Thursday, August 1, 2013

California: Op-ed in the San Diego Union Tribune on the 100,000 signature mountain

I wrote this op-ed for the San Diego Union Tribune which mainly discusses how difficult it will be for voters to get to 100,000 signatures, and also discusses some of the problems with the recall.

I believe that recalls requiring six figure signatures have only been achieved four times in US history (all on the state level), though there have been recalls were more than 100,000 were handed in, though not needed. In a couple of other instances, (Michigan in 2011 and Arizona this year) well over 100,000 were reported to have been gathered, but not turned in due to not coming close to the required amount.

I also look at the strange laws in San Diego regarding the recall. I will have a more in-depth post on San Diego's disaster of a recall law early next week (have to hunt down some more info on it).

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