Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Arizona: Clifton School Board recalls set for March 11

Two Clifton Schools Board of Education members, Board President Adam Chacon and member Reynaldo Tavison, will be up for recalls on March 11 over their vote in favor of property tax increases. Petitioners needed 151 signatures, they handed in 292 and 274 valids.

Massachusetts: Recalls discussed in Harwich over road reconstruction project

Harwich is facing questions about initiating recalls, thanks to complaints about a plan to reconstruct Route 124 that would "ruin the rural character of the road." Petitioners would need about 2,000 signatures (20% of turnout).

Wisconsin: Walker with a slight lead in early 2014 polls


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rhode Island: Exeter gun control recall set for December 14, with bizarre replacement rules

The recall of four Exeter Council members, Council President Arlene B. Hicks, Vice President William Monahan, Robert Johnson and Calvin A. Ellis, is set to take place on December 14 (a Saturday). The issue was the council members support for a bill (that didn't pass) asking the state Attorney General to take over gun permit approval.  
The four are all Democrats. The one council member not facing a recall is independent Raymond A. Morrissey Jr.
This is Exeter's first recall, and the first one I've seen in Rhode Island. The recall law is very odd. There is no replacement race. The replacement is the loser in last November's election (the highest vote-getter if there are multiple candidates). One of the four ran unopposed, so the new council members were then select his replacement.

Michigan: Genesee County Commissioner to appeal clarity/factualness of recall petition

The former Democratic Party Chair is going to represent Pegge Adams in her appeal -- could be the first case that allows judicial clarification on the new factualness requirement.

Wisconsin: Democrats dispute Walker's book


Sunday, October 27, 2013

California: Five State Legislators targeted in recalls

Five Democrats are facing threats of a recall over gun control issues, with the targets including Assembly Speaker John Perez, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirck-Silva, Sen. Ben Hueso of San Diego, Sen. Norma Torres of Pomona, and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego. The last three were elected in special elections.

Of particular note is this fact:

[Jennifer] Kerns is a Republican political strategist who helped with the Colorado effort. She also is the spokeswoman for the gubernatorial campaign of Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of Twin Peaks, who was the only lawmaker to attend the news conference

North Dakota: Spirit Lake Tribal Secretary survives recall vote

Spirit Lake Tribal Secretary Nancy Greene-Robertson survived a recall, 260-156. This was the third tribal recall vote in recent months -- Former Chairman Roger Yankton was recalled in July and Mardell Lewis survived a recall last month.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Idaho: Petitioners have 75% of signatures need in Lake Pend Oreille school board recall

Petitioners have reportedly gathered 75% of the signatures needed to get the recall of Lake Pend Oreille School Board chair Steve Youngdahl on the ballot. The issue is Youngdahl's push to arm teachers.

Nebraska: Petitions handed in for Central City School Board

Petitions are being counted for the recall against Central City School Board Kent Malm over the firing of football coach Darrin Garfield. Petitioners need 489 signatures, they handed in 586.

A previous effort to recall two other board members, Dale Palser and Steve Belitz, failed even though petitioners appeared to get enough signatures. The petitions did not state on each page whether the petitioners were paid or volunteer. Due to their being for election next year, Palser and Belitz aren't eligible for a recall any longer.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wisconsin: Special Prosecutor looking into campaign violations in recall

There are investigations in five separate counties, This appears to be both for the 2011 and 2012 recalls, and it sounds like it is focusing on the Republicans side, but it is all very uncertain. Very hard to read to much into this until more details come out.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Arizona: Golden Valley Fire District members facing petitions

Four members of Golden Valley Fire District are facing petitions over claims that they overspent the budget and attacked staff members.Board members Steve Robinson, Chairman Mark Vanik, Curt Hardy and Rhonda Brooks are facing recall threats -- three of them need 483 signatures, and Hardy seems to require 161. The fifth board seat is vacant.

Colorado: Supreme Court affirms unconstitutionality of yes/no voting requirement

Not that this mattered, but the Supreme Court affirmed its previous decision holding that a vote could skip the recall portion of the vote, and instead just cast a ballot on the replacement.

New Jersey: Wayne Councilman facing petitions

Councilman Franco Mazzei is facing recall petitions due to his perceived opposition to a redevelopment plan. Petitioners need 2,000 signatures.

California: San Bernandino's historic election

Here's some more detail on the San Bernardino recalls and election. Councilman Chas Kelley, who was the focus of a recall campaign that didn't get the signatures, pleaded guilty to felony perjury and resigned his seat.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Idaho: Proposal to arm teachers from School District Trustee in Sandpoint leads to recall petitions

Lake Pend Oreille School District trustee Steve Youndahl is facing petitions over his proposal to arm teachers. Petitioners need 105 signatures in 70 days. One of the issues is the evidence that Youndahl presented for an article.

