Friday, October 30, 2015

Massachusetts: Petitions against Lawrence Mayor approved by Board of Registrars

This is the second time against Daniel Rivera-- looks like this one will also be going to court.

Michigan: Covert school board petitions presented for the third time to Election Commission

School Board President Diana Parrigin is facing petitions over a marijuana possession arrest (she pled no contest). The previous efforts were rejected for clarity reasons. Petitioners would need 140 signatures.

Arizona: Glendale recall set for Tuesday


Colorado: Recalled Snowmass councilman pays for cell damage

Chris Jacobson, who was recalled and removed following his DUI and destruction of a jail cell, has agreed to pay for the damage to the cell.

California: Morgan Hill School Board member resigns, though not the one who was facing active petitions

Amy Porter Jensen resigned from the embattled school board, though it is Board President Bob Benevento who is facing an active recall campaign. It sounds like petitioners were also considering a recall of Porter Jensen, though she resigned for "personal reasons" before that can be launched. Porter Jensen has now taken out a protective order against the recall petitioner (who has since resigned from the effort) who have allegedly sent between 40-100 emails a day to board and claimed that he had an inappropriate relationship with Porter Jensen.

Massachusetts: Rowley Water Board Commissioner facing petitions

Commissioner Tim Toomey is facing petitions (due on November 6) with complains over executive sessions, putting the water superintendent on leave without consulting the full board. Fellow Commissioner John Manning is supporting the recall, which need about 1200 signatures.

Nebraska: York recall effort fails

The recall deadline against Commissioner Paul Buller has failed. Petitioners had previously announced that she wouldn't turn in the signatures.

Oklahoma: Police and fire unions claim to have collected more than 90% of the signatures for Midwest City Mayor recall

They have 395 signatures, they need 433 to get Dee Collins on the ballot.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Colorado: Tons on the Colorado School Board Recall

I should have a breakdown on the prevalance of school board recalls coming soon, but here's some stories: Chalkbeat presents a great breakdown of the issues; The NYT looks into it; death threats and the Denver Post has an editorial opposing the recall.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Massachusetts: Lawrence Mayor facing "rite of passage" recall

This is on the Daniel Rivera recall attempt. One point to make -- the article notes that it takes 100 signatures to start a recall, with some of Rivera's supporters claiming that 100 signatures is too low a bar to a recall. Of course, the 100 signatures is just to get the petitions -- petitioners need about 5600 signatures to get on the ballot. And the fact that they haven't gotten a recall on to the ballot against the previous mayors suggests that the signature total requirement has worked as a bar against frivolous recall attempts.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Colorado: Jefferson County School Board recall spending may top $1M


Oregon: Pressure against Douglas County Commissioner over her lawsuit against term limits

Petitioners are still gathering signatures against Susan Morgan, but they are hoping to push her to resign over her lawsuit that claims that term limits are unconstitutional.

Ohio: East Cleveland Councilman facing recall effort sees person who tried to bribe him plead guilty


Wisconsin: Arcadia Mayor facing recall vote on November 24

Arcadia Mayor John Kimmel, in his third term, is facing an upcoming recall vote over his opposition to a referendum on frac sand mining. Petitioners handed in 226 signatures, then needed 144.

Kansas: Sedgwick County Commission Chairman discusses recall against him

Here and here-- a political scientist correctly notes that recalls don't happen often in Kansas. You would have to go all the way back to August to see a recall in that state.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kansas: Sedgwick County Commissioner facing petitions over illegal immigration/WIC position

Sedgwick County Commissioner Chair Richard Ranzau is facing a recall attempt over his position that illegal immigrants shouldn't get federal WIC. The county commission voted to reduce WIC funding by $320,000 and Ranzau tried to eliminate three part-time breastfeeding counselors.

Oregon: Clatskanie Mayor recall on the ballot for November 17

The recall of Clatskanie Mayor Diane Pohl is on the November 17 ballot. Pohl is facing a recall for allowing the police chief to resign after alleged racist remarks. The mayor's husband, a former city planning commission member, was charged with 30 counts of public indecency against the family of the local officer who accused the chief of making the remarks.

Nebraska: Petitioner explains reasons behind decision to drop York County Commissioner recall

Not quite clear why she thinks she would be "solely responsible for a man to lose his job" as there would presumably be many signers to the recall if it were to get on the ballot. The petitions against Paul Buller were due in a week, so it may not be too crazy to question whether she actually got enough signatures.

