Wednesday, April 14, 2021

California: Newsom Recall Roundup -- More complaints about Newman bill; more candidates, more rural dissatisfaction

More complaints about Senator Josh Newman's (D) bill allowing targets of a recall to see who signed the petition. As previously mentioned, this is the law in Wisconsin and I believe elsewhere. 

Former Congressman Doug Ose (R) is jumping into the race

Angelyne, a "billboard icon" in Los Angeles who ran in 2003 (and got a little over 2500 votes) is jumping into the race. Former porn star Mary Carey is already in there.

The LA Times' Mark Barabak on the rural dissatisfaction fueling the recall and attempts to break up California (and, apparently Oregon as well).

Nebraska: One of two petitioners to remove name from petitions against Kimball Mayor

One of the two petitioners looking to recall Kimball Mayor Keith Prunty said that she is taking her name off the petition, leaving it unclear whether the recall effort will continue. The issue appears to be the hiring of a new city administrator. The petitioner who is asking to have her name removed (Ashley Sisk) is the wife of Carson Sisk, who was passed over in the appointment process. Prunty's pick, the city clerk Annette Brower, was voted down 3-1 by the city council over questions about her role in the review process.

The other petitioner is a daughter of City Council member Kim Bailman.

Petitioners need 292 signatures. Prunty is on his second term.

Virginia: Fairfax Commonwealth Attorney facing recall efforts

Fairfax Commonwealth Attorney Steve Descano is facing a recall effort over complaints that over lenient treatment as part of a progressive agenda. A sex assault case seems to be one of the complaints, with a woman saying there has been three prosecutorial changes in her case (father charged with assaulting a daughter), as well as other complaints about domestic violence matters. 

Petitioners would need over 29,000 signatures. I'm not sure if this falls under Virginia's unique Recall Trial law or is a regular recall election (Virginia has both). The article notes that petitioners would need to meet a malfeasance standard, which would greatly increase the difficulty of getting on the ballot.

Monday, April 12, 2021

California: Newsom Round-up -- Newman signature reveal law advances, Mary Carey looking into running

Senator Josh Newman's bill to allow recall targets to see the names of petition signers cleared its first committee; the bill would also increase the timeframe to seek removal from 30 days to 45. I'm not sure what the laws are in all states, but I know that Wisconsin releases the names of the signers

Mary Carey, the (now-former) porn star who came in 10th in the 2003 recall is thinking of running again -- her slogan "Finally a politician you want to be screwed by."

Election Officials are leaving at a rapid clip -- which could spell trouble for the administration of the recall

Louisiana: Recall effort against House Speaker fails

A petition to recall Louisiana House Speaker Clay Schexnayder (R) failed with no signatures handed in. Schexnayder was criticized by right wingers over not fighting the Governor's coronavirus restrictions designed to combat the COVID pandemic. 

Oregon: Promotion of West Linn recall effort leads to investigation of Hidden Springs Neighborhood Association President

West Linn Council President Jody Carson and Councilors John Kovash and Scott Burgess are facing recall threats, which has led to an investigation into whether Hidden Springs Neighborhood Association President Lynn Fox abused her position by promoting the recall. Carson and Kovash both previously faced recall threats that went nowhere in 2014. 

California: Petitions started in Chico School Board recall

Paperwork has been filed against Chico School Board President Eileen Robinson and members Kathleen Kaiser, Tom Lando and Caitlin Dalby over their votes in February to continue the distance learning programs in order to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Petitioners need 10,806 signatures for each one in 160 days.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Minnesota: Petitions filed against Six Red Wing City Council members over police chief firing

Petitions have been filed seeking the recall of six Red Wing City Council members, Dean Hove, Andy Klitzke, Evan Brown, Becky Norton, Erin Buss and Laurel Stinson. The recall effort follows the firing of the Police Chief (the vote was 6-1).

Minnesota is a malfeasance standard state, so petitioners will need to show a statutorily specific reason for the recall. There has been only one recall that I've seen in Minnesota since 2011, and it is likely there hasn't been another one since the state-wide adoption of a recall law in 1996. 

