Saturday, June 16, 2012

Louisiana: Attempt to force recall petitioners to reveal signatures before deadline

Fighting the recall efforts against Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, House Speaker Chuck Kleckley, House Reps Greg Cromer and Kevin Pearson, the Republican Party is both running an ad campaign against the recall effort and filing a public records request demanding that the recall petitioners disclose copies of the signed petitions before the deadline. The petition organizers say the state party’s demand amounts to “intimidation.” I'm not sure what the basis of the public records request is, but I've never seen such an request.

Jindal is not a threat to face a recall, as Louisiana's gubernatorial recall law sets an almost impossible hurdle. Apparently, there must be some concern about the legislative recalls. There has also been complaints about the recall petitioners failure to file campaign finance documents, but the petitioners claim that they haven't raised enough money for any required filing.

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