My article in the Hill on the Heir Apparent label in Clinton v. Biden


Canada: Push to extend British Columbia recall to municipal offices and regional districts


Sunday, October 18, 2015

California: Recall against Cerritos College Trustee President and South Gate City Clerk thrown out

A recall against Cerritos College Trustee President and South Gate City Clerk Carmen Avalos was thrown out after four of 10 signatures on the petition were called into question. The recall was over Avalos' abstention from a vote to elect another trustee President of the Board.

A long time political operative Sylvia Ortiz is alleged to have brought the petitions. Ortiz was previous blamed for failed recall petitioners in Commerce.

Arizona: Sheriff Joe Arpaio fundraising letter focused on recall

There doesn't appear to be a recall attempt ongoing against Arpaio, but it is the focus of his most recent fundraising letter.

Colorado: Signatures filed against four Parachute Trustees over marijuana ban

Parachute Mayor Roy McClung, and trustees Tim Olk, Tom Rugaard and John Loschke are facing recall attempts over their vote to repeal a town ban on marijuana establishments (the Mayor Pro-Tem is up for election in April, so no recall is being attempted against her). The recall was filed by Let the People Vote, which is trying to put a initiative on the marijuana issue on the 2016 ballot. It sounds like signatures were actually handed in, so this could be on the ballot soon.

California: Carson City Clerk facing censure hearings

This is against former Mayor Jim Dear, who presumably still has recall papers out against him

Friday, October 16, 2015

Nebraska: All four Neligh Councilmembers survive recall

The recall over the annexation of the property failed, with councilman Ted Hughes surviving 203-344, Leonard Miller 164-383, Stephanie Wanek 178-369, and Dale Wilkinson 202-346.

Wisconsin: Scott Walker claims that GAB plan on accepting Mickey Mouse signatures

Politifact's claimed that this statement as "false," and even that may be considered an extremely generous interpretation.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Can Recalls improve democracy?

Here's a paper from the Democracy Futures series.

California: Yuba County Recall post-script -- recall supporters want investigation

A Postscript to the failed recall attempt against Andy Vasquez. Two recall supporters are claiming that voters would be revealed as "marijuana supporters" if they supported the Vasquez recall.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My article in Time on Presidential Succession


My op-ed in Reuters on Disorder in the House

Here -- unfortunately, they cut out the part where I noted that the first Speaker of the House Frederick Muhlenberg, doesn't seem to have a bio to his name.

Colorado: "Meet the Democrat who challenges conventional wisdom on the NRA's Power"

Here's an article by Dave Weigel claiming that the fact that the Democrats retook the two seats they lost in the Colorado state Senate challenges the NRA power narrative. I've argued that you have to look at that third seat: Evie Hudak resigned, and then the seat went Republican in November, costing the Democrats the state Senate, to get an accurate picture of what happened:

Taiwan: Appendectomy Project wants recall threshold lowered


California: Manteca School Board recall effort still taking place

Two members, Alexander Bronson and Ashley Drain, resigned over election fraud charges.A third, Sam Fant, is still facing petitions after a grand jury report claiming he created a hostile work environment.

Embattled Virgin Islands' Governor can be recalled

Governor Kenneth Mapp is coming under criticism for alleged lavish spending habits. So there is now discussion of a recall -- though it has to wait until he is in office for a year.

Texas: Kyle Councilmember facing petitions over ethic violations/failure to pay property taxes

Kyle City Council member Becky Selbera is facing a petition after she was investigated for alleged ethics violations and a failure to pay property taxes (the property was her deceased father's). Selbera claims that the petition is a personal vendetta. Petitioner would need 2541 signatures to get on the ballot (15% of registered voters).

There were also attempts against Mayor Todd Webster by "no growth" advocates.

Wisconsin: Crivitz School Board President facing petitions

Critiz School Board President Mike Dama is facing recall threats over lawsuits filed against the school board, especially after the recent decision to randomly drug test students. Petitioners -- "Wolverines for Change" -- have 500 signatures, but need 651.

California: Selma School Board recall set for November 3

Selma School Board President John Lorona and Board members Roger Orosco and Gilbert Lopez are facing recall votes on election day over the votes to buyout the school superintendent.

Colorado: Snowmass Village DUI councilman kicked out

Councilman Chris Jacobson was kicked out in the first recall in the village's history. Jacobson who was arrested for a DUI and then for causing $15,000 in damage to the cell, lost 623-57. He was replaced by Town Planning Chairman Tom Goode, who won 341-257-57.