California: Tulare County reports 79% signature verification rate


Idaho: State looking at bills to change election dates may have impact on recalls

A concern that moving local elections to even-numbered years will result in huge signature requirements for recalls. This article also notes a bill that seems to be focused on recalls, though I'm not sure what it does as of yet. Hopefully, we'll see more about it soon.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

California: Recall Effort launched against Windsor Mayor over Sex Assault allegations

There is now talk of a recall against Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli, who has been accused of sexual assaulted by five different women. Eight of nine Sonoma County Mayors have called for Foppoli's resignation. Apparently, there was a pre-existing Recall Dominic Foppoli Facebook page, so that is now receiving attention.

Colorado: Loveland Councilmember facing petitions

Loveland City Council member Don Overcash is facing a recall effort over his revelation of not-yet- public information for a In-N-Out Burger drive-thru. Overcash is also allegedly hostile to the mayor and two other councilors. 

Overcash is running for mayor (so far unopposed). The leader petitioner is former city council member Troy Krenning. 

Petitioners need 1254 signatures in 90 days. 

Friday, April 9, 2021

California: Newsom Recall Roundup -- More and more on Jenner's run; Brad Parscale in the picture

More on the Caitlyn Jenner proposed run, including my reference to NY's great "all you need is a dollar and a dream" ad

Trump's former Campaign Manager Brad Parscale, who's tenure did not end well, is advising Jenner. Having an off-year election for campaign consultants to make bank is definitely a side benefit for any recall effort.

Jenner has also talked with a former top official with the Romney and Jeb Bush campaigns (Ryan Erwin), an RNC National Committeewoman (Harmeet Dhillon) and a long time GOP fundraiser (Caroline Wren). the Executive Director of the Republican Governors' Association is also being mentioned

Newsom is starting fundraising efforts

Alright, another one on how California is no longer the same state as in 2003

And a documentary on the 2003 recall

New Mexico: State Judge approves recall effort against Otero County Commissioner

A State Court Judge has greenlit the recall effort against Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin, who was arrested for rioting at the US Capitol on January 6. Griffin is the founder of the Cowboys for Trump. New Mexico is a malfeasance standard state and petitioners claim that Griffin used the county office building to raise money for the group and pay personal expenses, as well as filed for improper travel expenses and accepted money from a business association leader as an offset for the expenses.

Two fellow commissioners, Vickie Marquardt and Gerald Matherly, has said they will support the recall effort if he does not resign. The Attorney General of the state has also called for his resignation. 

In addition to his participation in the seditious riot, Griffin has been accused of calling for the murder of the Governors of Virginia and Michigan, and called for violence at President Joe Biden's inauguration. 

Petitioners would need about 1600 signatures in 90 days. 

Nebraska: Petitions taken out against Kimball Mayor

Petitions have been taken out against Kimball Mayor Keith Prunty. Not clear what the reason for the recall is from the story. Petitioners need 289 signatures. Prunty is on his second term.

California: More on the Shasta County Supervisors effort

More on the Shasta County recall fight, including the claim that the recall proponents have copied their logo from the QAnon logo. 

Supervisors Leonard MotyMary Rickert and Joe Chimenti seem to be facing threats over their support for restrictions to fight the Covid pandemic. Here's a vastly more detailed look at the fight, which notes that petitioners would need about 4000 valid signatures. 

Georgia: New Recall Effort launched against Governor

Another group is starting recall efforts against Governor Brian Kemp (R) for signing the highly controversial restrictive voters law. Petitioners would need about 1.1 million signatures. However, due to the fact that Georgia is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state and would need a showing of statutory cause to get on the ballot, petitioners would have a big hurdle to overcome. 

This is the second recall effort against Kemp as Governor. He also had one when he was Secretary of State. The first was over his refusal to mandate masks, and attempt to stop cities that did, during the coronavirus pandemic. As Secretary of State, Kemp faced a recall effort following the high profile election data breaches and a server wipe.

California: Petitioners claim 5000 signatures in recall effort against San Diego Council President over city vacation rental policy

 Petitioners claim to have collected 5000 signatures, a third of the way needed for a recall effort against San Diego City Council President Jennifer Campbell. The recall has started over what seems to be a vote on costal height policies and mainly short-term rentals in the city. Campbell has argued that there is simply no possibility of banning short term rentals, which some residents in her district want. Former City Councilwoman Barbara Bry supports the recall effort. Petitioners need either 13,353 or 14,421 signatures (I've now seen both numbers, I think it's the first) to get on the ballot. 

