Friday, November 30, 2012

Michigan: Two Charlevoix city council members facing recalls

Two Charlevoix City Council members, Jill Picha and Bryan Vollmer, are facing recall petitions. According to the complaint, the reasons were open meeting act violations (in a meeting about a community fireplace), and failure to ensure violations of debris and trash. Apparently, the fireplace is the big issue in town.

Apparently, the meeting was advertised, but the petitioners have complaints about how it was advertised. Since this is Michigan (a political recall state), I'm not sure why it would matter.

The issue with the fireplace (which were only brought up after approval) is that  it would block views of the park and Round Lake and objecting to a projected cost of about $6,700 per year to operate.

This is the second attempt by the same petitioner to recall Roth -- the first was rejected for too vague language. The petitioner trying to recall Vollmer ran as a write-in candidate for mayor in November, on the issue of the fireplace. He lost by a nearly 3-1 margin.

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