Monday, June 18, 2012

Wisconsin: Vos claims that Lehman victory was achieved with "voter fraud"

Republican House Rep. Robin Vos is now claiming that John Lehman's close victory in the Wisconsin Senate recall was due to voter fraud and "illegitimate" because it was under the old district lines.

Vos claimed that “Unfortunately a portion of it was fraud.” However, his factual back-up seems embarrassingly iffy for such a significant claim:

“There was no double checking to make sure that people even resided for 28 days,” he added.” I think people came in with same-day registrations and to their credit, I mean that's just part of the get out the vote effort. But you have to have some sort of ID, in my mind; I think that was another thing that led to the potential for fraud.” 
Vos also thinks that the election was a "rigged setup" because, as per the redistricting law (written by Republicans), the recall was run in the old district boundaries, rather than the new ones. This was litigated earlier this year. Unsurprisingly, the redistricters did not take into account the recall when they were drafting their law.

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