Monday, August 26, 2013

Oklahoma: GOP denounces Democratic amendment for recalls

The State Republican Party has a press release denouncing an amendment to allow recalls (presumably statewide). The release actually links to a dead link, so it's not clear that the proposed law is (though they claim that it involves 15% of turnout. I wonder how old this release is, but just popped up for me. Here's the news story on it from 2012 and here's the key part of the release:
A Democrat effort to institute recall elections in Oklahoma would waste taxpayer dollars and disrespect voters, State Republican Party Chairman Matt Pinnell said today.
“When the voters speak, you should listen. Democratic losses at the ballot box are not a sign that we need an endless series of ‘do-overs’ in Oklahoma; it’s a sign that the Democratic Party’s message is not resonating with citizens,” Pinnell said. “Allowing a small group to demand recall elections disrespects the will of Oklahoma voters while wasting limited taxpayer dollars.”

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