Thursday, June 13, 2013

Maine: Effort underway to recall Auburn School Committee

After having their first attempt rejected due to technicalities, six former town councilors are trying to recall nearly all the members of the Auburn School Committee. The recall is targeting seven members. One member is not being targeted and the ninth school board member is appointed by the mayor, and it is unclear if that member is eligible for the recall. Petitioners need 2,395 signatures per member in 90 days. This would put the recall after the election. Note this:
That would put their deadline sometime in September — after the ballot for November's regular election is set. All seven School Committee seats, as well as all seven council seats and the mayor's seat, are up for election on November's ballot.
But the regular election may be the real target of the recall effort. Farrell said he and other former councilors hope to find willing candidates for school board seats while collecting recall signatures.
The targets are:: Ward 1's William Horton, Ward 2's Bonnie Hayes, Ward 3's Tom Kendall, Ward 5's Larry Pelletier and at-large representatives Francois Bussiere and Laurie Tannenbaum.

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