Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Maine: Six Old Orchard Beach Town Councilors kicked out, 1 survives

Six of the seven Old Orchard Beach town councilors were kicked out in a recall. The recall was over the firing of a town manager. The fired manager was the 4th town manager in 10 years.

 Councilors Sharri MacDonald, Laura Bolduc, Linda Mailhot, Dana Furtado, Michael Coleman and Robin Dayton lost, though Coleman will demand a recount (he was down by 11 votes).
The one survivor was Robert Quinn. Here's the breakdown of the replacements:

Roxanne Frenette, a former town councilor, will replace Bolduc. Coleman will be replaced by Kenneth Blow. Dayton will be replaced by Jay Kelley. Furtado, who was elected last November, will be replaced by Joseph Thornton. MacDonald, who also is the state representative for Old Orchard Beach, will be replaced by former longtime Town Councilor Shawn O’Neill. Mailhot will be replaced by Malorie Pastor.

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