Idaho: Another editorial opposing a recall -- in Caldwell

Again, we hear the "recalls should be reserved for unethical conduct" line.

Oklahoma: Midwest City Mayor facing recall efforts over fights with police/fire departments

Mayor Dee Collins is facing a recall effort, which seems to have the support (if not the leadership) of the firefighters union. Collins served in the police department for 30 years. The unions are also upset with the City Manager for opposing a union request to hire more firefighters and supporting a closure of station (since reversed).

Petitioners need 433 signatures to get on the ballot.

Illinois: Dolton trustees claim recall law illegal

A fight between Dolton Mayor Riley H. Rogers and Trustees Stanley Brown, Tiffany Henyard and Robert G. Hunt Jr. has led to a lawsuit over a new recall ordinance adopted by a 4-3 vote on June 1. The ordinance back dates the recall law to April 2013 (when those three trustees were elected), but somehow does not apply to those elected in April 2015 (when three trustees supported by Rogers were elected.

This one seems great -- the mayor has "purportedly appointed himself the village's police chief," though other stories are saying that the recall is about liquor licenses and the Rogers claims its about the sale of a money-losing senior housing complex that the three trustees blocked.

The recall law also lets the mayor name replacements, subject to the trustees approval.

The lawsuit claims that the recall law had to be enacted by public referendum.

Nevada: Supreme Court hears arguments in Municipal Judge recall

Oral arguments were on Monday over whether the recall law hits judges or not. I can't see how they rule it doesn't but will see.

Arizona: Camp Verde recall cancellation goes to court

The recall that was suppose to be scheduled for November 3 against Camp Verde Vice Mayor Bruce George, but was cancelled by the town because of technical issues with the petitions is now being heard by a court. The court could rule for a March 2016 recall.

California: Patterson Council member's recall leads to tears, other issues

Councilwoman Sheree Lustgarten, who's been in office 2 1/2 years, is facing recall threats over claims of bad behavior and harassment, as well as grand jury investigations and bad businesses. She memorable threatened people at a senior center and had a restraining order filed against her by another councilman. Lustgarten blames the former mayor and city councilwoman for her troubles.

Georgia: Meigs mayor facing petition threats over fight with city attorney, lawsuit filed against town

Meigs Mayor Linda Harris is facing recall threats over her fights with the city manager, six lawsuits that have been filed against the city totaling $200,000 (which has led to the cancellation of the city's liability insurance policy. Georgia has a very difficult malfeasance standard recall law, so we'll see if this can even get to the petition stage. Petitioner would need 116 signatures (30% of registered in 2013).

California: Yuba County Supervisor recall fails

The effort to recall Yuba County Supervisor Andy Vasquez over his support for a bill to tighten marijuana growing laws failed, with only 55% of the signatures being validated. Petitioners handed in 1456 signatures, they needed 1069. They got 806.

California: Effort to Poway School District Trustee fails the original petition stage

The effort to recall Andy Patapow failed the first step, as two people who signed the original petition used their old addresses that weren't in Poway. They have since re-registered and will move forward.

Texas: Approval of Plano Tomorrow plan leads to proposed recall against 6 members

Plano Mayor Harry La Rosillere and city council members Ben Harris, Lissa Smith, Davids Downs, Angela Miner and Rick Grady are facing potential petitions over their 6 votes in favor of a plan for high density apartments. Presumably, the two members who voted against the plan will not face any petitions. Petitioners need 5773 signatures for four members and 2793 for Miner and Grady.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Jersey: Another look at the state's poor record with recalls

This one comes off of the recent Freehold recall threat.

Head of flight attendants union quits in face of recall threats

The President of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants Laura Glading quit early (she was suppose to resign on December 2)under the threat of a recall election over her position on the merger of American Airlines with US Airways in 2013. The recall was estimated to have cost $200,000.

Massachusetts: Dighton recall ordinance approved by the Governor

Petitioners will need 15% of signatures from registered voters in each precinct to get a recall on the ballot. That sounds quite a bit more challenging than the usual requirement, as it needs broad support, and requires a real micro-geographic targeting. Somewhat similar to California's gubentorial recall law that requires 5% from each county.

California: Lucerne Valley School Board recall scheduled for February 2

The recall against Dawn Turnbull, who hasn't shown up to a board meeting in months, is scheduled for February 2. However, the Board is actually trying to declare the seat vacant, so it's possible that the recall will be preempted.

