Friday, August 23, 2013

Colorado: Polls say majority of state voters oppose recalls of state legislators and use of recall in general

A Quinnipiac University Poll out today shows that state voters oppose the use of political recalls and specifically, the recalls of State Senate President John Morse (54-35%) and State Senator Angela Giron (52-36%), at least if the issue is gun control. Note a couple of important points:

1) This is a state-wide poll, so it probably doesn't tell us that much about the specific districts.

2) There is a huge partisan divide. 62% of Republicans are in favor of tossing out Morse (60% for Giron). 88% of Democrats oppose it. Also a pretty stark gender divide.

3) Polls again show people against the political recall (not for malfeasance in office), by 60-31%. Again, we are seeing a stark partisan divide, with Republicans almost evenly divided 47-42% in favor of the recall) while Democrats completely opposed (10-85% against). Independents are 34-57% against. Again, we also see a gender divide.

We saw a similar result in an Election Day poll in Wisconsin. The question is would these results have been completely reversed if it were a Republican facing a recall? People don't seem to be opposed to the recall, just to the recall as used against their officials.

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