Wisconsin: Scott Walker coming out with a new book


Friday, October 18, 2013

Texas: Lubbock City Councilman running for reelection while facing a recall

Victor Hernandez is heading in front of the voters on November 5, but he is also planning on running for reelection. Note this article as well, that the former City Manager, whose ouster precipitated the Hernandez recall, donated to the recall Hernandez efforts.

Maryland: Rock Hall council approves charter amendment for recall

I spoke to the attorneys involved in drafting this law and gave my thoughts. They did a good job in navigating some of the tricky problems that occur with recalls.

California: Four Commerce Council members facing petitions

Commerce Mayor Pro Tem Lilia Leon and Council members Denise Robles, Ivan Altamirano and Tina Baca Del Rio, are all facing recall petitions, though Robles seems to be from a separate group.

The official complaints are about campaign finance disclosure forms.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Texas: El Paso City Council considering former mayor's legal issues in recall

It's not clear exactly what they are debating, though the mayor has asked the city to pay the $550,000 in  legal bills he racked up to avoid a recall.

Michigan: Genesee County Commissioner facing petitions over animal shelter

Genesee County Commissioner Pegge Adams is being targeted for a recall due to complaints with an animal shelter. The petitioners are complaining that Adams, the chairperson of the Animal Control Subcommittee, didn't properly investigate the agency.

Adams is a first-term Democrats.

Colorado: Governor Hickenlooper suggests outside groups stay out of recall


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rhode Island: Recall of four Exeter town councilors moves to verification stage.

This is another gun control recall (and a very rare one in Rhode Island). Petitions were gathered against four (of five) Exeter town councilors due to their support for a law (that failed in the Assembly) giving the state AG the job of issuing concealed weapons permits. Petitioners needed 496 signatures. They got 600. We'll see if enough are valid.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Poland: Warsaw Mayor appears to survive recall

It looks likeWarsaw Mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz survived the recall vote held on  Sunday. The recall needed 29% turnout -- it got 27.2%

Louisiana: St. Tammany Parish Coroner resigns during recall effort

St. Tammany Parish Coroner Peter Galvan has resigned after being indicted on federal charges of theft. Petitioners had been working to get the 54,000 signatures before the resignation (they had to hand in on November 14).

Oregon: Editorial calls for malfeasance standard for recalls


New Jersey: Two Newfield Council members facing petitions

Councilman Everett Marshall III and council president Michael Carrow are facing petitions over a long standing battle between the council and the volunteer fire chief. Petitioners need 290 signatures in about five months. Marshall is an ex-fire chief himself. Note that this would be the second recall in the County's history.
The one and only recall election was in 1984 when Deptford’s Mayor Joseph Kivlen was challenged. The recall vote went on, but did not pass. Kivlen remained seated in his post.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Poland: Warsaw Mayor recall may result in snap election

Interesting tactics in the upcoming Warsaw Mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz recall. Apparently, the ruling party is considering calling a snap election in January if the recall succeeds. Gronkiewicz-Waltz leads in polls in a snap election.

Texas: Fourth attempt to recall Lubbock Council member leads to call for change in law

Mayor Glen Robertson is calling on changes to the recall rules, due to a fourth planned attempt to recall City Councilman Floyd Price. Each failed petition costs between $2,000-$3,000.
"My input would be that if you had a failed recall petition on a councilman, another one couldn't be started for a minimum of six months," Robertson said. "That would get rid of this, 'one after another, after another, after another.' The other thing I would like to change is that if a councilman has less than a year left on their term, you can't file a petition."

California: Gun Rights supporters targeting Democratic gun control supporters

California gun rights supporters are now looking to target Democratic supporters of gun control legislation, such as one banning the sale of semiautomatic rifles holding detachable magazines. No word on who they would target, nor any mention of the 1994 recall of Senate President Pro Tempore David Roberti.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

California: Two Simi Valley School Board members facing petitions

Simi Valley Unified School District President Ron Collins and board member Debbie Sandland are facing petitions due to the support of an extension for the district superintendent.Petitioners would need almost 11,000 signatures in 160 days.  

California: Yucca Valley recalls fail to get the signatures

Yucca Valley Town Councilmen Robert Lombardo and George Huntington will not face recall votes. Petitioners handed in 2,700 each. They needed 2,461. They got 2,272 and 2,264. The issue was cuts to community service programs and a nature museum, as well as a three year contract for a former Town Manager.

Rhode Island: Four Exeter Town Council members facing recalls over concealed weapon permit law

A very rare attempted recall in Rhode Island -- petitions have been submitted by gun rights supporters to recall four Exeter council members, President Arlene B. Hicks, Vice President William Monahan, Robert Johnson and Calvin Ellis. The issue is their vote asking the state's general assembly to have the Attorney General take over concealed weapon permits. The effort went nowhere.

Petitioners need 496 signatures (10% of registereds).They handed in 605. This will be the first recall in Exeter's history.

