hearne recall not on May 6 ballot

The recall against Councilmember Rodrick Jackson has not been scheduled due to the board deadlock. So far, it sounds like the recall may have difficulty getting on the ballot despite having enough signatures.

Arizona: Liberty School Board meeting leads to calls for recalls

The meeting was called to criticize the superintendent, leading his supporters to call for recalls of school board members.

California: SJ Mercury News column against recalling Santa Clara Judge Aaron Persky


Rhode Island: Providence City Council taking time to schedule recall

The recall of Councilman Kevin Jackson has not been scheduled yet -- the council has to schedule within 60 days -- otherwise, well, we would see what would happen. The article claims the request would be nullified, but it probably would just go to court.

California: Tulare Regional Medical Center Board Vice Chair recall set for July 11

This is against Dr. Parmod Kumar -- July 11 is the last day possible for a recall to be scheduled.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Florida: Sweetwater Mayor recall moves to second stage

Mayor Orlando Lopez, who appears to also be the city's manager, has a recall moving forward after missing five commission meetings and workshops during a financial crisis. Petitioners got 1779 signatures, which allows the recall to move to the second stage, where they need about 1500 signatures.

Lopez is claiming fraud in the signature gathering process by a fired police officer. Lopez claims to have affidavits from 47 voters.

Read more here:

Friday, March 3, 2017

Rhode Island: Providence Councilman recall makes the ballot

The recall  of Councilman Kevin Jackson (D), who was indicted for alleged embezzlment and campign finance violations has enough signatures to make the ballot according to the City Administrator of Elections. Petitioners got 2383 verified signatures, they needed 2072. Jackson was previously the council's majority leader.

California: Montebello School District Board members facing petitions

School Board President Lani Cupchoy and member Benjamin Cardenas are facing petitions led by a resident who lost a 2015 city council race. Both have terms ending in November. Petitioners would need about 10,000 signatures each to get them on the ballot.

The petition makes a number of rather extensive claims, with a focus on "back-room deals" and misusing school funds, as well as claims of a hit list against employees. The petitioner's father is running for one of the spots -- the father was the CFO and COO of the district before being fired in November, as was the Superintendent. 

South Dakota: Mitchell mayor facing petitions over claims of drunkeness

Mayor Jerry Toomey is facing a recall effort over claims of drunkenness and incompetence. Petitioners need 1455 signatures.

North Dakota: Fargo City Commissioner facing recall threat

Commissioner Dave Piepkorn is facing threats for recalls over his position on resettling refugees in the area -- he has supported a bill that would have let communities seek suspensions of refugee resettlement. Some of the petitioners are Somali refugees. Petitioners would need 3218 signatures in 90 days. The election could not be held after June. Here's more.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Washington: Recall effort against State Senator goes to judge

The ongoing recall effort against state Senator Doug Ericksen (R) will now be heard by a Whatcom Superior Court Judge, who will rule if there is a cause of action for the recall (Washington is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state, therefore there must be a decision on whether the recall meets a set criteria of misbehavior to go forward). Ericksen has been working as the EPA's communications lead for the Trump transition team.

If a recall got to the ballot, petitioners would need 18,600 signatures in six months. The replacement would be appointed by the County Council from a list of three names handed in by the Whatcom County Republican Party. If the recall takes place before May 15, there will be a replacement race in 2017 -- if after, the race waits until 2018.

Colorado: Broomfield City Council member facing recall threats

Petitions have been filed against Councilman Greg Stokes by Broomfield Clean Air and Water activists -- the issue appears to votes against an oil & gas moratorium. No word yet on how many signatures would be needed.

India: BJP MP pushes for recall bill

BJP MP Varun Gandhi has proposed an amendment which would adopt a recall law for MPs. The bar that he is setting for a recall is incredibly high -- it appears that he is proposing that the recall must win 75% to end in removal.