Saturday, November 10, 2012

Florida: Orange City Councilman facing recall threats for sending "disturbing" emails

Orange City councilman Tom Abraham, who was just censured by the council for sending "disturbing" emails  in his council iPad, is facing a recall threat from the man he defeated in the last election if he doesn't quit or apologize.

Emails Abraham exchanged with a friend last year included photos of women in public places, anatomical references and jokes, racially insensitive language and, in one case, referred to a neighbor and his 10-year-old as "this man and his daughter stripper." The Florida Department of Law Enforcement determined the emails were not criminal, but described them as "disturbing" and forwarded them to the State Commission on Ethics.
Petitioner needs about 140 signatures in 30 days. He also needs a showing of malfeasance, but due to the censure, it looks like that hurdle is cleared.

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