Friday, March 27, 2020

Alaska: Oral Arguments heard by Supreme Court in Governor recall

The oral arguments were heard by the Alaska Supreme Court in the Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy (R) recall. Three of five justices were in the court, and two on the phone (the Chief Justive was replaced by a retired Justice after he recused himself. The news coverage doesn't really point to how the court would decide, though some of the justices were interest on how loose the malfeasance standard should be. The plaintiff's attorney argued that a liberal construction standard is not needed, as the governor could be held eligible for the recall even if no concrete harm was done to petitioners.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Taiwan: Poll suggests 60% in favor of recalling Kaohsiung Mayor

A new poll says that nearly 60 percent of voters are in favor of the recall of Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu. Signatures still have to be handed in before it gets to the ballot.

Colorado: Signatures handed in against Ouray County Sheriff

Signatures have been handed in for the recall of Ouray County Sheriff Lance FitzGerald. Petitioners turned in 1082 and need at least 768 to get on the ballot. Fitzgerald's recall was started by the County Republicans party and joined by the Democrats, after he was accused of a DUI. His girlfriend was accused of domestic violence last year and was in jail for five days. He won office by 11 votes as an unaffiliated candidate, though he beat a Republican.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Alaska: Due to Coronavirus issues, petitions now being mailed to gain signatures against Alaska Governor

The Coronavirus shut-down has put a dent in the signature gathering effort against Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy (R). Petitioners had claimed they had 30% of the needed total. The petitioners are now going to mail petitions to houses and have them send the petitions back.

I'mm not sure exactly how this will work. Alaska law seems to require circulator who personally attests to the signing. However, I'm not sure that the law requires the circulator to actually witness the signing (which I believe it does in other states). More difficult may be that the law states that the petition be circulated in person (Sec. 15.45.580). I wonder if these signatures will meet the requirement (perhaps another person in the house could be the circulator?) and if they will be possibly tossed out due to this.

This seems to be a gamble by the petitioners. Unlike in most other states, Alaska has no time limit on the petitions. So petitioners could actually pause the effort and then restart it whenever the situation returns to something resembling normal procedures.

Regardless, the recall is still waiting for the Supreme Court to weigh in on whether it can meet the malfeasance standard needed to get on the ballot.

If the court allows the recall, petitioners would need 71,252 signatures to get to the ballot. Note that of the 49,006 signatures that they've already received, a third were by Democrats. If Dunleavy were recalled, there would not be a replacement race. Instead, the Lieutenant Governor (a Republican) would automatically be moved up to Governor.

Colorado: Elizabeth Mayor and Trustee on April 7 ballot

Recalls against Elizabeth Mayor Megan Vasquez and Trustee Tammy Payne are on the April 7 ballot, and they have drawn to challengers in the replacement race, Jason Weiss and Barb McGinn.

At the end of the year two Elizabeth trustees, were kicked out in a recallElizabeth Trustee June Jurczewsky and Trustee Rachel White. The recall was launched over the Mayor and Councils' support for development proposals.

Texas: Roger Stone makes video calling for Austin Mayor recall

Roger Stone has taken time out of his appeal for his conviction for witness tampering and lying to investigators to back the recall effort against Austin Mayor Steve Adler and five council members, Kathie Tovo, Ann Kitchen, Paige Ellis, Natasha Harper-Madison and Sabino "Pio" Renteria. He made a video, though that seems to be from a $50 donation to his legal defense fund. The issue was over the homeless crisis and proposed changes to the land development code.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Florida: Howey-in-the-Hills Town Councilman recall scheduled for April 14

Howey-in-the-Hills Councilman Matthew McGill will be facing a recall election on April 14. From previous coverage, McGill and others are threatening to sue the town for a $1M each, with complaints of ethical violations. McGill has complained about the police chief's enforcement policies.

California: Westminister Mayoral/Council recall now all mail-ballot

The special election recall of Westminister Mayor Tri Ta and Councilmembers Kimberly Ho and Chi Charlie Nguyen has been scheduled for April 7 will now be only mail-in ballots due to the coronavirus shelter-in-place limitations.

Petitioners handed in over 11,000 signatures, they needed 8736 (don't yet see how many were validated). The issue is claims of ethical violations, such as limiting debate and participation.

There is also an attempt against the other two members, Tao Do and Sergio Contreas. Do's supporters have backed the recall of the other three and Do welcomed the recall of the other three on Facebook.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Massachusetts: Two Kingston Selectmen Recall set for May 16

The recall of Kingston Selectmen Chairman Josh Warren and Selectman Elaine Fiore has been scheduled for May 16, and has been combined with the Annual Town Election.

