Wednesday, April 27, 2016

California: The LA Times bombing and the Mayoral election of 1910

This story looks at the 1910 LA Times bombing and the mayoral race between a socialist and a reformer. The reformer had knocked out Mayor AC Harper in a recall in 1909.

Venezuela: Presidential recall attempt kicks off


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Oregon: Pendleton Councilor petitions not handed in

Pendleton City Councilor Al Plute, who announced that he is retiring next month, will not face a recall. Petitioners did not hand in any signatures after Pendleton announced that he was leaving the council.

Texas: Sugar Land voting on proposed amendments to increase signatures for recall

Sugar Land voters are set to vote on amendments to the city charter that raise the signature requirements from 30% of turnout to 15% of registered voters.

California: Three El Rancho School Board members facing recall fight

Petitions have been filed against El Rancho School Board President Aurora Vilon, VP Jose Lara and member Gabriel Orosco. The issue is hosting a magnet school at a former elementary school rather than the El Rancho High School.

California: San Diego looks to give City Council power to start recalls

Interesting proposed law by the San Diego Charter Review Committee. They are looking into giving the City Council the ability to start a recall for dereliction of duty or violating the law.  This starts from the Mayor Bob Filner sex harassment scandal of three years ago.

The suggestion is that a recall proposal might need the support of 7 of 9 councilmembers to get on the ballot.

Missouri: Signatures fall short on Columbia Councilwoman recall, but still time to cure

Unsurprisingly, the petition to recall Councilwoman Laura Nauser failed to get enough signatures -- petitioners handed in 416, they needed 408. They got 348 verified. However, they have a 15 day opportunity to cure and get some signatures. The issue was he discussion of a route for a high voltage transmission line.

Monday, April 25, 2016

New Mexico: Editorial opposes Las Cruces recall

Once again, the issue is "That's what elections are for -- not recalls."

California: Recall effort dropped against Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Trustee

The recall attempt against Trustee Edwin Hiel has been dropped, as the petitioners are now going to target an open seat. The issue was Hiel's abstention from a vote on a project labor agreement for a bond measure passed in 2012. Petitioners claimed that the contract was too union-friendly.

California: Cupertino Mayor facing recall effort

Mayor Barry Chang is being hit with petitions over alleged abusive conduct. Chang is running for the State Assembly. Petitioners (the Cupertino Citizens' Sensible Growth Initiative) need 5338 signatures by August 17. The group has attacked Chang for taking campaign contributions from developers, brokers and construction companies.

California: Signatures handed in against Lake Forest Mayor, Councilmen,

Signatures were handed in against Mayor Andrew Hamilton (8245), councilman Dwight Robinson (8238) and Mayor pro tem Scott Voigts (8183) and a vote in favor of keeping the city contract with OC Animal Cares, which was criticized for a dilapidated shelter with a high kill rate. Petitioners need 7882 signatures for each.

Idaho: Caldwell hit with legal bills from recall


Taiwan: My op-ed in the Taipei Times


Friday, April 22, 2016

Montana: Libby Mayor recall rejected as too broad

The attempted recall of Mayor Doug Roll has been rejected by the Election Administrator as overly broad -- it claimed that Roll failed to perform duties, though it doesn't list them. The isue has to due with Roll's bad relationship with the city council members, who have asked him to step down as mayor. Petitioners need 329 signatures (20% of registereds).

Here's the Mayor's comments saying he won't resign

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Jersey: Bayonne Mayor blasts recall attempt


Arizona: Nogales Mayor recall continues despite the death of recall filer

The recall push against Nogales Mayor John Doyle over a kitchen sink of complaints is going to continue despite the death of the application filer. It sounds like this can lead to some appeals. Petitioners need to hand in 895 signatures by April 29 to get on the ballot.

New York: Lack of Recall stymies Ramapo removal effort

Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence may had been arrested on federal corruption charges for rigging the town finances (and are facing SEC charges at the same time for bond money), but there is no recall in NY, so protesters are just calling for him to step down and can't do much else.

California: Irvine Mayoral candidate threatens recall against four Council members

Mayor Steven Choi and council members Beth Krom, Lynn Schott and Jeff Lalloway are being threatened with a recall over their rejection of a plan to change the site of a proposed veterans cemetery. Mayoral candidate Gang Chen is threatening the recall after the council regused a plan to swamp the cemetery for other property. There's a big NIMBY element here, with a heavy dose of feng shui involved.

Petitioners would need over 14,000 signatures to get on the ballot.

