Monday, August 26, 2013

California: San Bernardino Superior Court Judge demand clerk count signatures

Overturning a strange ruling by the San Bernardino Clerk that prevent signature counting in some of the recall campaigns being mounted in the city, a Superior Court judge has ruled that the signatures collected against City Attorney Jim Penman and Council members Chas Kelley, Wendy McCammack and John Valdivia must be counted.

The City Clerk Gigi Hana (herself the subject of a recall) said that the petitions should be thrown out because they didn't publish the officeholder's response to the recall in a local newspaper within seven days of the petition being filed. Hanna gave conflicted advice to the petitioners.
The judge also tossed out an anti-recall petition (which would strike already signed names off the petition), due to its "extremely misleading" and deceptive" nature.

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