Thursday, November 1, 2012

Texas: Sinton recall petitions ruled invalid

A petition to recall Mayor Eloy Lopez, Linda Guzman-Alaniz and Michelle Soliz was tossed out, with the judge knocking out only 21 signatures on the three petitions combined (they needed 500). Sinton was one of the cities that refused to put the recall on the ballot.

Two of the petitions were five signatures short and the other was six signatures short. The recall started due to a botched attempt to fire the City Manager and city secretary.

Read the piece, as there are real questions here:
Arnold Govella, attorney for the petitioners, asked the judge to dismiss the city’s case Wednesday, stating that the city did not have jurisdiction to file the suit on behalf of the three council members affected because the recall election would not harm the city. 
Govella said he’d never heard of a city intervening on behalf of elected officials in a case like this.

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