Monday, June 3, 2013

Colorado: John Morse recall effort turns in 16000 signatures

Big update in the recall campaign of Senate President John Morse.  Petitioners have handed in over 16,000 signatures, which is double the amount needed (7200), so this is extremely likely to get on the ballot. I can think of only one instance were a recall was rejected when anything close to double the needed signatures were handed in. Here's some details on signature failure rates.

I'll have a full post a little later on, but here's some key details in both Colorado's use of the recall and in recalls on the state level.

1) This would be Colorado's first state level recall, it would be the 37th state legislative recall in US History (we're at 18-18). Colorado first adopted the recall in 1912.

2) Morse will be the fifth state legislative leader to face a recall vote. So far, legislative leaders have a great history of survival, 3-1.

3) This recall is almost a carbon-copy of the 1994 recall of California State Senate President Pro Tempore David Roberti. Roberti was also a term-limited Senator who was facing a recall due to his votes on gun control laws. Roberti survived easily, though he lost his race for treasurer.

4) In 2012, Colorado held 8 recall votes. 6 of the officials survived. Two were removed. Two other officials resigned in the face of recall threats. And in two cases, the petitions were rejected by technicality.

5) In 2011, they held 10 recalls, 8 officials survived, two were removed and two others resigned.

6) The gun rights forces have launched four recall attempts this term in Colorado. Two have failed. There is one outstanding against state Senator Angela Giron. The petitions are due June 10.

7) Apparently (according to the linked article), if Morse resigns, the Democrats would get to pick his successor. Here's my thoughts on that angle.

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