Friday, June 14, 2013

Arizona: More info on that Phoenix ethical recall law

The Phoenix City Council was looking at adopting an impeachment power to expel officials who commit serious breaches. But instead, they've adopted an interesting modified recall that I've never seen before. The council will be given the power to set a recall in action (presumably bypassing the signature gathering).
The Phoenix New Times doesn't think much of the proposal, noting that:
Besides, state law already allows residents to collect signatures and force a recall election. The only change here appears to be the elimination of the signature-gathering process.
The teeth on this tough policy are starting to look pretty worn.
I think the New Times is underplaying the value of this. The signature gathering process is generally the major hurdle for recalls. This is a significant change that would make a recall much more likely to get on the ballot and and also short-circuit the top complaint when an official is expelled (that it was strictly political retribution). And once a recall's on the ballot...

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