Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Colorado: Morse recall signatures certified, but with 37.5% rejects, could there be trouble for Giron recall effort

The Colorado Secretary of State certified the signatures for the recall of State Senate President John Morse. Morse now has 15 days to protest. Morse is also protest the language of the petition.

The invalid rate was quite high, as 37.5% of the signatures were struck down (10,137 were verified out of about 16,198 handed in). Petitioners aren't complaining, as they easily surpassed the needed amount to get the recall on the ballot (7,178). However, does this spell trouble for the Giron recall? As I've mentioned before, petitioners handed in about 16.5% more signatures than needed. Normally, 15-20% is the safe range. But Colorado might have a stricter standard in judging these petitions. Perhaps a protest by petitioners would get more of those signatures approved, but nonetheless, a worrying sign for the Giron petitioners.

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