Nebraska: Countercharges made in Valparaiso Trustee recall effort

Some more details on the recall effort against Valparaiso Board of Trustees member Mike Blazek for what seems to be about the drainage project done on his property, allegedly by a village employee. Blazek has countercharged that the lead petitioner is the mother of the Valparaiso Library Director, and Blazek claims that the board has temporarily shut the library and the state is investigating inappropriate expenditures.

Petitioners need about 104 signatures (45% of turnout). 

Minnesota: Blue Earth City Council rejects recall effort on Malfeasance Standard grounds

The Blue Earth City Council rejected a recall petition against Councilman John Huisman by a 6-1 vote. An independent attorney noted that the city charter was in conflict with state law. Minnesota is a malfeasance standard state and the petition needs to hit a statutorily delineated reason to get on the ballot.

The recall effort claims that Huisman violated the First Amendment for signing a letter calling for a program to be removed from KBEW radio. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

California: Newsom Recall Roundup -- Caitlyn Jenner mentioned as potential candidate

Former Decathlon Gold Medalist/reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner is now being discussed as a potential candidate. 

Some thoughts from the cavalcade of 135 candidates in 2003

Newsom betting on a successful pandemic fight/reopening

Ohio: Newton Falls City Council to schedule recall election

Newton Falls City Council is looking to set a date for the recall election of Councilwoman Sandra Breymaier (D). The recall is over complaint of unprofessionalism, name-calling against the mayor and a vote in favor of smart meters. Breymaier claiming that Mayor Ken Kline (R) is behind the recall effort. Breymaier notes that she is a swing vote on the Council. Kline denies he is behind the recall effort. Petitions have 211 signatures (not certain from the article how much is needed. The number is 51% of the turnout). 

Newton Falls has an interesting history with the recall. 

Oregon: Senate Minority Leader facing petitions after showing up to a vote on firearm ban

Petitions have been filed against Oregon Senate Minority Leader Fred Girod (R) from right wingers after he and five other Republican Senators attended a Senate session with a vote to ban firearms in state buildings. The Republicans all objected to the proposal but their presences ensured the 20 member quorum needed to vote.

Petitioners need 8922 signatures by July 6. 

California: Two Birds with One Recall -- The big upside for Gavin Newsom and the GOP's Dylan Quote-off dilemma

I have an op-ed in the USA Today (thanks to the great editors there) examining the high risk/high reward nature of the Newsom recall. Expanding a little on it here:

So far, the Republicans (who, it should be noted are not all of the petitioners, but clearly the vast majority) seem to be viewing the recall as a "when you got nothing, you got nothing to lose" event. The party has been driven so low, that might as well roll on the dice on the recall.

However, there's another, more recent Bob Dylan quote that may be applicable, namely: "when you think that you lost everything, you find out you can always lose a little more."

One new factor of this recall is it is coming right before Newsom's reelection run. Walker's recall was a year and half into his term; Davis' was in the first year (and he was term-limited); Lynn Frazier in 1921 only had a two-year term, and it was half through. So what does this mean?

Quite possibly, if Newsom racks up a big victory (and recalls have many blowouts) what happens in 2022? Newsom will have already spent an enormous amount of money burning his name into the brains of all Californians. He is getting to road test his machine. Who is looking to challenge Newsom in this reelection run if the biggest names just got stomped on the recall? 

The impact is not just on the reelection race, but a poor top of the ticket could greatly impact races down ballot -- remember that in 2018, the Republicans did not even have a candidate in the final Senate race. 2018 was a disaster for the Republicans. As I note in the article, 2020 was a fairly good result in California, all things considered, enough to almost get the party back control of the House. Could the recall cost the four seats that the GOP recaptured in 2020 (though one seat is likely lost to reapportionment)? And is that enough to cost them control of the House? Weirder things have happened.

On more state-wide level, the 2003 recall may be looked at fondly by the Republicans, but it certainly didn't help them. Since Schwarzenegger's  2006 reelection run (and their victory in the Insurance Commissioner race against cautionary tale Cruz Bustamante), they have faded to irrelevance in the state. Will this help reverse it or are they just digging deeper? The importance of California is a story for another day (and hopefully another op-ed), but until they start reversing, the party -- both in the state and nationally -- may continue to be pushed further into the minority. 

