Friday, June 29, 2012

California: KPFA public station holding recall of board member

Berkeley-based radio station KPFA’s staff and members are voting on whether to recall board member Tracy Rosenberg, treasurer for the Pacifica Foundation (the station's parent organization).

The station is divided into two groups, SaveKPFA (the organizers of the recall) and Independents for Community Radio. The SaveKPFA group was angered by Rosenberg's decision to cancel a popular show in 2010.

In accordance with Pacifica’s bylaws, in September 2011, SaveKPFA received hundreds of signatures to recall Tracy Rosenberg, and on Nov. 1, 2011 each person who signed the petition became a certified KPFA member who could vote to recall Rosenberg.

Ballots were scheduled to be sent out in December. Pacifica, the station’s parent organization, was responsible for producing the ballots and conducting the election but did not hire an election supervisor until March.

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