Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wisconsin: Senate flips back to Republican, as one recall victor loses seat

The biggest achievement of the Wisconsin recall campaign now seems to be undone, as the Republicans have recaptured the state Senate, going from 17-16 D to a possible 18-15 Republican victory (one seat is vacant, but is in a heavily Republican area). As the Democrats did very well statewide (Tammy Baldwin won the US Senate seat, Barack Obama garnered 53% of the vote), the gerrymandering of the Senate can certainly be seen as playing a significant role in the victory.

Senator Jessica King, who was one of the two Democrats to win seats in the 2011 recall, appears to have lost her race. She is down by 590 votes, 43,039 votes to 42,449

The seat held by recall Hall-of-Famer, Democrat Jim Holperin (the only man to face two recalls as a state legislator) was won by a Republican.

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