California: Carlsbad Councilwoman facing recall effort

Carlsbad Councilwoman Cori Schumacher (D) is facing a recall effort led by Reform California founder Carl DeMaio (who has led numerous conservative recall efforts) over a whole kitchen sink of complaints, including behavior, political donations, a labor agreement and her position in favor of enforcement policies to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Schumacher has criticized Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall (R) who she accuses of promoting personal attacks.

Petitioners need about 3800 signatures to get on the ballot. 

California: PAC supporting San Francisco District Attorney in a recall fight receives $100K donation from PAC that supported former SF DA (and current LA DA)

A Real Justice PAC that previously supported former San Francisco District Attorney (and current Los Angeles DA) George Gascon  has donated $100,000 to support current DA Chesa Boudin in his recall fight. The Real Justice PACT Supporting Gascon for LA County District Attorney 2020 gave the $100,000 to the San Franciscans Against the Recall of Chesa Boudin Sponsored by Real Justice PAC. Both Boudin and Gascon are recall targets this year, though due to the sheer number of signatures needed, Boudin seems much more likely to get on the ballot. 

Utah: State poll suggests overwhelming support for recall law

 A new poll by Desert News/Hinckley Institute suggests that Utah voters overwhelming support for a recall law -- 75% in favor, with 44% strongly so. 15% oppose such a law.

Utah actually voted down a recall law in 1976 in an extremely close result,  254,866-257,246. 

Monday, April 5, 2021

California: Newsom Recall Roundup

Former Senate President Pro Temp Don Perata is leading a signature removal effort against the Newsom recall

Fresno reports a 77% verification rate, which would be enough to get the recall on the ballot

Fracking issue comes to center stage before the recall

The plurality issue strikes again

Will the recall blow up the Republicans' face?

Vice President Kamala Harris jumps in to promise support for Newsom

Alaska: Blog suggests poor turnout among signers in Anchorage Assembly Chair recall

Must Read Alaska, a conservative blog that covers the political scene, suggests that the recall election of Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Rivera so far has poor turnout for the people who signed the petitions, with only 700 of the 2700 signers having cast early or mail-in ballots. The vote is tomorrow, on the April 6th General Election. Rivera has filed a lawsuit to toss out the recall effort.

One of the articles suggest that the purchase of a hotel for a shelter served as an impetus for the recall, though previously stories seem to focus on the claim that Rivera didn't stop a meeting which, due to the size of the audience, violated the emergency order limiting crowds during the coronavirus pandemic (there may have been 17 people at the meeting, which had a limit of 15).

Canada: A look at the Alberta recall proposal

Here -- with a claim from St. Albert's NDP MLA Marie Renaud that the signature requirement is too high for the recall to be useful.

California: Petitions approved against San Francisco School Board

Petitions have been approved against San Francisco School Board President Gabriela Lopez, former Vice President Alison Collins and Faauuga Moliga.  The recall supporters cite both the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns and an extremely controversial decision to change the names of public schools for political reasons and using some odd history, including removing the name of Abraham Lincoln. Mayor London Breed has been particularly critical of the board, and the City Attorney Dennis Herrera has sued to compel reopening. 

Petitioners would need to get 51,325 signatures each by September 7. The rest of the board members are in a grace period and not eligible to face a recall.

California: Santa Monica-Malibu School District members facing recall effort

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board members Laurie Lieberman, Maria Leon-Vasquez, Jon Kean and Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein are facing recall efforts over a kitchen sink group of complaints about performance.  

California: Three West Sonoma County Union High School Board members facing recalls over consolidation vote

West Sonoma County Union High School District Board President Kellie Noe, Vice President Jeanne Ferandes and Trustee Laurie Fadave are facing petitions over a vote to consolidate two high schools. Petitioners need about 7200 signatures in 120 days. 

Colorado: Grand Junction looks at early mayoral recall and its tie to ranked choice voting

Interesting look at an early use of ranked choice voting in Grand Junction, leading to the 1911 election of Socialist Mayor Thomas Todd, who then survived a recall vote.