Friday, November 9, 2012

California: Sheriff recall movement sees success on Election Day

The Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi recall campaign received a large shot in the arm on election day. Several political consultants successfully targeted Supervisor Christina Olague, who voted to reinstate Mirkarimi (the consultants raise $100K).

Petitioners would need over 50,000 signatures in 160 days (10% of registereds), and of course, boatloads of money. I'm not sure why the article notes that June 2013 is the earliest date for a recall. Practically, this may be true. But legally it must be called 105-120 days after the petitions are certified.

The article notes that the mayor would appoint a replacement, though that is very different than most California recalls (which have the replacement vote on the same ballot).

See here for more details on the procedure

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