Friday, June 29, 2012

California: Two Fontana School Board members face recall threats

Two Fontana School Board Members, Sophia Green and Leticia Garcia, are facing recall threats. The two opposed the After School Program, though Garcia eventually changed her vote after the creation of an oversight committee.


  1. Honorable Sophia Green FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
    (909) 350-2622

    Fontana School Board Member Sophia Green

    This is not a recall from a group of concerned citizens who have determined that the best interest of the community is no longer being served. This is a recall from a special interest group and is the result of the overreaching power of one family, in particular.

    It is no coincidence, that upon review of the names on the petition for her recall, that ten of the twenty-two petitioners carry last names of individuals who have district ties. The public would be shocked to know just how deeply rooted Fontana's First Family truly is. Fontana Unified is no longer about old ideas and even older regimes. Board member Green mandate is to do what is truly in our students’ best interests. We must move beyond rewarding those who have the most power and do what is right. Together, we must evaluate our schools, establish priorities and build a more effective educational
    system. In the past, the
    preferred school board members were lame ducks who would basically serve as the "yes man/woman". That time is over! Board Member Green has managed to ruffle the feathers of those who tend to profit from their positions. Now, more than ever, we must act boldly and decisively to remove any barriers that stand in the way of reaching and teaching every student that we serve. Board Member Green asks the tough questions and she cannot be influenced, bought or intimidated into submitting to another's agenda.

    Furthermore, when reading the recall, one must ask what are these "relationships that were damaged and issues that were repeatedly voted against"? Perhaps, some people are angry that Board Member Green consistently requested the accounting of millions of dollars that a small group of individuals controlled for the after school program. Questions concerning the salaries of certain individuals and the quality of the after school program have also sparked controversy. Well, if these are the accusations, Board Member Green admits that she
    guilty of doing the job that she was elected to do, which is to protect the tax payers and to support the community.

    Board Member Green believes in a democratic system where people should advance based upon their own merits. Unfortunately, this is not the type of system that is found at Fontana Unified, a district that is known for its widespread nepotism, cronyism and favoritism. Board Member Green does not support any programs of board members where he/she will receive any type of gain as a result. We, as a school district, find ourselves in grave financial times; therefore, our budget must be tightened. The days of writing blank checks without scrutiny are gone. The children of this district deserve someone to be their advocate. Let's work together to turn this district around. Get informed!

    Board member Green invites you to attend the school board meetings which are normally held every other Wednesday at 6:30 pm at the Piazza Center, 9680 Citrus Ave. Fontana CA 92335. The meetings could also be viewed on the internet at Board Member Green may
    be contacted directly at (909) 350-2622. Please become a part of the team as we work together for our children. Be sure to attend city and school district meetings and to speak up for what is right. Together we can create a better future for our children!

  2. School Board Member Leticia Garcia Responds to Recall Effort

    Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren called for war with Board Member Garcia saying “it’s on and crackin’” and promised to recall Garcia when she led opposition of a $4 million dollar city contract currently in place between the school district and the city

    FONTANA, CA — Fontana Unified School Board Trustee and Community Leader Leticia Garcia spoke out today on the effort to recall her from the School Board. Saying that not only had she been expecting the petition, but that she has supporters who attended recall meetings and have kept her apprised of the groups intentions. Adding that the Mayor has made Garcia a priority in a time when crime in the city has increased drastically and the loss of the RDA has placed added financial burden on the city, including a debt owed to the school district in the amount of $4 million dollars which was uncovered during a district audit ordered by the current board.

    The Mayor has been having recall meetings ever since she declared a political war against Garcia for voting down a $4 million dollar contract renewal with the city for after school program services. “I think it’s obvious from the list of 22 proponents on the recall notice exactly what this is. This is a classic case of political sour grapes and blatant retaliation. The petition is signed by the Binks family (family of Board Member Binks and Superintendent Binks) and the incumbent I took out when I was elected (Laura Mancha) and her family. All close friends and allies of the Mayor and former Mayor whom do not reside within the district boundaries and cannot sign a petition themselves” said Garcia. She also doesn’t think it is a coincidence that the Binks’ would be the lead proponents after Garcia served Board Member Binks with a Cease and Desist letter a few weeks ago.

    “I am charged with the things that I promised to do if elected. I am asking questions, guarding the public trust and holding people accountable. This district and city have such an engrained and incestuous relationship that any time you question anything or anyone it becomes personal to the “good old boys (and ladies) who are the well established status quo.”

    Garcia states that the proponents acknowledge she has done nothing illegal and that the crux of their petition is based on their dissatisfaction with 3 votes she has taken out of several hundred she has cast while on the Board of Education. Garcia accuses the nameless group of “making a mockery of the democratic process by using it as a personal vendetta campaign rather than that which it was intended for- to remove those involved in malfeasance and other offenses from public office.” In fact, that is indeed what the recall process was intended for. While proponents accuse Garcia of wasting money on a parcel tax measure which garnered 53% of the vote (and that Board Member Binks supported) in an attempt to increase revenue to the school district, a recall could end up costing the district even more.

    “They will be the losers in the end if they think they can use voters as pawns in their political war, this community is smarter than to fall for this unethical and shameless tactic!” said Garcia.


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