Georgia: Meigs Mayor looking to increase power before recall vote

Mayor Linda Harris, who is facing a rare Georgia recall, is trying to increase her power to hire and fire city officials before her upcoming recall election. Harris is allegedly looking to fire the police commissioner, who had her arrested for stalking, threatening, theft and other issues.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Wisconsin: Recall Re-run -- Senator ousted by recall in 2011 looking to regain seat

Senator Dan Kapanke, who lost his seat in the 2011 recall is looking to come back and takeout his replacement, Senator Jennifer Shilling. Shilling is now the Democratic leader.

Kapnake would be the second Senator to regain his seat, after Senator Van Wanggaard.

Alabama: State Auditor gets behind recall law


Idaho: Statesman editorial decries recall against West Ada School Board


Why don’t we like recalls? Because of such unintended consequences. And because they interfere with the process of running, serving a term and then giving voters a chance to decide on the totality of the officials’ service. Recalls should be reserved for those linked to malfeasance or a gross lapse in ethics or judgment. Disliking someone because they hold lengthy executive sessions, don’t support the incumbent superintendent or make some other unpopular decision misses the recall threshold for us.

Read more here:

Friday, April 15, 2016

Georgia: Monroe County Commissioner facing recall threats

Commissioner Jarod Lovett is facing petitions over the decision to create a full-time deputized code enforcement officer.

Ohio: Nelsonville council ,e,ber facing petitions

Council member Terry Koons is facing recall threats after he allegedly launched a "profanity-laden tirade" against a fellow council member (though the facts are in dispute). Petitioners need 120 signatures.

Montana: Libby Mayor again facing petitions

Libby Mayor Doug Roll is facing petitions over claims that he violated his oath of office. The fight comes out from charges that Roll violated the law by having the city sue to remove his 2013 opponent (he failed and won by 13 votes). The mayor has canceled several council meetings. Petitioners need 329 signatures to get to the ballot.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

California: Recall efforts against Huntington City Council members and South Gate City Clerk fails

Recall attempts against Four Huntington Council members, Mayor Graciela Ortiz, Vice Mayor Marilyn Sanabria and Jhonny Pineda and Karina Macias and South Gate City Clerk Carmen Avalos failed. The issue was appointment of friends to advisory committees and approval of contract with Metro Transit Services.

California: Petitions against LA City Councilman approved

Petitions against Los Angeles Councilman Paul Krekorian were approved -- petitioners now need 18,536 signatures to get on the ballot. The issue is claims that he favors development and outside business interests. The issue of the destruction of one of the houses Marilyn Monroe once lived in has been a constant discussion in the effort.

Massachusetts: Lawrence Mayor recall back in court

This is still over the invalidation of petitions by the city Board of Registrars.

New Jersey: Petitions submitted against Howell Deputy Mayor

Petitions have finally been accepted in a recall attempt against Deputy Mayor Robert Nicastro -- this was the third submission. Petitioners need 8691 signatures within 160 days (25% of registered voters).

New Mexico: Bernalillo County Treasurer suing for pay back of attorney expense in recall effort

Bernalillo County Treasurer Manny Ortiz, who was the subject of a failed recall effort (no signatures handed in), is suing the county commission on claims of discrimination because he;s Hispanic. The commission has refused to pay for the attorney that represented Ortiz -- the recall was over his management of county investments.

Arizona: Signatures handed in against Superior Mayor

187 signatures were handed in for a recall of Superior Mayor Jayme Valenzuela over his alleged misuse of the town debit card at a casino. The Arizona Attorney General is also investigating. Petitioners need 102 signatures.

Louisiana: Washington Police Chief ousted in recall

Washington Police Chief Ronelle Broussard was tossed out on Saturday with 85% of the vote against. Turnout was 35.6% (287 voters). Broussard has been on medical leave since February 2015 and has been accused of being away too much.

New Mexico: Las Cruces city council looks to remove recall provision from city charter

Las Cruces, which has had some recall troubles in recent years, is looking to remove its recall law and just allow the state law to carry the day (the state only allows recalls for malfeasance). There were attempts to recall three city councilors in 2014 and 2015 due to their votes in favor of a minimum wage law. This change would require a popular vote to allow it to go forward -- I've only seen that happen once (in College Station, Texas), so it would be very interesting to see if the elected officials can get this through.

Colorado: Signatures verified in Castle Rock recall

The recall of Castle Rock Mayor (and councilman) Paul Donahue is moving forward. Petitioners needed 147 signatures. They got 242. The issue is reducing alloted time for public comments and preventing people from speaking at meetings.

California: Three Raisin City School Board members kicked out

Raisin City School Board members Anthony Morel, Nancy Schwabenland and Frederico Garcia were all kicked out. Morel was replaced by Laday Ramirez, Schwabenland lost the seat to PAtricia Ramirez and Garcia was replaced by Sofia Lopez.

Trustee Evangelina Urias survived with 55% opposed to the recall.