California: Poway School Board Recall launched

Poway School Board member Andy Patapow, who has been on the board for 19 years, is facing petitions from a parent, Chris Garnier, after Garnier was banned from an elementary school and hit with a three-year restraining order for allegedly threatening and bullying the principal and other parents.

Garnier claims the issue is race, though Patapow said that the effort is aimed at ousting the board majority and oust the Superintendent. Petitioner would need 10,000 signatures.

Arizona: Glenwood recall effort seeing money flowing in

It seems outside PACs are launching a serious effort against Gary Sherwood, though he has raised at least $11,000 in the last month and half from unions and others.

Missouri: Springfield Councilman recall moving forward

The recall effort against Councilman Justin Burnett over his critical comments on the free the nipple campaign. Both sides have also started fundraising.

Massachusetts: Lawrence Board of Registers votes to appeal court decision allowing Mayor to challenge validity of voter affidavits

The attempted recall of Mayor Daniel Rivera has taken another turn. After the Board accepted the 136 signatures needed to start the recall (petitioners need 5645 signatures to actually get on the ballot), Rivera requested an injunction from the court claiming that at least 50 of the affidavits were signed by "inactive voters" -- people who haven't voted recently or didn't respond to a census letter. The City Attorney claimed that the Mayor couldn't challenge the affidavit at this time -- he would have to wait till the end of the process. The court disagreed, and now it will be appealed.

Massachusetts: City Administrator fired after Fall River mayoral recall seeks City Council seat


California: Upland Mayor facing recall petitions

Mayor Ray Musser is facing petitions 13 months before the expiration of his term. Former City Manager Stephen Dunn helped full out the paperwork. Petitioner would need 7483 in 120 days to get the recall on the ballot.

Arizona: Guadalupe mayor storms out of meeting

More on the Mayor-Vice Mayor recall fight there.

Idaho: Recall opponents worry that recall vote will also kill school levy

Sounds like if the school levy fails, the school loses days for the year.

Arizona: Petitioners claim 100,000 signatures against State School's Chief Diane Douglas


Texas: Plano Tomorrow plan on development of high density buildings brings calls for recalls

An upcoming vote on a plan for the development of high density apartment buildings which critics say would bring an influx of low-income students to the public schools has led for calls for recalls.

Oregon: Signatures handed in for Clatskanie Mayoral recall

Petitioners have collected and handed in 140 signatures calling for the recall of Mayor Diane Pohl over their decision to allow the former Police Chief Marvin Hoover to retire and pay four months salary after accusations of racist behavior. Petitioners need 88 valids.

Washington: Wayback view of Yakima County 1915 recall


Friday, October 2, 2015

New Jersey: Jersey City Freeholder facing recall threats after wife takes job with Senate President

Jersey City Freeholder Gerald Balmir is facing threats of a recall led by Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop after his wife took a job with State Senate President Stephen Sweeney. Both Fulop and Sweeney are looking to make a gubernatorial run.

Canada: Municipal politicians call for British Columbia to adopt recall law


Idaho: Driggs Mayor recall not going to be on November ballot

The recall attempt against Driggs Mayor Hyrum Johnson over lack of transparency will not be on the ballot. Petitioners needed 151 signatures.

California: Riverside County Supervisor recall failed

The attempt to recall Supervisor Kevin Jeffries (R) failed, with petitioners not turning in signatures. They needed 17,000. Jeffries is a former state assemblyman who is acused of being a bully and denying seniors access to nutritious lunches. Supporters of the supervisor who Jeffries beat in 2012 , Bob Busters, are alleged to be the prime backers of the recall.

Idaho: Four West Ada School Board members targeted in recall

Following a vote to rescind a contract extension for the superintendent, the previous superintendent Christine Donnell and a former trustee Reid Olsen launch a recall against fur board members, Russell Joki, Carol Sayles, Julie Madsen and board chair Tina Dean. The board rescind the contract, which was approved just before two new members took office.

Read more here:

Ohio: Upper Arlington uncertain on how to handle recall petitions


Thursday, October 1, 2015

California: Los Rios Community College Student board member facing recall threats over Holocaust denial

Cameron Weaver, who is the elected student member of the Los Rios Community College Board (it has reps the community colleges in Sacramento) was quoted in an interview calling into question the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust, among other comments.

A recall will need a 3/4 majority vote from 3 of the four college student body association Senates.