Friday, June 7, 2013

Colorado: Will Redistricting play a role in the Morse recall?

A new possible topic of discussion in the Morse recall. I heard from a reporter that there is some debate of whether the Morse recall should be held in the district he was elected in in 2010 or in the new district that exists following the redistricting.

Well, in the nothing new under the sun, this same topic was discussed in Wisconsin. It pays to remember that Wisconsin had also seen a very partisan (Republican-favored) redistricting in the years since the 2010 elections. Therefore, a holding that the recalls should be run in the new districts would have helped the Republicans. As you can see in the link, the GAB (the Wisconsin Election Commission) held that the recalls should be run in the old (no longer existing) districts. There is some discussion of the logic of the decision, but in reality it was decided by the legislature -- the language of the redistricting law said the maps would not take effect until the 2012 elections.

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