The issue was the board's hiring of a Superintendent/Principal who had a 2013 felony conviction for forgery. She also had a lack of administrative credentials.

Massachusetts: Barre Selectman recall set for May 17


Idaho: No signatures handed in for Blaine County School Board recall


Oregon: Grant County Commissioner facing recall effort

Grant County Commissioner Boyd Britton is facing petitions over road access rule rules and a failure to call an investigation of the Canyon Creek Complex fire. Britton has been in office for 13 years. Petitioners need 496 signatures.

Alaska: New Mayor appointed in North Slope Borough following recall

Replacement vote will be taking place on June 5

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

California: Calaveras County Supervisor facing petitions over alleged support for asphalt plant

Calaveras County Supervisor Steve Kearney is facing a recall threat over his alleged support for asphalt plant and helping a developer create a left turn lane. Petitioners would need 1238 signatures, though they don't have much time to get on the November ballot.

Missouri: Signatures handed in against Columbia Councilwoman

416 signatures were handed in against Councilwoman Laura Nauser over her support for changing the route of a transmission line. Petitioners need 408 signatures, but they have time to collect some more or cure (which is a good thing for them, as that is not going to be enough -- I've never seen a success rate that high. They are running into a problem of putting the recall on the ballot -- they need it for August, as the November election is too late (Nauser faces a reelection run in April, and there is a six month grace period before an election).

Monday, April 11, 2016

Tennessee: UTC Student President resigns over Trump Chalk fight

The University of Tennessee Chattanooga Student Government President Elect Phillip Stubblefield has resigned in the face of a recall over his reaction to a "chalkening" -- where another Student Government member posted photos of pro-Trump chalk drawings. The VP-elect is also facing recall threats. Petitioners got over 700 signatures.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kansas: Sedgwick County Commissioner recall heads back to the District Court

The recall effort against Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau over his proposals to stop illegal immigrants from food stamps programs (SNAP) has been sent back to the District Court by the Kansas Supreme Court.  The County D.A. stopped the recall with a ruling that petitioners did not have adequate legal grounds for a recall -- Kansas is a judicial recall/malfeasance standard and the recall effort did not meet the cause standard according to the D.A.. Petitioners have to hope that a district court overturns that ruling.

Canada: Wildrose MLA calls for adoption of recall law


Kansas: Recall Committee will not hand in signatures to prevent revelation of names of petition signers

This is from the story earlier in the week that the recall against Thomas County Sheriff Rodney Taylor failed without signatures being handed in.

Texas:Newly-elected and newly arrested Laredo City Councilman facing recall for disclosing juvenile criminal record of rival

City Councilman Vidal Rodriguez is facing a recall threat after he was arrested for unlawfully obtaining and disclosing the juvenile criminal record of Annette Ugalde-Bonugli, one of the candidates running in a special election -- Rodriguez won the race on Saturday. Ugalde-Bonugli is considering leading the recall charge. In November, Councilman Jorge Vera was removed after being arrested on drug possession charges.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Alabama: Look at impeachments of Governors

The headline is misleading, as it discusses recalls, but the piece is on impeachments of governors.

Missouri: Petitions against Columbia Councilwoman may be too late to matter

Petitioners claim that they are closing in on enough signatures against Councilwoman Laura Nauser over her support for changing the route of a high voltage transmission line, but if they don't get it in in time for the August election they will fail. Petitioners need 408 signatures (they claim they have 350). Nauser is up in April 2017, and the requirement holds that there is no recall in the last six months of a term. So to be put on the August ballot it needs to be certified by the May 2 agenda, so with a 30 day verification process, it is not clear that the recall would make the ballot.

New Jersey: Bayonne Mayor facing petitions

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis is facing petitions led by a former candidate for a lot of positions and the brother of a school board member. Davis defeated the incumbent in his 2014 election.

Petitioner need 8178 signatures (25% of registereds) in 160 days. The issue is some amorphous development questions including a mosque. Here's an article on the approval of the petitions.

Kansas: Recall efforts against seven Great Bend Board of Ed members deemed insufficent

The recall against seven Great Bend Board of Education members over a alleged sexual assault on the boys swim team bus was declared insufficient. Among the problems were not enough committee members; only three members can be on one recall petition at once, and the petition does not allege misconduct by the school board.

Michigan: Editorial questions activist trying to recall Governor

They have a good case here, what with Robert Davis' finishing up an 18 month sentence for stealing $200K from Highland Park schools.

Oregon: Editorial opposes State Senate President recall

The editorial isn't that flattering -- it calls Senator Peter Courtney's (D) tenure as Senate president "less than impressive" but notes that claims that Courtney is being recalls for "doing -- his job." Once again, this editorial decides that an election is the "process for getting rid of a legislator who's done a lousy job." Obviously, the Oregon Constitution has a different opinion on that one.