Petitioners handed in 2200 signatures and got 2073 valid. They needed 1987. The recall effort is over claims of a verbal aggressive attack on Selectman Jessica Kramer by a town employee and Warren's refusal to put the employee on leave. There was a counter claim that petitioners are upset about taxes and are looking for them to fire the Town Administrator.

Petitioners need approximately 1987 signatures (20% of registered voters) to get on the ballot.

A third Selectman, Sandy MacFarlane, is up for an election, so she will not be facing a recall effort.

Kingston had a recall in 1991, with Board of Health member Larry Slot being kicked out.

California: Trial date set for Tulare Regional Medical Center lawsuit

The fallout from the Tulare Local Healthcare District Board recall continues, as a lawsuit over the decisions they made now has a trial date. The recall has also been viewed as a trial run for a 2016 social media campaign that may have presaged other electoral influence campaigns of that year.

In the recall, Board Director Dr. Parmod Kumar was removed 707-168, and he is being replaced by Senovia Gutierrez, who won the replacement vote over Jesse Salcido 569-173. Almost all the votes were mail-in (703 mail-in ballots, 176 votes showed up on Tuesday).

The recall was over a $85 million in bonds for a new building and a vote to divest the powers of the board to Health Care Conglomerate Associates.

California: Both recall efforts against Governor Newsom now finished, Petitioners got 281,917 signatures, needed 1.5M

The second recall effort against Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has now did. Petitioners managed to get 352,271 signatures, of which 281,917 were valid. They needed 1495709.

This recall effort was led by Erin Cruz, who came in sixth in the US Senate primary. There was also one by Dr. James Veltmeyer, who lost the Republican primary for a Congressional seat in 2018 (that also died). The petitions seems to be focused on immigration issues, though there are also claims of capital punishment and the cost of the state wildfires and "medicare for all." There is also a preexisting online petition led by someone else that has 42,000 signers, of which exactly zero would count to a real petition. While both efforts have been getting press, there hasn't been much money raised for the effort ($53,000 for one, $48,000 for the second).

Alaska: Signature gathering efforts against Governor pause due to Coronavirus

Here, though others claim there is some other efforts going on. It is not clear what can be done here or in other recall efforts throughout the country -- I'm not sure that there can be a pause, and I doubt elected officials would be thrilled with it.. If this kills the recall effort, there is a very good chance that the Alaska Supreme Court will not rule on some of the case.

Massachusetts: Reading Select Board Chair to face recall after signature verification

Petitioners have got enough signatures to get a recall against Reading Select Board Chair Vanessa Alvarado. 2239 valids were submitted, petitioners needed 1998 to get on the ballot.

The issue seems to be questions regarding the search for a new police chef. The leader of the petition driver was former Select Board member John Arena (who lost to Alvarado two years ago).

Monday, March 16, 2020

Malaysia: Call for recall law over representatives party hopping


Massachusetts: Signatures handed in against Reading Select Board Chair

Signatures have been handed in against Reading Select Board Chair Vanessa Alvarado. The Town Clerk claims that it appears to be over 2000 signatures -- petitioners need 1998 to get on the ballot.

The issue seems to be questions regarding the search for a new police chef. The leader of the petition driver was former Select Board member John Arena (who lost to Alvarado two years ago).

Friday, March 13, 2020

California: Attorney General facing recall effort

Petitions were approved to start a recall effort against California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D). Petitions were approved on March 11 and must be handed in on August 18 -- no word on what the shutdowns will do to the effort.

The petition seems to be a kitchen sink group of complaints. Looks like they will need 1.47 million signatures to get on the ballot.

New Jersey: Governor recall effort fails

The recall effort against Governor Phil Murphy (D) has failed. Petitioners needed over 1.4 million valid signatures to get on the ballot. They claim to have gotten 1 million, but none were handed in.

Oregon: Democratic House Representative who faced failed recall effort not running for reelection

After a failed recall attempt against her, State Representative Tiffiny Mitchell (D) will not be running for reelection. Mitchell said she is moving to Washington State and therefore won't be eligible to serve.

The recall did not hand in any signatures. The group leading the recall effort was"Timber Unity." Petitioners claimed they have no role in the Governor Kate Brown (D) recall attempt, though they support the effort.

Petitioners needed 4883 signatures in 90 days.