Sunday, June 9, 2013

California:Moreno Valley married Mayor and Councilwoman facing recall threat over school board member appointment

Mayor Tom Owings and Councilwoman Victoria Baca (who are married to each other) are facing petitions. A recall against a third member, Councilman Marcelo Co, failed to be approved (though should be a simple process to start over).

The recall is over an attempt by Owings, Baca and their supporters to void the over the appointment of a new school board member to replace Mike Rios. Rios was convicted of charges of pimping, pandering and insurance fraud, yet petitioners could not get a recall on the ballot against him.

Interesting comments by one of the people who are trying to overturn the appointment (Christopher Baca, Councilwoman Baca's brother):
Petition proponent Christopher Baca said Thursday, June 6, that the appointment disenfranchised 74,000 voters who couldn’t choose their new school trustee.
He said consolidating the election Nov. 5 will cost much less than the official estimated cost of $180,000 for a special election, perhaps less than $50,000. Any sum is worth the effort, he said. 
“You can’t put a price on democracy,” Baca said.

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