Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Colorado: Funding reports for Recall shows $350K donation from Bloomberg, $150K from NRA

We are starting to see the first reports of the money being raised in the Colorado recall campaigns. So far, New York City Mayor and noted gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg has donated $350,000 to anti-recall forces. The group Taxpayers for Responsible Democracy claims that 17,000 contributors have donated to support Morse and Giron. Eli Broad has given $250,000 to the anti-recall group.
On the other side of the ledger, the NRA has apparently given $108,000 in support of the recall (the story is not clear if this was spent on issue ads). Hopefully, we'll have a fuller picture tomorrow on this.
To put this in to some context, total reported contributions for both winner and loser in the general election in Morse's last race in 2010 was about $281K and total reported  contributions in Giron's race was about $135K. I have no idea if there were any outside groups, but that does show how much more money is coming in this time. 

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