Very interesting law here -- there is no replacement vote. The losing candidate in the last election replaces anyone recalled. In one of the cases, a gun dealer would be the victor.

Louisiana:: Harahan mayor facing petitions

An effort is underway to recall Mayppr Vinny Mosca, due to his supporting a push to development a former country club. Petitioners need 2,277 signatures in 180 days.

Colorado: Senate Democrats elect new leader


Wisconsin: Glenwood Mayor, 2 city council members facing petitions

Petitions have been filed against Mayor John Larson and city council members Nancy Hover and Dave Graese over their support for a frac-sand mine.

Poland: New Poll suggests Warsaw mayor to lose recall next week

The poll now says that 67% of people who will vote will look to oust Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. More importantly, 36% of voters plan on voting -- 29% are needed to make the recall valid.

Wisconsin: Assembly Election Committee votes to adopt recall Malfeasance Standard

The Wisconsin Assembly's Election Committee has once again passed a bill trying to push the state to a malfeasance standard (meaning that recalls can only be initiated for a specified wrong-doing). Not the first time they've pushed this bill. So far, it has floundered in the Senate.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Michigan: Two New Buffalo City Council members facing petitions

Two members of the New Buffalo City Council, Mayor Migs Murray and Mayor Pro Tem Ray Lawson, are facing petitions, though they have to pass clarity/factual hearing first. Among the issues are appointment of a former mayor as City Manager (without the required Bachelor's degree); Filling a city council vacancy three days before a regularly scheduled meeting, thereby allowing a defeated council member to vote; and voting to change the election date.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

North Dakota: Five Griggs County Commissioners kicked out

Five Griggs County Commissioners who voted in favor of a $3.5 million courthouse were kicked out in a recall held today. 
• District 1: Incumbent, Ron Halvorson, 92; challenger, John Wakefield, 132.
• District 2: Incumbent, Ronnie Edland, 90; challenger, Shawn Steffen, 150.
• District 3: Incumbent, Dennis Halvorson, 60; challenger, Ron Dahl, 144.
• District 4: Incumbent, Keith Monson, 71; challenger Troy Olson, 103.
• District 5: Incumbent, Robert Johnson, 69; challenger Dale Pederson, 112.

Colorado: GOP Chair claims that Senator Hudak recall attempt could undermine 2014 efforts

The GOP chair has already run afoul of the petitioners in the Morse and Giron recalls. Here he is again wading in.

Monday, October 7, 2013

California: 10 Years After Gray Davis

I'm trying to place a piece on this subject, but here's some solid pieces in the LA Times.

Colorado: New effort looks to target Senator Evie Hudak

Following the successful results in September, a new petition effort is targeting Democratic Senator Evie Hudak. The first try against Hudak failed. If Hudak would be removed, the Republicans would gain control of the Senate.

Petitioners need 18,900 signatures in 60 days. As a comparison, 16,198 signatures were handed in against Morse (10,137 were verified). In the Giron recall, about 13,500 were handed in (12,648 were verified). So this is a much tougher hill to climb. Note this about Hudak's district and why she is being targeted:
Hudak’s metro-area district mirrors Morse’s in that it’s divided into thirds among Democrats, Republicans and unaffilated voters. Hudak won the seat in 2012 by about 580 votes with a third-party candidate on the ballot.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

North Dakota: Petitions validated for Maywood Village Board Member

Petitioners need 52 signatures to get a recall against Board Member Colleen Stone on the ballot. They got 59. They are still going after several school board members.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

North Dakota: Tie in Spirit Lake Nation recall lets tribal member keep seat

The second vote on the recall against Spirit Lake Nation of North Dakota tribal member Mardell Lewis. The original recall resulted in a tie -- the chairman ruled that the recall demands a majority vote for a recall to succeed, so tie goes to the defense.

Michigan: Cement City Village President facing petitions

Petition language has been approved against Cement City Village President Jim Ellis. The issue wasallowing a kennel in a residential district.

New Jersey: 40% rejection rate in signatures for West New York Mayor, Commissioner

The attempt to recall West New York Mayor Felix Roque and Commissioners Fior D’Aliza Frias, Caridad Rodriguez, and Ruben Varga appears to have failed, with over a 40% rejection rate. Petitioners handed in 6,493 to kick out Roque, and only 3,820 were accepted. (Signatures amounts for the other commissioners ranged from 6,350-6,426, with a similar failure rate). Petitioners needed 5,257.

The petitioners do have 10 days to cure the errors.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Colorado: Leadership struggles in recall's wake

Some of the usual wrangling for posts.

Arizona: Oro Valley Town Council member facing petitions

Oro Valley Town Council member Mike Zinkin is facing a recall threat. Petitioners need 2,131 signatures. Zinkin claims the mayor and three other council members are behind the recall. The mayor denied it, and claims that the recalls is due to comments to female town employees and racially insensitive remarks.