Tuesday, November 6, 2012

22 Recalls taking place on Election Day; 4 jurisdictions to decide whether to adopt the recall

Edit: No surprise, I found another recall, and saw that one of the resignations still a needed a recall vote. So, I've uped the number to 22 recalls.

While not top of mind in a national election, recalls are well represented this election day. By my count, there are 22 recalls taking place today. There could be others that I have not seen, so this is a floor.

Additionally, there are four jurisdictions voting on adopting a recall law, and two others looking to modify their existing recall law. One of those modifications could be the first time that I know that a jurisdiction changed a recall law from a political recall (no misconduct needed) to a judicial recall or malfeasance standard).

By far the most notable of these recalls is the one against Troy Mayor Janice Daniels. Daniels has been a big tea party supporter and has been a lightening rod for criticism in this election. The San Fernando recalls are also quite notable.

The 22 recall number is a slight drop off from 2011, when 30 recalls were held on two Election days (26 on one day alone). I am not surprised by the drop off -- in fact, I would have thought it would be steeper. The reason is simply that a much larger number of positions are up for election this year (as opposed to in 2011). So rather than go through the trouble and expense of signature gathering, petitioners just wait the extra time and try to beat the elected official in the regular election.

Without further ado, here's a list of the recall elections to be held on Tuesday. Once again, thanks for the idea for this scorecard goes to David Nir at the Daily Kos, who suggested I create a list for readers of this blog.

Mayor of Alexander
Mayor of Bauxite
Mayor of Cotton Plant
Mayor of Kingsland
Mayor of Redfield
Mayor of Wilmot

Mountain House Community Service District Director
Two Orange Cove City Council members
San Fernando Mayor and two City Council members (one of the city council members resigned during the campaign, but still has to be voted on)

Three Baxter City Council  members
Mayor of Luray

Two Bridgewater Town Councillors

The mayor and two City Council members from Alepena
Mayor of Troy

Ballot Propositions that adopt or modify recall laws:

Peru looking to adopt recall law

Bemidji looking to adopt a recall provision

Rhode Island:
Woonsocket looking to adopt recall law

Chattanooga voters look to modify their recall law
Mount Juliet Voter looking to adopt recall

College Station looking to change recall law from political recall to judicial recall

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