Friday, August 30, 2013

California: Three recalls qualify for the San Bernardino ballot

The recalls against San Bernardino City Attorney Jim Penman and council members Wendy McCammack and John Valdivia have qualified, though the one against Councilman Chas Kelley failed. The recall will be held on November 5. Adding some additional color, both McCammack and Kelley are also running for mayor.

Petitioners missed Kelley's recall by a bit -- they needed 1,326 more signatures, but they have 30 more days to try and collect them if they choose.

He said it would be too late to qualify a recall against Kelley for the November ballot and organizers don’t want to have the city pay for a special election. However, he said if they will investigate whether it could be on a January ballot when runoff elections for some of the city races could take place.

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