Oregon: Pendleton Councilor to resign in face of recall

Pendleton City Councilor Al Plute says that he is resigning in May and moving out of town. The recall appears to be based on a $5 street utility fee and a 5 cent gas tax for road repairs which failed in November. Petitioners need 705 signatures by April 25 and claim that they have 600. Presumably, they will keep collecting until the resignation takes effect.

Colorado: Parachute Mayor and two trustees survive marijuana recall

Parachute Mayor Roy McClung (144-57) and Trustees Tom Rugaard (154-59) and Timothy Olk (152-56) survived recall votes over their support to allow marijuana businesses in town.

There will be a referendum on the marijuana law in November.

Arkansas: Fayetteville Council member facing recall threats

There is more attacking for recalls of Alderman John La Tour after his interaction with a barista (La Tour asked if the barista was a man or a woman). His opponents are claiming that this is the latest issue to push forward the recall attempt.

Kansas: Thomas County recall effort fails

The recall effort against Thomas County Sheriff Rodney Taylor failed, with no signatures handed in. Petitioners needed 1360 valids (40% of turnout), though it's unclear how many were actually collected. Thomas was accused of improper interactions with jail inmates, employees and suspects and he had his license revoked after four crashes in sheriff's office vehicles.

Idaho: West Ada School Board member resigns

Russ Joki, one of three school board members facing a May 17 recall, resigned his seat for "personal reasons." Joki is the second West Ada board member to resign in the face of the recall, joining Julie Madsen who quit last February. Tina Dean and Carol Sayles will still face the voters.

The recall was over the treatment of Superintendent Linda Clark, who resigned under pressure and then had her contract terminated.

Louisiana: Washington Police Chief facing Saturday recall

Police Chief Ronnell Broussard is facing a recall vote on Saturday. Broussard has been on medical leave since February 2015 and faced an attempted recall in 2012 that failed to get on the ballot.

Oregon: Cannon Beach Fire Protection Directors survive recall

Three Cannon Beach Rural Fire Protection District Directors, Sharon Clyde (55-45%), Garry Smith (57%-43%) and Linda Beck-Sweeney (57-43%), all survived a recall vote on Tuesday over the firing of the Fire Chief.

Alaska: North Slope Borough Mayor tossed out

North Slope Borough Mayor Charlotte Brower was kicked out of office, as 62% of voters (928) and 38% in favor (570). There are still about 141 absentee ballots out and 97 questioned ballots still out there.

Brower was accused of misusing more than $800,000 on sports teams, individual and local groups, including sending her grandchildren to a basketball camp in California. There is a special election to replace her.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Massachusetts: Barre Board of Selectmen member facing recall

Signatures in the recall against Barre Board of Selectmen Chair Richard Jankauskas have been verified, with petitioners getting 607. The issue was the board's failure to renew the Fire Chief and Police Chief.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Venezuela: Petitioners claim to have almost half the four million signatures needed for Presidential recall

The recall attempt against President Nicolas Maduro is moving forward, as petitioners led by the losing candidate in the last two elections, Henrique Capriles, claims that they have almost two million of the four million signatures needed (20% of the voters -- 19 Million of them). They need 7.49 million votes to kick him out, which is more than the votes he received in the last election.

Alabama: Can the Governor be recalled?

No.Next question? But a good look at Alabama laws.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Arizona: Central Arizona College Governing Board Member resigns

That was quick -- Central Arizona College Governing Board Member Richard Cassalata resigned. He was appointed in January to replace Rita Nader who resigned in the face of a recall.

Virginia: Signatures handed in against Norfolk Treasurer

Petitioners have handed in about 5000 signatures looking to recall Treasurer Anthony Burfoot, who was indicted in January on kickback and bribery charges. They need 4352 signatures to get the recal trial on the ballot. This would be the first such trial in the five years I've run this blog, so exciting development.

Michigan: Another petition approved against Snyder and one approved against Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan

The petition served a year for embezzlement in Highland Park. His petition was rejected by the board, but a federal judge has overturned that ruling.

Kansas: Great Bend School board members facing petitions over school bus assault

The attorney for the mother of a student who was sexually assaulted by his teammates following a swim meet is looking to recall the seven board members who did not report the incident or answer questions. The board members are Joyce Carter, Charles Umphres, Larry Kutina, Kevin Mauler, Lori Reneau, Cheryl Rugan and Susan Young.

Article on Austin recall effort in Techcrunch


California: Paradise Irrigation District Board members are facing petitions

Board members Sep Carola and Larry Duncan are facing petitions over money management issues, specifically the need for a recycling plant to be built. Petitioners need 3202 signatures by June 17.