Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Michigan: Frequent filer targets four Flint school board members

Flint School Board member David Davenport, a frequent recall filer, has filed petitions to recall four other members of the school board, Ella Greene-Moton, Isaiah Oliver, Betty Ramsdell and Harold Woodson.

Last year, Davenport tried to recall two other school board members. The year before, he filed 16 recalls targeting the Mayor, the City Council President, Genesee County Clerk and others. Perhaps its not a surprise that he ran for Congress as a no-party candidate.

Here are the reasons that he is citing for the recall:

The reasons for the recall listed on the petition include "supporting the actions of the superintendent of the Flint Community Schools, by allowing the misappropriation of county funds, Title 1 grant funds, and violating district policies, that have allowed the Flint school district to go deeper in a deficit, in the amount of $6 million dollars."

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