Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Michigan: Petitions rejected for the second time against West Branch-Rose City School Board Member

The recall petitions against West Branch-Rose City board member Mike Eagan have to be refiled, as the board claims that the language is not clear or factually accurate. This is the second time languagehas been shot down in this recall. The official reasons listed were:
“1. Michael Eagan has violated two West Branch-Rose City school board bylaws by compromising the board and it’s (sic) district’s staff and putting himself in a position of bias and favoritism,” the language states. “2. Michael Eagan is married to West Branch-Rose City teacher Amy Huber-Eagan, which presents a clear and defined conflict of interest as stated in Michigan State Senate Bill 1051 and our local school bylaws.”
However, the wife of the petitioner said that Eagan was involved in closed sessions on whether to discipline a group of teachers who wrote letters of leniency for convicted sex offender Neal Erickson, when one of the teachers was his wife, was a conflict of interest.

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