Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Arizona: Two more Sunnyside School Board members facing petitions

Sunnyside Unified School District board members Buck Crouch and Daniel Hernandez Jr. are facing a recall over their opposition to the Superintendent. Last month, petitions were taken out against board members Louie Gonzales andBobby Garcia for their support of the Superintendent. 
Crouch and Hernandez have been among Isquierdo’s biggest critics, citing what they describe as unethical behavior, including: filing for bankruptcy before he was scheduled to lose his Oro Valley home to foreclosure; owing more than $150,000 in back taxes; and having his driver’s license suspended because of unpaid fines and failure to appear in court. 
Isquierdo also has faced criticism for making improper charges on his district credit card and for the district’s use of athletes to pass out literature in support of a bond election in past years.
Each board member need 1,345 signatures. The first petitions are due on November 14, the second, December 14.

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